I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

I heard about Prince Eric's thoughts.

"Ha-ha. Good for you. We could have secured a man to testify that he was guilty, and everything was settled!

It was His Majesty who was pleased to open his hands.

Now the day after that tea party. Once again, His Majesty and the Captain, Mr. Frey and I were meeting and listening to the rest of the story.

First of all the aristocrats who fled.

He undoubtedly had what was the source of the demon.

Bracelet made of metal with a high affinity for the underworld.

After drinking a lot at a party in the royal palace, he just went out to the garden to wake up drunk and crushed his desire that if a nobleman he didn't like got him sick...

That's when they gave it to the man in the aristocratic costume who showed up on the fence.

'It's a bracelet where wishes come true. And as long as you accept this, I won't say anything else about what I just heard.'

He said he didn't know if it was an invitation or a threat, and he was drunk and he took it?

He crushed their names, so he thought it would be a bad idea to be told that.

From then on, his anger towards the witch also occurs in his heart. You think we were protesting together while it was being flushed?

But when Fury began to be defeated, his feelings of anger, which were not meant to be, disappeared, and he realized that he had done so because of it, and he got scared and tried to escape.

"Thank you very much, Your Majesty."

I bowed my head deeply.

If His Majesty hadn't believed me, the problem would not have been solved sooner, and I would have been in a state where there was no stopping me from fleeing the country.

But how could His Majesty not have been influenced by the Furies?

Then His Majesty spoke to me.

"Never mind. If I didn't have the help of my lovely Lucien, I'd be in that demon and say," Execution! 'Something I might have been screaming about. "


Thanks to the captain?

The captain, who was sitting next to him, responded after he had quietly brought the tea to his mouth.

"I have trouble with His Majesty being confused by the extraneous. He was asking the Spirit to protect him if anything happened, and if he couldn't deal with it in the Spirit, he was trying to let him know. Well, speaking of not being affected, there's another one."

What the captain is saying is Prince Eric.

Even while Fury was rambling around and stirring up anger, Prince Eric was confused and later protected by Albor the Rose.

"Uh, I'm sure that's because... Rose likes you"

Probably when the roses pulled Fury closer, they were bashing him down and keeping him away.

"For that, he seemed to think the witch should be caught with all of you..."

You're not stirred up. Why? I don't have the knowledge, so I can't think of a reason why you don't like me.

Then His Majesty laughed.

"I'm sorry. She probably did that for Lucien."

"For the captain...?

What good is it to the captain if he captures me because I am a witch? The captain sighed at me with his neck clenched.

"He's disciplined. When I was also reluctant to rise above the throne succession, I understood it and helped me to fit in as Chief of the Sigur Knights and escape from the King's capital."


I heard the captain sincerely hated the battle for succession to the throne, but did you go to Sigur for that? But Prince Eric's cooperation...

"I don't want to succeed His Majesty or anything, but I'm in the way of a person trying to take charge. When I said I'd return my title, Eric said," I want you to leave it to me. "

As if to recall, the captain drops his gaze on the vessel he puts on the table all the time.

"At that time, Eric tried to discredit my reputation to the aristocrats who supported him. Thanks to this, the nobles of the House of Lords, who showed difficulty in keeping me away from the King's capital, agreed and were able to move in peacefully..."

"So, Eval was angry, was he?"

I nod to Mr. Frey's words, too. Mr. Eval was a wind of hostility towards Prince Eric.

If you ask me what the situation is, the captain is the most important! I thought Mr. Eval was going to be angry. Even though it was what the captain wanted, I guess I wasn't convinced to discredit him.

And I'm convinced.

So Prince Eric didn't look like he hated the captain, and did the captain treat Prince Eric normally?

"Then this time too..."

"Still, some people want to call me back. This is a good opportunity, he was trying to make a mistake on me. He said he was going to put you in jail, but then the suspicions cleared up... He was talking yesterday."

Apparently, the captain was talking to Prince Eric yesterday.

Even against me, I didn't feel hostile or afraid because I was a witch, but because I didn't believe the story of being a witch in the first place?

I wanted to take a ride and allow the captain to remain in the Knights of the South......

"Because that kid buys villains out for Lucien... Well, because of the Sword of the Spirit King, too many people praise or admire Lucien, and I'm pretty sure it was hard to act without making about a loss, and when Lucien made something of herself, it wasn't going to be anywhere near the South Knights this time."

His Majesty also seems to show an understanding of Prince Eric's actions. I guess it was best to do so in order to fulfill the wishes of the captain.

"And Eric's presence as a prince was too great to consolidate his footsteps. I decided to look around and see if I could balance it out."

"Unless Your Majesty adores cats about me..."

The captain gives a reluctant look to His Majesty, who tells a political story that it was also a good thing for Prince Eric.

Well, sure. His Majesty cares about the captain, so even though he has a prince, he makes the captain king... what a story.

But His Majesty laughs niggardly.

"You can't get over that. You can't do a king, can you? It's a little bit of a wall, and I'm in trouble."

Ugh, to His Majesty laughing, I guessed.

Even though His Majesty adores the captain as a vegetarian, not refraining from doing so for my son, Prince Eric, meant 'crawl up from the bottom of the valley'.

Nobility is hard......

"Whatever, spirits do demons. I can't notice them, and they solved it this time. Thanks. The source of the Big Book information is Tanastra."

His Majesty switches topics.