"The problem is, if you leave Tanastra alone, you won't know what kind of difficulty you're going to attack later"

His Majesty nods joyfully to the words of the captain.

"Yeah, yeah. So long, Lucien. Will you go to Tanastra and make me admit I'm innocent? I'll give you the letter from me because it's already written. … you with the Spirit King's sword will not be able to go underneath, and I don't want the Spirit Church to stare at you about your personality, and I don't think there's much to be done."


The captain salutes you.

Then the captain will go out to Tanastra? I wonder if it's dangerous to act at this time of year...

It was when I was harrassed inside on my own.

"Excuse me, sir."

One of the squire came in.

As soon as he enters the room, the samurai offers His Majesty the letter he had.

"It's news from the border. You may need to hurry."

"Okay, thanks."

His Majesty immediately confirmed the contents on the spot, sighing furiously, and silently handed it to the captain of the regiment.

The captain who receives it sees it and speaks in a way that I or Mr Frey can understand.

"You mean Tanastra attacked the western country with a weapon..."

"Right. Besides, it's a little dangerous to crumble an army with a single blow. It just seems like it's been used once before. during the invasion of Idrisia."

"At the time of the invasion… were you told why you could have killed a large number of people at once"

The captain, who responds to His Majesty, nods with no expression.

Mr. Frey, as you will recall, is disguised as a wind that has erased his expression and felt nothing.

"I guess what I haven't used since is restrictions on using it. Parts, for example? But the most likely thing is... magic or something?


I know someone who will be a source of a lot of magic has moved to Tanastra.

At the same time, it reminded me of the events that would take place regarding Tanastra.

Though the letters alone had written a story that had already been experimented with. I'm pretty sure he's attacking the West before attacking Arlendar.

Does that mean the next attack on Arlendar is imminent?

I was in a hurry.

Wait a minute. Should I say this?

But if we talk about it here now, don't we get half-hearted? They're going to tell me why I know such information in the first place.

To delude you, if I were to say that Arlendar would also attack next time, it would be within the bounds of prediction and you wouldn't be able to deal with it as something that would surely happen.

Even the captain or Mr. Frey, who knows he's a witch, won't believe this story out of his mind.

"It's still at a stage that those who were infiltrating Tanastra with early horses have informed us, so you mean it won't be long before it happens... But you think that Maia Armadir is a witch? As for Lucien."

"Yes, I'm thinking you're probably absolutely sure"

A conversation between His Majesty and the Commander showed that Her Majesty had guessed that Miss Maia, who was in Tanastra, would have something to do with it.

"In timing, if you think she took part in Tanastra... it could be a story... If I could act early, I'd be happy to gather information about you."

His Majesty asked the captain to do so.

Just gathering information may not make it......

Arlendar is the next to be attacked in the western country. Even though it's not this king's capital, I want to avoid hurting people in Arlendar. Whether I can do something on my own though.

Although it may be possible to fight and defeat Miss Maia, I'm not sure I'll be upset when Miss Maia has company and sees those people die.

Besides, I can see you getting killed at the sieve.... Paper armor.

In front of His Majesty, who just believes I'm not a witch, it's hard to talk to the captain.

So on the spot, all I could do was shut up.

But the story prompted the captain to give it to me as soon as he resigned from His Majesty.

"Yura, Frey. Return to Sigur immediately. Using the flying lizards of Vilta and the Royal Palace, you will be able to return early. Can we leave by the end of the day?

It seems the captain intends to act immediately.

Me and Mr. Frey nod when asked.

"Discussions about witches should include Eval when we get back to Sigur"

I agree with the words of the captain. Talking about witches is also better when you get back to Sigur's Castle. It would be troublesome if someone accidentally asked me.

I decided to hurry up and make a move.

Luggage is not that much. I put that together and changed into my original clothes.... I've been wearing all my dresses for a while now, so it's light and breathable.

I sighed furiously.

And I tried to give you back the dress you borrowed.

"Please bring this one"

"Eh. But don't borrow..."

"Because it's all a dress that fits Master Yura. It will take time and money to fix it again from here, so don't take it. Your Majesty may call me again."

"Oh, Your Majesty, I call you... are you going to?

I crossed the corner of my head when I left earlier saying, "Come back, Yura!" and the smile of His Majesty waved with a smile.

I thought it was a social dictionary...... Mr. Beatrice said this was no way a teaser to call it!?

"Besides, we're going to have to make a donation like this. You must be sorry to donate what Your Majesty put up for you right away.

...... no grunt sound either. Donate the clothes prepared for me by His Majesty the King to some stranger because I don't need them! I can't say anything. I just have to apologize for being sorry.

In the end, Mr. Beatrice pushed me off, and I added the dress to my luggage (Mr. Beatrice had already prepared a trunk for me to carry) and I was ready to leave.

And I was given a ride with Mr. Fire Dragon to Vilta, the captain of the regiment, and Mr. Frey rented a flying lizard from the Royal Palace and immediately arrived on his way home.