"Oh Yura! You're safe!

"I believed the Captain was safe because he was calm, but I was worried about him until I saw his face!

When he arrived at the castle of the Sigur Knights, he was surrounded by knights who were waiting to see the dragon.

The knights came running all at once, so the surprised Fire Dragon escapes to the sky alone.

I was slapped on the shoulder or stroked in the head, while my eyes seemed to soak with tears when I was told I was glad my mouth was safe.

I remember you feeling sad when you left Wang Capital, all the more so.

"With His Majesty's help. It wasn't that hard."

The captain, who had been asked by other knights nearby, answers that way all the time.

"But the problem remains. Eval, Yura, Frey, if you take a breath, come to the office."

Speaking up, the captain returned to the castle first. Mr. Eval, who was out to welcome the captain, is with us.

"What happened?

The knights around you will behead, but you can't say this from me.

"In the meantime, I'll unpack you"

I said no, and I went back to my room a long time ago.

Upon entering the fifth building, the aunts gathered together in the laundry.

"You were safe, Yura!

"I heard you said you could put him in jail, but he came back a lot."

He strokes his head, he hugs me all the time, he screws me up, and I finally get the feeling that I can go back to my original life.

No - aren't we going back to our original lives?

I think so in my heart.

Soon after, the captain will go to Tanastra to dispel the rumors of the witch. I have to go about it.

It's still going to take a little longer to get back to a peaceful life.

Finally back in my room, I think a little after I put my stuff away.

"If you're going to travel soon, you can't loosen your luggage..."

Though I need to replace or add what I need.

What should be done now would be the dress His Majesty gave me.

Anyway, I left it hanging in my closet so I couldn't get wrinkles.

"Wow... something's floating"

What's in a simple wooden closet is really common clothing. Next to it, the silk gloss is also lined with beautiful colorful dresses...... Awesome fit.

I wonder if you were wearing a dress like this, and I think about being with the captain in that dress.

"... no, no, we need to get rid of the witch first"

Shaking off my thoughts, I immediately decided to head to the chief's office.

When I walked into the first building, I just went to see Mr. Frey.

"Good day, Mr. Frey."

"So is Mr. Yura. Isn't it hard to meet right from the move?

"Thank you," replies Frey, who cared for me.

"But I'll be involved in that story in the future, and when I don't know when the attack will take place on Arlendar, I don't feel like resting."

"Right...... From there again, there is also the possibility that they will sow the seeds of wrongdoing about you. You even create demons..."

Mr. Frey got a serious look on his face.

Yes, the enemy can create demons, although they can be defeated lightly. I don't know what else I'm going to do.

('Cause what a case in the Royal Palace wasn't in the game)

If it's cluttered, there 'll be another unexpected incident.

Me and Mr. Frey went into the captain's office.

There was only Mr. Eval and the captain inside. You must have already been briefed, Mr. Eval has a somewhat harsh look on his face.

"First of all, good luck with your safe return, both of you. You've made the explanation clear."

To Mr. Eval's words, the captain nods.

"As for the country, it could be solved by defeating the demons that were fanning the nobles. Thanks to Yura. Thank you."

"No. It was my problem in the first place and..."

It was my problem that Miss Maia and I were both blindfolded and accused of witchcraft. His Majesty and the Captain just swung in there.

"Along with that, I needed to convince Tanastra that you weren't a witch,"

"I hope Maia Armadir can accuse me of being a witch and return it...... Then you're going to be fighting in front of the crowd."

Mr. Eval has a sinister look, though. I guess I put it in my mouth while I didn't think it was a good idea.

"If Eval did what he said, Arlendar sent in a witch."

"You'll be fine there," the captain says to Mr Frey's concern.

"It was Tanastra who nominated her. I also told him the witch was in the Knights. Then we were just fooled by witches. Arlendar didn't know anything, he just believed and acted on Tanastra's story, and it's possible to stick around saying it's not our fault."

"If you take home an apple that wasn't for sale, demanding that I give it to you because you like it... even if there was a bug, it's your fault"

"Well, that's the thing"

For my sake, Mr. Eval agreed with me, even with a frightened face.

"I'm sure we're going to make it difficult, but we can't make it a spark of war more than we claimed. … so the problem is about Fire Dragon and you"

The captain looks at me.

"Prove that you are not a witch. And it's important to impress the Fire Dragon as harmless now."

"As for the Fire Dragon, I have a plan"

It was Mr. Eval who raised his hand with a look of confidence.

What a lovely idea, me and Mr. Frey wait for the next word. The captain distracted himself for some reason.

"The Fire Dragon that tried to launch the attack is dead, an operation that only children have been left behind!



Mr. Frey became the bewildered expression of 'Is it too much to do'.

I think so, too. Would it be false to say that he defeated all those giant firedragons, and that he was helped by a large number of spirits, when he died?

But it seems that Mr. Eval intends to pass the claim. Mr. Eval explained to me with a strained chest.

"As long as you're not as cold as you are, you should be drawn to the smaller ones. Even in the figure of a dragon, those little ones will be cautioned and relieved of the Tanastra. If you tell them you lost your parents there, sympathy should make it easier to believe the lies."

I'm not the one, because I have some experience fighting with Fire Dragon, and I think, "Fire Dragon isn't actually all that cute, is it?" But if you're the one who only sees the miniature Fire Dragon, can you fool me?

"If you hear the poor thing, you might believe it"

Animal children, and if you ask Mr. Fire Dragon to ring with a lovely voice, you might believe me.

"Even if you think it's strange, there's not going to be a lot of people who can say that to their pathetic counterparts. I've only seen the Fire Dragon from afar, so maybe some people can say it's the same dragon."

After much thought, Mr. Frey seems to have come to that conclusion.

"The question is whether Mr. Fire Dragon is convinced,"

Mr. Fire Dragon has a high pride, so if he's treated like a child, he's going to be furious.

"If we say it's to get you back to your original address, aren't we going to cooperate?

"Perhaps so...... Anyway, to not discuss it with Mr. Fire Dragon once."

Because I can't predict exactly what kind of treat I would do either.