"You're next, Yura."

The captain moved on to the next story.

"In some cases, the Spirit Church may come out to determine if you are a witch. If you ever ask the spirits about you and say you're a witch..."

"Oh, that's okay. Ever since I asked you not to call me a witch and call me Yura, the Spirit has protected me from it."

"Then the question is, isn't it a measuring stone?

Reminds me of Mr. Frey's words.

Yes. If they see that one, they'll obviously know the anomaly.

"See what happens to the measuring stone now. Let it out."

The captain told me that I had removed the red measuring stone that had been lowered from my neck. When I put it on my palm, it blossoms into a shape like the Tsubaki of Yaesuki, and the lines of HP and MP are shown in light.

"How do you make excuses, this is"

Mr. Eval gave a sinister look.

Something's wrong with the status line. Especially the MP... the magic amount.

"Can't you hide this? With the power of a witch. If I can't, I'll have to lie to you that you're dead."

"How do you lie about being dead?

When I asked for your information, I got back a hell of a word.

"I've found a corpse in a similar outfit from somewhere, and I just have to show it to a Tanastra human instead of you"


I can't let the captain vandalize my grave! I mean, I'm so sorry about the people who dig it out, and I really can't do much with it!

"Doesn't that also teach you that if the Spirit asks you, you're a different person?

"Ask Yura not to tell me she's a witch, and that's what goes through. Can you even ask me to lie temporarily?

To Mr. Eval's scratch, the captain told him pale.

"Um... I'll talk to Fire Dragon or Spirit first if I can't do something about it for now"

Aside from Mr. Fire Dragon's persuasion, I can't show you how to consult with Mr. Spirit. I want to sneak in later.

The captain nodded.

"Hurry. Hopefully, I want to take the lead before Maia Armadir acts. Specifically, in a few days we will head to the border of Tanastra, where we want the Knights stationed to force us to acknowledge and report to the King of Tanastra"


It was me who nodded, but there's one more thing I need to let you know right now.

Witch - Miss Maia attacked Arlendar. To give, she will destroy even the surrounding countries, mainly Tanastra.

If we don't talk about that danger, we can't speed up the time to fight Miss Maia.

I've always been behind on Mr. Fire Dragon, so I want to take the lead here.

But how do I cut it out? Like, "The Spirit said," Soon the witch will run wild "?

Then I wonder if there is a spirit who sees the future. Above all, the chiefs and freys familiar with the Spirit would be so suspicious... that Frey cut me out.

"Captain, can't you go to the sanctuary of Idrisia right after Yura's suspicions have cleared up? The purpose of the Idrisians is to burn down the vicinity of the king's capital of Tanastra with the power of God. It would be best to be stopped before then. Besides, we may not even be ready for them yet."

"Are you saying we're going to ambush?

Mr. Frey nods to Mr. Eval's question.

I also want to stop the witch from behaving, so I opened my mouth that I had to direct her here.

"Um, witches are a lot of magic. And when you call God, you even join the power of the Spirit King, don't you? Don't you deal in so much magic...... runoff or something? If that happens, the damage may not just fit in with Tanastra"

I can no longer say that it will destroy even the neighbouring countries, so I tried to be a good predictor.


The captain looks suspicious because he suddenly says that.

In contrast, Mr. Frey covered for me.

"Even fairytales in my hometown have told me that a dozen spiritualists call God with death. No matter how much magic Maia had, moving such magic should put a considerable strain on her body"

As I listen to Mr. Frey, I imagine.

It's like a magician about 60 LV was an MP 2,000. That's more than a dozen people... uh, you mean 30,000 MP for about fifteen people?

Besides, if you were to risk your life, it would mean using your magic share about existence, like at that time when Mr. Fire Dragon was about to be deprived of his magic. Should we consider that there are about 4,000 MP's per head?

Mr. Frey continued with a serious look.

"Besides, until now, I've mostly called on God to defeat the demons that ravaged me in Idrisia. If it's massive enough to destroy the king capital of Tanastra, you'll need more magic. I guess that's why I made witches as necessary...... I'm not sure if I'm going to use a lot of magic at once and not let my powers run wild either"

I found out in Mr. Frey's explanation.

The ritual of divine calling is told - it has been done several times in the past, but this time only leads to witch outbursts, isn't it because the wishes are too great for even witches to handle?

If all you have to do is defend your country, just bounce back enemy attacks or stop breaking and entering. So so much...... no, it's enough for people to die, but I guess I didn't need enough magic to need a witch.

With that in mind, I pinch what I hear from Sola there.

"Um, actually... the Spirit wants your help. The same is true of Tanastra's attacks on other countries with witchcraft using spirits, because he says, 'Help the Idrisian Spirit,' which may be related to the witch's divine calling"

"Is that a spirit like that goblin?

I nodded.

The captain cannot talk to the Goblin Spirit. Thanks to you, I can hear something special from them. Thank you, Goblin-faced spirits. Though I still don't know why she looks like a goblin, including Sola.

When the captain heard that, he seemed to think it was important to stop the witch from going wild.

"Don't just destroy Tanastra, but even involve the people who just live there and the Spirit... Before we call God, do we have to keep him out of a place called the Holy Land?

Mr. Frey, who was asked, has a difficult look.

"I thought we had to fight and keep them away from the sanctuary"

The captain opened his body in silence for about three seconds.

"I don't know if magic runs wild. But if it doesn't do any harm besides Tanastra, even if the witch was safe... there's no way there's a decent guy to kidnap people and crush them until the ban succeeds and dump them in the woods. Even if we take Idrisia back, we will attack it again and again in the same way to threaten the surrounding countries if necessary"

I agree with the words of the captain, both Mr Frey and Mr Eval.

Yes, those kidnappers are the kind of people who kill and dump irrelevant people for their own ends. How I was still alive, but I was about to be killed because it was a failure.

After I get my hometown back, I can't say I won't do the same. Rather, there is a high probability that if you can do something about it by killing the other person, you will likely execute it without choosing the means.

Even if we attack Tanastra in the first place, those who decided to destroy Idrisia and execute it are too karma, but it is a little incomprehensible that they could also kill the civilians living in the king's capital.

It's horrible to think about it because of your feeling as a former Japanese, and even as Yura, who was born and raised in this other world, you kill all those who stand in your way...

No matter how much trouble you've been in, it's not a good thing to do.

I guess the captain thought the same thing.

"At the border of Tanastra, after we have solved the misunderstanding about Yura and the Fire Dragon, we will consider the means to travel to Idrisia somehow"

That's what he told me.