As soon as the conversation was over, I left the chief's office.

Well, Mr. Fire Dragon is walking in the sky right now.

So first, let's talk about how to mislead the measuring stone. With the power of the Spirit, I wish I could camouflage...

I went back to the coffee shop.

And take out the tea-covered cookies that were in your pocket.

"Spirit Summons..."

Place cookies on the table and call the status screen.

Select the Spirit Summoning move that is LV10.

Do you want to summon?: One Y/N snack required "

I touched the Y indication.

Then five spirits in goblins appear on the tabletop, pompous. I'm necking a leash of red flowers, so maybe the Spirit of Fire.

I just asked a question.

"Calling Sola is still good for one glowing cookie?

Spirit of Fire: Ok!

Look at Mr. Spirit's goodjob sign and I'll take out another cookie and make it glow.

For what I saw, it's still a subtle substitute.

The Goblin Spirits, who had finished eating the summoning cookies, surrounded themselves with the cookies I had placed on the table.

Spirit of Fire: Concord, Knock It Out

Spirit of Fire: Communication from King Yura

"Spirit of Fire: Incoming Incoming!

Spirit of Fire: Quickly

Raise your connected hands by making a whimsical call.

Once, there is a slight increase in the light of the cookie, which quickly disappears as it covers its sight.

What appeared instead of light was a brunette man in white long clothes like a priest...... not a goblin-faced sola.

"Hey Yura. What's the matter with you?

"The other day, thanks Sora for the advice on one of the demons. You mean to hide that you're a witch today... I had to make you prove you're not a witch. So, I wanted to talk to you about the results of the measuring stone."

"It's a measuring stone... could you give it a try?

When told and offered, Sola put him on his palm and whispered.

"So, hey."

Following that call, the measuring stone blossoms. A little goblin-faced spirits emerged from the center of the stone, shaped like red octave tsubaki flowers.

Could it be this kid, the goblin spirit who jumped into the stone when he went to register the measuring stone?

"All the lines... right, can you make a number like a novice wizard?

When Sola asks, ok! and thumbs up all over again the goblin spirits went back to the stone.

It then pulls in as the lines of MP and proficiency spread along the stone petals.


Seeing only the lines during viewing, HP was hundred, and MP also went about 150 lengths of 'This is what happens when your village daughter becomes a runaway wizard'.

"Thank you, Sola!

Now I can show Tanastra the measuring stone in grandeur. I'm stopping at Mr. Spirit, and he won't have a problem.

"There's one more thing I want to ask you. Sora, what can we do to stop the witch?

Sora should know.

He just can't talk about the future. But you must have the same knowledge as me who knows this story to the end in the form of a game.

And Sola is a spirit.

It's not a player in a game that just needs to be fought and defeated, or the operation of a game that has been set to destroy the world without being fought or defeated.

That's why I wanted to ask you if you had another plan to stop the witch.

"Do you mean to make her lose her witch power?

"If you can do that,"

I looked straight up into Sola's eyes.

"If you let Maia lose her ability as a witch, no destruction will happen, will it?

Above all, fighting her won't hurt anyone - it won't let her die herself.

Witches in the game turned not only Idrisia and Tanastra, but the surrounding countries into wilderness as well, but it's like a witch's end demon.

The witch was dead in the game.

Miss Maia would probably have become a witch because she wanted to regain Idrisian soil, and consequently destroy her mother's homeland as well.

But I find it difficult to persuade you.

Even she should have gotten witch skills with the same painful feelings as I did. As much as I try to endure that, I'm likely to think my purpose and means are right.

If I had assumed that, I don't think I would be able to translate it.

So if you can make a witch lose her powers, that's the quickest way to do it.

"Someone from Idrisia said it. He said there's a way to get rid of the powers of the witch."

If Mr. Frey's story is true, Sora must know how to do it. But Sora gives me a hard look at my words.

"Are you from Idrisia... Maybe we can make the witch lose her powers in the way that the person assumes. But that's not for you, Yura."

"Why? You can't do it because you're a witch or something?

"Yeah. Witches can't do that. You will take on your own magic, so suddenly your magic will increase and you may run wild."


Sora stops, so I can absorb so much magic that I think it's infinite, but maybe it's harder than this. Wait, bye.

"Well, whoever said you'd get rid of the witch,"

To me turning bright blue, says Sola.

"Probably as you imagine. If he takes on your magic, he will die. [M] If you're not a witch, let alone a witch."

"Oh no..."

'Cause Fray says there's a way you can be a witch if you want to. Maybe that's why it's a special way, but I thought it was a calm way or something.

I bite my lips off.

Because after seeing the kidnappers, I can be like that. Perhaps Mr. Frey felt responsible for what the people in his hometown had done and thought that he had to undo it even in lieu of his life.

How sorry......

I had a hand gently stroking my depressing head. It's Sola, who's taller than me.

I know you're a man vocally, but spirits and faces are goblins, and I don't feel very ashamed of you.

At the same time, I feel sooo much easier as soon as Sola's hand touches the influence of having a Spirit in me as well.

It's like when your grandmother flaunted you when you were little.

"Thank you, Sola. For now, if that's the case, I've figured out I can't get rid of my witch skills. We have to think of another way..."