I thought desperately.

I want a way to not have to fight if possible. Anyway, the witches fight each other, and there's no way there's any other damage. Besides, the fact that the witch ran wild in the game is also meant to be the result of the battle.

I predict that if you fight that, Miss Maia will let the magic run wild.

I want to avoid game-like results.

"Stopping Master Maia somewhere...... no, there's no way to keep her from using magic, is there?

All I know about magic itself is that it's a religiously stained story.

For example, was it the power once wielded by the devil to destroy the world, or was it named magic because God purified it and made it available to spirits and people?

But to my crush like that, Sora gave a bright voice, "Oh."

"Maybe I can do it to some extent."

"What, don't let me use magic!?

And to some extent, what do you mean?

"Another witch was drinking your tea, so we'll figure it out. And then when I'm ready a little further down, I think it's possible."

"Prepare to go down?

"The witch eventually goes for Idrisia. So I try to unload God... perhaps rampant the power without being able to control the technique. I suppose she would otherwise stand by Tanastra and be crusaded and rampaged for causing damage to the surrounding countries, but she wouldn't be able to stand to let God down either"

I noticed that Sora spoke as she had seen.

"Still... can't you tell me?

Why Sora is gaining knowledge of the future.

"I'm sorry, Yura"

Sora strokes my hair as she apologizes.

I don't know what the reason is, but he can't get it out of his mouth. But there's one more thing today, I wanted to make sure.

"You don't ask me why I know, because maybe I know everything?

- Is Sola... a reincarnator?

Such suspicion gives rise to a neck.

Then there's an explanation. Even that Sola has knowledge of the future. The fact that the Spirit has a player-like presence is also convincing if it is due to the power or influence of Sola that she is the King of the Spirit.

And one more thing. That there are surprisingly many reincarnates.

And to the Spirit.

Mr. Fire Dragon also said he saw a spirit speaking of game knowledge.

If so...... I imagine it's a little scary.

What if my memories of my previous life also belonged to a fused spirit?

I think the mind probably belongs to human Yura. Because I feel like I think differently from the Spirit. But I was a hikikomori, because of my memories of my past life, and I was normally involved with other people.

It's a little scary to think that such an important memory belonged to someone else.

But I wanted to know... Sora still shakes her neck to the side.

"I'm sorry... I still can't"

"Yeah, okay"

I guess I won't allow things to happen because this is all Sora tells me about things, but this is all she can't say. I give up and decide to move on.

"So, what's the bottom prep?

"Let the Idrisian spirits drink tea."

Maybe that's what you need to do to strengthen the Spirit and get him to work with you.

"I'd really like to do the same to the Spirit of Tanastra, because I don't have time for too few."

"How could there be less spirits in Tanastra?

"In attacking the surrounding countries, Tanastra uses magic that squeezes power out of the Spirit and turns it into magic. The invasion of Idrisia would also be due to wanting national soil and the Spirit. So Tanastra has few spirits, and gradually the grace of the earth is diminishing.

I guess the Tanastra side is also aware that they are trying to annex the surrounding countries before their spirits are gone and their weapons are completely unusable. "

Are you going to crush the Spirit until you reach your goal and then do something to increase it, or take crops from the annexed countries and do it awesome? Too unscrupulous.

Back in the day, we hear that the land where the Spirit has ceased to exist is rough and cannot be desired fruitful until a hundred years away, but if we take food for our own people from other countries for a hundred years, the people of the annexed countries will starve.

No, maybe the situation in Tanastra is getting so bad already.

"... we need to make sure Miss Maia's magic is unavailable in Idrisia before all sorts of quests happen"

If it was the way it was supposed to be, Tanastra would attack Arlendar and others before making a showdown with the witches in Idrisia. Wouldn't every time the spirits of Tanastra, even just a few, be depleted?

To one of my words, Sola smiled.

"Be careful, Yura. Except for the witch and the person who created the witch and tried to use it. The other witch is being deceived by that human being."

"Deceive? Aren't you trying to get Idrisia back from Tanastra?

"No, the man who created the witch just wants what he wants."

"You want to destroy Tanastra for selfish reasons?

"Right. I'm pretty sure it wasn't for someone else. Though not too much can be said yet."

I see.

I do want to destroy Tanastra. But isn't that to allow the Idrisian people to return or to recapture their invaded home country...

"Speaking of which, Sola was king of spirits, wasn't she? Couldn't you help Idrisia?

If you are the king of spirits, you must have considerable power. In fact, Sola can do a lot of things, like take me on an instant trip to another place.

But Sora shook her head to the side.

"There was only a few things I could do then. But the opportunity to reach out at the end of time is finally turning."

Once I cut the word, Sola stares at me.

"... Yura, I'm not really obsessed with the country. I just want to help the spirits who are losing their existence... and you too"

Sora has a conjunctive look.

"I let you carry the burden. But you're the only one I can ask. Empower the spirits who remain in Idrisia. And don't let them use the witch's magic. Whoever drank your tea..."

As she whispered her secret, Sora dropped her voice.

"You will be able to manipulate their magic. Instead of magic, even their actions"

"Magic, manipulating people..."

If you can do that, I do think you can call that a witch.

"If you go to Idrisia, come to where I am. So..."

Sora laughs bitterly and disappears all the time when she explains what I need to do with her eyes round.