I keep staring where Sola was.

By the window of a curtained coffee shop. There is no more Sola there.

For a while I sort out in my head what Sola told me, that I can't quit witch...... pounding and crushing.

"I knew I couldn't stay with the captains."

Unless I think so, I don't think I can do it. Even before, I've never manipulated anyone.

But if you use your powers to stop Miss Maia. Except if they see that.

- Someday I may turn that power to others.

Yes, I'm afraid the captains will think of me.

But there's no way I can defeat an enemy on my own.

There are people who can use Idrisian spirituality, and I'm not sure I can handle someone manipulating Miss Maia while I stop her.

So the captain, Mr. Frey and Mr. Eval will find out.

But then, let's just disappear by ourselves.

"... where shall we live? I mean, how are we going to live?"

You can't sell tea anymore if you have this power. There is psychological resistance to selling people who drink knowing they can manipulate them.

We can't help it until we protect Arlendar and the witch thing settles, but after that, we'll seal it.

Then shall I go back to the house where I lived with my grandmother?

People in that town still think of me as Yura the Hikikomori.

If you don't have to be as good as before, but if you just keep going through the small store without seeing people face to face often, you might be able to figure it out.

You won't come after me if I tell the captain or Mr. Frey that I can't accept your feelings.

"No, you can't."

For example, there must be some fellow Tanastra or Idrisian witches who have had a chance to know.

Accidentally, it spread about me... and I don't like it when people even say bad things about my grandmother.

"I knew we'd go abroad. I have to keep it a secret from Mr. Jorn, too. Even if you ask me to sell you tea, I can't do it anymore."

If you ask Mr. Eval, he could develop something similar to tea sooner or later.

Would you not be angry if you sold that to Mr. Eval and Mr. Yorn and he suddenly said he was going to stop tea?

More importantly, the captain and Mr. Frey choose who they deserve when I'm gone. What a miserable country girl who happens to be a witch should be left alone.

"No, no, I'm not unhappy"

I can communicate with the Spirit, so I don't miss him. I can be with the one who watches over me, not as much as I am in the Hikikomori period.

Mr. Fire Dragon wants to send you back to your memorial home, so I say goodbye.

"Mr. Fire Dragon, I was wondering if you would make an adult out of me if I could go back to my home. If there's a problem, I'll have to leave it to the captain... but I'll never see him again."

You said it was a volcano, so you shouldn't have to turn the forest into a sea of fire to have food.

What a crush.

"My what? And you're gonna live in a place that's not here."

Turning around, Mr. Fire Dragon was coming in from the room with the guest seat.

He's been cleverly opening windows with five fingers.

"Ah... Mr. Fire Dragon"

If they hear you talking to yourself, whatever its content is, it's no different than awkward. Not to mention something to do with who he is or something that he was trying to do without anyone knowing.

Mr. Fire Dragon blew smoke out of his nose at me when I made a smile.

"You were willing to monitor me when I got back to my residence?

"Huh!? I won't do that."

Even if you migrate, you can't live in Idrisia because Mr. Frey will come and go, and even if you live elsewhere, it's hard to go see Mr. Fire Dragon anyway.

"Fine then."

When Mr. Fire Dragon lightly tells me, I rather miss you this way. But I can't do anything about it, so it's also wrong to chase him.

And so I asked Mr. Fire Dragon.

"Um, don't tell anyone. I'm going to live outside of this Knights sooner or later. I'll stop talking to the spirits, but I don't want you to tell the spirits from the Fire Dragon."

I don't want to worry about the captain or Mr. Frey.

But I have to leave in silence... They're both sweet, so they'll cover you up after you pull them off. But that annoys me.

"Well, fine. The Spirit will remain silent if the Witch asks you to."

I question the words of the sighing Fire Dragon.

"When a witch asks, does the Spirit ask you anything?

I've been like, "Please!" I asked him, and he never asked me. But since the Spirit is such a good person, I thought he'd be happy to hear it.

"You don't know?

Even though I'm a witch, I honestly nod to Mr. Fire Dragon who just says:

"There's no way the Spirit won't listen to a witch's request. That's what it is."

I'm surprised at Mr. Fire Dragon's answer.

"Will all the Witch's favors come true!?

That's what I've heard.

"... are you a witch?"

With that, those words slip off my mouth.

Being able to manipulate even people and spirits. Because of the great magic, is that possible?

"For the Spirit, the voice reaches ears as singing from admirable companions or screaming. I have to help you."


Well, I suppose.

So maybe when the witch's magic runs wild, the surroundings go wild.

In tune with the witch's screams, the spirits go mad... trying to perish together.

And I need to blend with the Spirit to be a witch, because I can't attract all their power without making them think I'm one of them.

I didn't want it, but I'm really not a witch......

I then told Mr. Fire Dragon about the operation.

"I want you to trick the humans! You must be teasing me! Doesn't it feel good to see someone flattered by one of your actions?

and I twisted my head and persuaded him to

"If you're going to fool me, don't be silly."

and agreed, so the operation was to be decided.