"We will leave the day after tomorrow, even if we issue a decree to Tanastra's border first. I want to storm without setting aside time before the other side is completely unconscious"

Once Mr. Fire Dragon gave his report, the captain immediately informed him of the date of departure.

So I ran to Mr. Jörn that day.

Tell me what's going on and have me pick up the tea I've made so far.

... Anyway, it's possible that I won't come back. It's an unscheduled purchase, so I asked you to pay half the price.

Thanks to this, the stock in the coffee shop is for one sachet to leave and one sachet of tea A made today.

When it comes to empowering the Spirit, I thought maybe I should do this, so I decided to take my A-rank tea.

I'll try to appraise the tea I can make.

"Black Tea A: Heal Your Strength +20. Skill Proficiency + 20"

"Yeah, just like last time."

After checking, I put it in a bag for tea A. Of course, it's waterproof. If it gets wet, it's the end of the roll. No, I just need to make it.

"The rest, I think, is about the candied I made a while ago"

It's heavy when it's jam. I might even walk to Idrisia, and I wanted to keep my luggage light.

That's how I looked around at the coffee shop I cleaned up.

Open only in the morning tomorrow. We'll be traveling from here the day after tomorrow.

"Could this be goodbye..."

I'm starting to feel sad when I snap.

Coffee shop management that I had longed for in my previous life. The fact that Mr. Fire Dragon blew smoke in the coffee shop also makes me miss everything.

If I was blurry remembering, the coffee shop door was knocked.

There are a limited number of people who come to visit after opening hours and even though they are placing closing bills. When we met earlier, it might be Eval who talked about developing tea with no magic or tea crumbs.

I told him that I was full of tea production alone, but I wanted him to be more familiar with the taste of tea cheaply, and that the development of a cheap version was something that Eval couldn't do.

I thought you were here to pack that.

"Go ahead."

It was the captain who came in when I heard back.

"Ah, good job"

bowing his head and thanking him, the captain nods "Oh".

"Is it going to be ready tomorrow?

"Yes, I just got back from Wang Du, and I have packed my stuff... because I don't need to take a lot of cups with me even if I want to use tea where I'm going"

Leaves and water boiling tools, just a few pots and cups. Oh, I wonder if I need a water bottle. I can keep the tea inside in advance and carry it.

"Isn't it the captain who's having a hard time getting ready?

I leave the Knights' Castle for a few days, so I have been told that I have some paperwork to do in the meantime, and I am the Duke, so I have some paperwork to do regarding your territory. Mostly from Mr. Eval.

That's why I thought we were leaving the day after tomorrow.

"No, I'm waiting for word from Wang Du. Immediately after that discussion, His Majesty the King was asked to carry a hasty letter. I needed time to wait for that reply and I just opened it for three days. Besides, you don't have to move now. We're moving as hostages, so Maia and the others won't be able to move to Idrisia any time soon."

"I hope so."

As far as I'm concerned, I just have to answer that.

Certainly won't act soon. But I think if we act, they'll know.

The Spirit keeps us from teaching us what to do if we ask.

They'll just lie about "I don't know," or "I'm in the Knights' Castle all the time," but they'll come and explore this behavior when they realize it's unnatural.

Miss Maia is also a witch, so she should be able to ask the Spirit for a favor. I don't know which favor Mr. Spirit will give priority to.

"You'll have concerns, too. Even for me, I'm thinking that maybe the people on that side who realized you were a witch might be keeping an eye on us. If you notice any movement, it could strike you again."

The captain seemed worried about something from a different side.

"Right. If they raid us, we'll be in a bit of trouble."

Especially when you're trying to escape saying you're not a witch. I can't fight.

"Basically protect it with me and the Freys, but if you can't do anything about it, you can use magic. Think of ways to deceive."

"You can't do that! I'll make sure not to bother the captains."

If that happens, I'm a witch! But let's just say. You should have decided that you were fooling the captains.

While laughing, as he fled, he broke into Tanastra and went straight for Idrisia.

- But I don't like it, I also think.

I really don't want a lot of people to find out about witches. Other knights than Mr. Frey and Mr. Eval will accompany you. Exactly, because it is unnatural for the Knights Commander to visit another country, but only the four of us to act.

If the Knights ever get along with me, with their white eyes...

If you're about to drop your gaze and sink into your thinking,

"I don't mind bothering you, Yura"

That said, the captain pulled my shoulder and locked it in his arm.


That's where my words stop, too.

Because I had a frightening imagination, because I was careful.

I wonder how much I'm counting on this guy, and I feel sorry for myself.

"I have the Sword of the Spirit King. If it's any magic, let the Spirit Church also acknowledge it for a reason that the Spirits did it because they wanted to protect their loved ones. Where they suspect she's a witch, that should do it if the Spirit Church admits it."


That's all you need. I nodded honestly, hoping so, and the captain went on to say.

"Truth is, I wish I could defeat the witch."

"I can't let the captain do that"

I told the captain. I don't want the captain to kill Miss Maia.


"I can't believe I hurt someone who was my fiancée even temporarily. It'll be hard."

It's who I might have married.

In any way, didn't you have feelings? And I think.

Moreover, the captain does not know of a future in which Miss Maia and the others will destroy many countries. It's only possible, only to a certain extent.

Yet you fought the Maia ladies... if you killed them.

Later, you might be worried that you didn't have to kill him. I don't want to make you feel that hard.

I don't want Mr. Frey to do that either.

Of course, I don't want to kill anyone either.

So at first, stop Miss Maia from acting so full. If that's hard... I have no choice.

The thing is, if I fought Miss Maia head-on, who seemed more skilled in witchcraft than I was, I wouldn't be safe.

Then the captain said in a strangely stiff voice.

"Yura. I had nothing to do with her, nor was I so interactive as to know the crowd"

"But you were aware, weren't you?

The captain will loosen his arms a little. Looking up, the captain had a hard look on his face.

"I don't remember being conscious. I had decided not to get married. I've been thinking about saying no with any kind of hand."

"But there's a lot of emotion..."

Words were made to stop.

Because my lips are blocked. With the captain's lips.

Even though it was only a short time away, the warm lip feel of the captain and the slightly sweet feeling of leaving engraved in the back of his brain.

... Oh, I can't resist, they remind me.

Running away many times, albeit obscured.

This way, even if they talk to me, I still can't shake this guy's hand off.

I'm going to think about wanting you to put it more on my side.

That's what the captain says to me.

"You're the only one I've ever felt that kind of emotion. You're the only one who wanted to put it on his side."

I felt the will not to let them escape. Only this time, the captain is not going to forgive me.

"But the captain is noble, and not me like this."

Even though it's high hurdles just to be a civilian, I don't know what kind of trouble it would be if I put a witch on my side.

"If you're going to accept me, I don't need noble status. You could have thrown away the title."

So, the captain holds my hand.

"Yura, I want you to live with me. If you just want another life, I won't say you can't. Take off the collar you wanted, if that's gonna get in the way."

The captain, who had said so much, said, "I want you to think about it" and walked away from the coffee shop.

I stand up.

Slightly, he covers his face with his hands and crouches on the spot.

"Is that, is that... is that a proposal?

Isn't the last word a proposal!?

"Oh, wait a minute. I did worry about that, but don't you feel fast? Besides, I don't need noble status."

You can't get away with it because you're a civilian, can you?

By and large, the captain just stopped being a nobleman, and he's not going to stop being a captain. Just quitting the Knights, the Spirit Church would not leave the owner of the Spirit King's sword unattended. I'm going to come and solicit the captain for a post like that with the Cardinal or something.

"No, no, no, that's not the problem."

He said he didn't want to get married in the first place, and I didn't think he'd want that much.

"What, how do I answer?

I'm too eager to understand myself.

Once the witch problem was solved, I was going to fly high to a foreign country ready not to see the captain again.


After it happened, I thought.

"Yes, let's make tea"

So I quieted my mind, and I got my hands on a new tea development.

Thanks to that, I was about to be late for dinner that evening.