I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

We've come to the Tanastra border, one.

- Until noon that day, relaxed routines continued at the Tanastra border.

Although a fire dragon appeared in the vicinity the other day, there was no damage to the border.

Sometimes the country was a little noisy, but you're a little far from the border.

I needed to pay some attention to entry and exit, but that's all. There was no significant change.

I heard hostages were coming from neighboring Arlendar, but they also rode flying lizards and went over them, so it had nothing to do with the border fortifications.

Speaking of the most recent issues, do you mean that a suspected witch is coming from the Knights of Arlendar?

But every human packing in the fort says, 'You got a point anyway, didn't you?' I thought.

Besides, he skipped contact and told them, 'Come back in three days because we're ready, too,' so he didn't think there was going to be a problem on this day.

... That is why the fort at the border of Tanastra was noisy when I, or the chief or less, a line of the Sigur Knights of Arlendar arrived.

He came with a flying lizard, and said that this one had landed in front of the border gate, but the Tanastra side also rushed out of the gate, and some came down to our side once he had risen up in the sky with a flying lizard.

For the first time in this mess, you can see the surprise of the other side.

I was just "ho" and watching how it went.

Well, besides me came the captain, Mr. Frey and Mr. Eval. And five of Mr. Frey's first unit, a total of nine.

In addition, Mr. Fire Dragon sits properly on the shoulder of the captain.

... By the way, I leave your absence to the Deputy Commander and Dr. Orvé.

The people of Tanastra were surprised to see the captain who had left one step earlier.

"The leader of the sigle has come aboard..."

"Is it possible that you're on your shoulder, a flying lizard?

"Little flying lizard kid, cute......"

"Hey, where am I supposed to be surprised?

He seemed surprised by Mr. Fire Dragon as well. Besides, some people mistake me for being a flying lizard child.

To them deepening the confusion, the captain said.

"It's Lucien Rade Alvine of the Sigur Knights of the Kingdom of Arlendar. As I informed you earlier, I visited to dispel my suspicions about those you suspected were witches. I would like to wish you the Captain of the Knight of the Frontier."

To the words of the captain, the knights of Tanastra repeated their consultations in bewilderment, and soon they were to pass through.

One reason would be that I didn't have to question the identity of the captain.

It is impossible to make a change of balls if you have silver hair and have the appearance of a captain. Besides, I also have the Duke, so I can't deal with it in any way.

So you can talk to the other captain even if you push him over a one-sided notice.

The leader who knew and executed it is also quite forceful.

But I needed to hit him unexpectedly.

Because before the Tanastra side is ready to put on the toy, they have to admit that I'm not a witch, and that Mr. Fire Dragon is a child, not a violent person.

Anyway, if we don't make it across the border in peace, we're gonna have to fool around here because we're gonna get chased and we're in trouble.

From time to time I was to go inside the fort of Tanastra with the captain.

but it can be stopped just before.

"Ma, wait. What's that girl? Are you telling me you're a witch?

Though I held back because I was the only woman, Tanastra's slightly older knight is confused.

Anyway, I'm not dressed like a witch. It's a complete coffee shop daughter style. Keep the apron on, too. I have a basket with tea in my hand.

You'll just look like you brought your town daughter here yesterday.

Even though they told me I was a witch, I must have gotten in trouble, unlike I imagined.

"Hung. If you do just look at me, I think I can twist it at my fingertips."

A firedragon over the captain's shoulder says that.

Mr. Fire Dragon, doesn't that look like a size that everyone could twist at your fingertips?

But Mr. Fire Dragon's noisy twinkle is only recognised by me and the captain of the regiment as a roaring voice called Guru.

If Mr. Fire Dragon cares about that, he can tell you the words... You can stay like this for the rest of your life. It's too noisy.

"She's the only woman who lives in our Knights. She'll be the only one suspected of being a witch, so I brought her here, anything?

You must be the one who said you wanted to see if you were a witch in the first place. Nothing. As long as we're in Arlendar, we don't have a particular problem being suspicious of you.

It's troublesome when strange suspicions start out as skirmishes, so you brought them here even though you thought 'impossible'?

Mr. Eval lined up this line of rhetoric with a rough one. Pushed by the momentum, Tanastra's knight takes a step back.

"Wow, okay."

This is how I finally got inside the fort.