I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

We've come to the border of Tanastra, two.

The border fortifications of Tanastra are smaller than the castles of the Sigur Knights.

As a base for invading Arlendar, there is probably a history of rapid construction.

Looks like fewer people pack inside the fort than Sigur. There are soldiers besides knights.

The border means that there is a town just around the corner, so I think it's the residents there or they live there and come to the fort.

"Every human dwelling is small."

Mr. Fire Dragon looked around and said that.

Captain Tanastra Border Knight's room is a short walk up to the second floor of the main tower of the fort.

The stone walls are not that big in the room.

I just have a desk, a chair, and a bookcase.

Upon entering the room, it was a man in his thirties or so who immediately rose from the back chair.

He must be the captain of Tanastra.

He looks slightly bandit-style, seemingly natural growing a moustache. Perhaps he is more militant than using magic because of his shoulder width and body thickness commensurate with his appearance.

The captain and Mr. Eval and Mr. Frey are also intimidated by the way that the knights of Tanastra, many militant-like people, line up in the room, as the sigle people are many magical swordsman systems and skinny.

We can't all go in there and hang out, so it was me and the captain, Mr. Eval and Mr. Frey, who put us in the room.

The captain on Tanastra's side looked at our captain's face and transferred the fire dragon on his shoulder, giving him a difficult look.

"Welcome to the fort of the Knights of the Tanastra border, Lord Lucien. First of all, I don't want animals in the fort on their own... because even flying lizard children can suddenly break out even if they stick around."

The captain of Tanastra said he thought of Mr. Fire Dragon as a flying lizard child. She stays quietly on her shoulder, so I think she decided that.

Well, if you think it's a fire dragon, wouldn't you be so calm and protesting?

"Besides, I should have skipped the messenger in touch wanting the visit to be in three more days from here..."

Certainly such a messenger had come.

The captain just firmly ignored it. "What?" So I left the messenger guy with the face on.

"I don't want you to worry about this because it's magically unraveling"

The captain explains that to Mr. Fire Dragon. For a moment, Mr. Fire Dragon gave a huge face, but the captain kept talking because he couldn't see it.

"There seemed to be a difference about the messenger. Your Majesty the King of my country has contacted me urgently. I wanted to rush to the king's capital of Tanastra. But you also asked me first that it would be difficult to allow passage if the witch and fire dragon thing didn't fit in. I want you to see this."

Without upset one, the captain gives him the letter he had.

This is the directive I asked His Majesty the King to write.

"Ko, this is..."

The captain of Tanastra, who looked inside, gets a sinister look.

"Is it true?

"A king who writes such things with insanity is not in Arlendar"

"So, as it says here, the Idrisian with the hostages broke in or something. Is the information certain that there may be problems in the Wang capital? You said you were here to capture them...?

The captain had asked His Majesty the King to write it down, apparently.

If we move to Idrisia, there will always be someone on our side and Miss Maia herself.

Anyway, they're after me, the other witch, and they're raiding. I've entered Tanastra. I'll give it to you, if I find out you're on your way to Idrisia, I'm sure you'll interfere.

So before you do that, if this is Miss Maia's side with an Idrisian suspicious figure, you will alert Tanastra in the name of His Majesty the King.

This way, even if we are attacked by Miss Maia, we have a great name to defeat in Tanastra.

"But the information that there is a witch came from the Chancellor of Tanastra..."

"Perhaps you're trying to get the suspicious eye to look elsewhere in order to let the Idrisian enter. Isn't there someone in the king's capital who can help Idrisia?

"That's silly..."

I don't believe Tanastra's captain.

For it would be unthinkable that there should be a man in the centre of his own country who passed through the human race of his opponent, who perished.

"I think I do. When we destroy that country, we should be using humans familiar with the inside of Idrisia. It's possible that the human being, for whatever reason, will now take the side of Idrisia, right?

The captain of Tanastra thinks about it.

I think this is a story I'm going to believe.

It is hard to be trusted that humans who go to the enemy side only in shadow. Because you betrayed your hometown, and you don't know when you'll betray the country you were on your side with, because they think you will.

That is where Mr Eval spoke.

"I'm sorry to bother you from the side, but one more thing, I'm going to advance the possibilities on the witch thing. I thought it was from the jealousy of the Duke's wife, Maia Armadir, who was offered as a hostage."


The colour of interest darkens in the eyes, even though it is a lot shady.

"For once, it was the woman that Captain Lucien was engaged to. She is.

We broke it later, but thank you. The young lady seems to have been untrained by Captain Lucien. I've been coming to see you for a long time. I don't think that's going to work anymore, and I thought I put a guess on it...

And I didn't want to keep a young woman on Captain Lucien's side, so I tried to imprison him. If you ask a former Idrisian who was in Tanastra for that reason to circulate information about suspecting a certain person to be a witch, because he is not guilty of past crimes...... The Tanastra folks will believe about the person they've been on their side for years, right?

Mr. Eval lines up the guesses.

"Forget the inferior guess, Eval"

Although the captain looks sinister, Mr. Eval has a cool face.

... This flow was done as planned in Mr. Eval's proposal.

Positive attacks alone make you feel insulted that 'people in your own country are easily deceived', making you feel more rejective.

That's why I'm adding a different direction to help you with a simple hate play.

The captain didn't seem to take it personally, but decided and accepted that it was an effective means of deceiving the Tanastra humans.

'Even if I don't hit it... I think there's something about it,' Eval said. And when I heard you even agreed with Mr. Frey, it made me nervous.

Could I have been hated by Miss Maia? and.

But is it possible in the circumstances......

Miss Maia seemed to care about the captain. If you were my fiancée even if it was my ex, I might no longer be.

I just thought it was because I was a different person in the world where I live, so I never thought there would be elements that would make me jealous.

If the captain knew then that he cared about me in a romantic way, would he have changed his impression of Miss Maia as well?

When I associate myself with it, I remember when the captain spoke to me, and I imagine beating myself up in my heart. Not if you're thinking about it now.

Not until we settle on the witch case.

"Because in this way our Captain Lucien is of less-than-aware quality. I wonder if it would be strange to want to eliminate women from their surroundings even further."

"... jealous"

The captain over there seems completely convinced of Mr. Eval's story.

"Well, if you've come this far anyway, you can't help it. I'm calling a priest from the Spirit Church right now. I want you to wait an hour or so because this will be a dispatch from the nearest cathedral"