When contacted by a knight who was in front of the gate, this captain said he was in a hurry to send for someone from the Spirit Church.

If this exam is to be finished early, I have never passed it.

"By the way, let me ask you something first, why is that woman in your knighthood?

The captain of Tanastra turned a blind eye to the captain of the regiment.

"Oh, this is registering as a crusader"

"So you can use magic, right?

"If it's elementary"


On the head of the captain of Tanastra, '?' I saw it.

You wouldn't know what it means to keep putting people in the Knights who can only use elementary magic. From what I've done to Mr. Eval for a moment,

'I knew you weren't just putting down a woman you liked?

Maybe I wanted to say.

But it's not. What I wanted to say is that the captain speaks for me.

"This girl runs a coffee shop in the Knights"

"... what?

Tanastra's captain's eyes turned round. Oh, I saw Mr. Eval again. Something like, "Are you insane? 'I look like the look on your face.

"Running a coffee shop in the Knights' Castle will be a wonder. But Yura's tea also has a magical, physical, and healing effect on fatigue recovery."

"Isn't that magic medicine!?

"No, it's tea."

Mr Eval replied roughly.

With a pompous look, Tanastra's captain can't carry on two sentences.

"Well, it's funny tea"

Mr. Fire Dragon snapped with a blur.

If the flavor and aroma is black tea properly, even if it is strange, I am content.

The captain of Tanastra returned to me after a slight incident.

"But what does a coffee shop mean? Should I sell it as a medicine? It would be too expensive to sell as a drink."

"No, three cress per cup, though."

They say it's about 300 yen, and increasingly the captain of Tanastra looks like a pigeon surprised.

"I don't know why...... the amount of recovery is trace?

"Not so much. but since there is no magic medicine that can restore fatigue in the first place. There are people who go by every day hoping for it."

"I see. Is it because there isn't so much recovery?"

He was a little convinced when he heard that reply from Mr. Eval.

Well, I can make tea with more recovery. I can make it. If you find out about that, you're weighing yourself down because you're increasingly treated like a witch.

Of course, Mr. Eval doesn't say that he even gave the demon a drink, that he could make the demon grow up, or that he would be ordered from the demon.

"For once, then, if magic is to be used when you are making that tea, let the priest of the Spirit Church see how it goes. Is that good? Lord of the Lycians."

To the words of the captain of Tanastra, the captain gave a nod.

That's why we're moving to a place where we can all wait for a while.

Upon entering the waiting room, Mr. Fire Dragon was winged with patties, arranging a sofa for one.

Watching the dust and how it went, Mr. Frey asked the question.

"So, are you sure you want to prepare the tea for the priests?

"It's just that! We've got tea that works when it's like this."

"At times like this, effect?

It was the captain who listened.

But I did something to be wary of...? I think a lot, but I don't know. As I twisted my neck, the captain asked me a question.

"Yura, what does it do to you?"

"Uh, I'll serve basic fatigue recovery tea first. So if you're convinced it's safe, it's a little bit of a different kind of tea, so I'm going to serve tea that will soothe your feelings."

"About the second cup of tea, be specific"

"We'll stick wine and honey in"

"Do you want to drink?

Mr. Frey closes his eyes.

Oh, can't you let me in in this world? Alcohol for tea. I just noticed that I thought it might be awkward...

Yes. Heddell originally tasted like a cup of tea. It takes courage to put wine and beer and whiskey in there. I don't think coffee liqueurs were in this world either.

So I looked in my head for something that was easy to pass on.

"Uh, you also use rum for sweets, right? It's like that."

Terrible explanation, but this seems to have conveyed some of the atmosphere of putting alcohol in the tea.

Tell the captain, "How does it work? Asked."

"I feel fluffy as my fatigue recovers"

"... you mean you're going to be in the same condition you were drinking?

"Then why don't we just serve the booze?

To Mr. Eval's scratch, I answered with my chest open.

"No. It feels more like sleeping twice in a warm futon than drunk like the effect of alcohol and having your heart tagged off."

"Oh so fluffy..."

I get the look that Mr. Frey finally understood.

"I feel fluffy, so it shouldn't feel like I've been fooled because I don't think I'm going to be drunk and personnel introspected or confused. I can talk to you just calmly, so you won't be afraid to mouth off what you don't want to say, or mistake the other side for being manipulated. However, I just feel more comfortable than I usually do... even when I tell you about Mr. Fire Dragon, I was wondering if it would be easier for you to accept that."

I have a lot of measures in place about my witch suspicions, but I have to convince you to lie about Mr. Fire Dragon. I want to work on this.

"Soothing...... No, but they're forcing my mind to feel soothed, don't they think?

Master of the regiment you seem worried about.

"Well, it's got alcohol in it, so you'll feel a little fluffy, and you'll be fine."

"Is it because of alcohol, there's an excuse?

"If we all drink it, they won't think we let them drink it to fool us. I hope the more gentle you feel at last, the easier it will be to certify me as not a witch just to make tea"

tea I developed from the prospect that I would have loved to behave.

If we're all going to be equally fluffy, there's a problem.

After listening to me, the captain, who laid his finger on the temple and nagged, came to a conclusion after a few seconds.

"Make sure you drink the second drink before you do."


Of course, only the hopeful are more comfortable with the form that I didn't magically force them to follow.

When we talked about that, the priest of the Spirit Church finally arrived, so he was called into a separate room.

The captain looked back at Mr. Fire Dragon, who was sitting on the back of the couch.

"Let's go."

"Different ways to call it..."

While complaining, Mr. Fire Dragon rides the captain's shoulder again.