It was the hall of the fort that led us to the Knight of Guidance.

There is a long wooden table and lots of chairs. I guess it's usually where a lot of knights eat.

Waiting was for Tanastra's captain and a man whose epic short blonde head was getting thinner.

Like the priest in the kingdom of Arlendar, he wraps a blue caped robe and a sash around his waist with a gold rim.

The priest raised his voice as touched by "oh" when he saw the captain, and rushed over... and stopped his leg.

That gaze is directed at Mr. Fire Dragon, who is on the shoulder of the captain.

"Um... that, no way"

I'm afraid it's a dragon. The captain tried to explain, but the captain of Tanastra said it first.

"They say he's a flying lizard kid. You think we're magically making a deal so we don't get busted?"

"Was it"

The priest immediately believes it and breathes in relief.

We didn't dare point out that we weren't, and we kept quiet.

Nevertheless, I didn't think I could fool you with this. I don't normally see real dragons, and few flying lizard kids can observe them up close, so I guess it's easy to believe.

The priest re-divided it once again.

"As a member of the Spirit Church, I thank God that I can talk to someone with the Spirit King's sword"

Praying toward the ceiling, the priest offers his hand to the chief.

The captain shook his hand back with no expression.

... I guess this is what they do when they go to the Spirit Church even within the Kingdom of Arlendar. As leader of the regiment, I guess I'm honestly not happy because of all the unpleasant memories of the Spirit King's sword.

"Priest, say hello about that."

The captain of Tanastra stops the priest.

"Oh, excuse me. So, the woman who's suspected of witchcraft, is that you?

The priest turns to me. And I came to see it explored.

I'm a little nervous while I don't think there's any way I can be tempted to be a witch.

You're not acting weird, are you? I just met him. The Spirit shouldn't have said anything either.

I kept the status screen out on the road to get here because I have trouble with anything, but neither the Spirit of the Wind, who passes all the time, nor the Spirit of the Light in the shape of a star sitting by the window, have said anything particularly weird.

Spirit of the Wind: It's Yura. Hello. "

Spirit of Light: Uh-huh.

Speaking of which, I'm concerned about the inclusive laughter of the Spirit of Light, but I'm not running dangerous words, so I'll be fine.

Slightly, the priest nods.

"I see. You are also a beloved son of the Spirit."

"Oh, yes."

I reply briefly so as not to borrow.

"Witches hear in fairy tales with spirit-managers, but did they mistake the fact that they are spiritual lovers? I don't think the owner of the Spirit King's sword would have missed it if she had been the right witch in the first place."

To the word of the priest, I'm about to laugh bitterly.

The owner of the Spirit King's sword already found out, and it's under control.

"Next, I heard you were registering as a crusader, so could you show me your measuring stone?

Give me a measuring stone when I'm told.

The line of light indicating the status stops with a proper 'normal' range extension, as it did when I asked Sola. The priest sees it and nods one.

"For once, you mean they use special magic... I heard you're making magic drugs, so let's have a demonstration of that. In doing so…"

And, what the priest took out of his pocket were two iron bracelets. Somehow, something in the shape of a handcuff if it was connected by chains.

"Just in case you emit too much magic, could you put on a restraining bracelet and do the work?

"I don't mind."

Smiling, the priest of the Spirit Church looked somewhat unfortunate. I guess it was the prestige of the captain to take this far into account for me when I first met him.

I wear my bracelet tightly.

My arms just got heavier physically and I just decided to make tea because I don't feel particularly affected.

Two people sit in their seats and drink that the Tanastra side is the captain of the Knights of the Borders and his men. When all three people who seem to be bent on sitting in line, that's just kind of oppressive.

The Tanastra side is waiting for about five skinny knights and sports knights at the window, just in case they can use magic.

The Arlendar side is seated by the captain, Mr. Eval and Mr. Frey.

The other knights are waiting by the wall.

And the priest will be seated at your birthday seat, and there will be seven of us drinking tea altogether.

"First of all, this is the tea I made. The Spirit is working with us when we create it."

Check it out and show the priest every can of tea.

The priest confirms "ho ho" with a can and tea. I summoned the Spirit and asked the Spirit of Star-shaped Light, who fluttered over.

"What is this?

Spirit of Light: It's Tea! It was made by Yura. "

Hearing the manly answer, the priest gives me permission to make tea.

When making tea, there is no particular problem.

I poured it into a cup and handed it out to everyone on the table.

"I don't care how you check"

The priest was looking at the cup and asking the Spirit, whom he called again.

The captain of Tanastra, saying it was just in case, replaced the cup between himself and Mr. Eval, so then and Mr. Frey also traded the cup with the knight on Tanastra's side.

Mr. Frey and I switched cups from someone whose expression was so tense and stiff. I wonder if you suspected me more than the captain of Tanastra. I feel a little soothed because I could swap cups.

When that was over, the captains started drinking. It was a sigh mix, so maybe I was tired of something from my tea description earlier and wanted to recover anyway.

The people on Tanastra's side blink at the light captains.

That's when the priest gave his permission.

"You'll be fine. I don't think there's a problem with this tea."

The people on Tanastra's side, the priest, also start drinking tea.

"Ho... this. Certainly fatigue disappears"

The first person to raise his voice was the knight on Tanastra's side. Looks like you were very tired and figured out the change clearly.

"Certainly. So it's like magic medicine tea."

"... well, I thought it was a witch story or something. Now I know it's safe. I send the news to His Majesty the King of our country, with the Priest of the Spirit Church, that the suspicion was factually groundless"

The captain of Tanastra seems to have convinced me too, and as for my witch suspicions safely, I was able to fool him well. Good. Good.