I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

I'll also mislead you about Mr. Fire Dragon.

"Then let me ask you about the Fire Dragon."

The captain of Tanastra turns a stern gaze on the captain. To him, that seems to be the point.

I guess the Fire Dragon that I know is actually there is more of a sense of crisis than the witch that I've only heard in fairy tales, a ghost-like being that is both real and at stake.

The captain responds accordingly.

"It's a long story..."

"Then how about another drink?

If you don't let me out here, I whispered to the captain.

"Oh, that would be nice"

"Because there are other teas?

The priest said with a slightly excited look, so maybe he liked the tea.

"Yes, the base is the same, but this tea is delicious even when mixed with a variety of things."

I take out the wine and honey and get extra hot water and start making tea.

"Ho, wine."

"If you like alcohol, this is the way to drink it."

Actually, I already had Dr. Orvé try it out. The doctor also preferred alcohol to alcohol, so he helped me to try it.

After hearing about that Dr. Orvé preference, honey so that even men can drink it, just a teaspoon in the pot. This still has the effect of loosening my mind enough.

And add a little warm wine with hot water. Be more comfortable.

When the aroma of alcohol and the feeling of getting hot in the stomach go hand in hand with the effect of feeling fluffy, it is easier to illuminate that it is because of alcohol.

Coming up, "Tea Wine: Feeling Soothed. MP Recovery 200. Skill Proficiency + 30" tea.

By the way, even if I make tea, I'm just mixing it up. When I added wine, a spirit in goblins appeared and pounded the pot and left.

"I see the Spirit is breathing power into the tea."

"It is. Together, this tea will restore its magic."

To put it to you, the captains of Tanastra took out their measuring stones to check their Befo status, and then put their mouths on the tea.

"Oh, that's a lot of healing"

"The amount I spent in the morning is replenished considerably"

The knights of Tanastra to discuss had already softened their expressions.

"And I feel good because of the booze."

"So, what about the Fire Dragon story?

The captain of Tanastra answers frankly to the story waved by the captain, who pretends to have a mouthful of tea in a fluttering mood.

"The fire dragon that broke out is dead."

"Dead..."? It's not easy to kill a firedragon. And even after you crusaded, I heard you saw a dragon flying in the sky. "

The captain of Tanastra, who asks, had a puzzling look but not a quarrel waist. Thanks to the cheerful tea.

"It would be my dragon who was witnessed flying"

The captain returned it in a natural manner.

"I had a hard time crusading the Fire Dragon, but no doubt about it. It's just the fire dragon with the kids. Sometimes I regret that I defeated you."

The captain, who said sighingly, softly glanced at Mr. Fire Dragon riding on his shoulder and touched his back with his fingertips.

"No way is that..."

"It's a Fire Dragon child. We protected it."

When the captain replied, Mr. Fire Dragon rang "Kikyu" at a very good time.

Or Fire Dragon, you could have made such a pretty voice too...... Thanks to you, Mr. Eval is shivering puffy with his face covered. I guess you're stuck with cuteness.

But the people of Tanastra seemed to mistake Mr. Eval for 'regretting and about to cry about the fire dragon that has become a pitiful frontier'. I felt sorry for him at the same time.

"I didn't think the little firedragon was so cute..."

What Mr. Eval says, all the more so because it fuels.

"Surely this little..."

"You lost your parents."

"Fire dragons sound like kittens when they're kids too."

Perhaps the knights of Tanastra wouldn't be so sympathetic either, normally. I wonder if he also indulged in what the captain said, being wary of our words from other countries who sometimes have to fight and mindful not to take them too seriously.

But now they're loose minded, not above this.

It's hard to keep doubting people when you're sleeping twice in a warm futon.

"Are you confused by my acting... kuku"

Although Mr. Fire Dragon is crushing a line like a villain, the squeal remained "kiku," so the moist atmosphere didn't break.

In the meantime, the captain gently pinches this request.

"At least I want to send this child dragon back to his hometown. But the place is a volcano near Idrisia."

I asked you to put your emotions into it, but it seemed like you were full of things to say in a certain way.

Master Daikon is more of a radish actor than you can imagine.

Should I have let Mr. Eval tell you? But then it was unnatural for the captain to get sloppy.

"If it's a volcano, it's definitely on Idrisia's side"

Oh, I knew it was. When Frey, who has a land survey, had an approximate eye-catcher on him, but also gets inked by Tanastra people, the story goes faster afterwards.

"So I'm going to take this firedragon back to the volcano before I head to the Wang Capital. So I'd appreciate it if you told me this little dragon had gone home."

"... well, fine"

The captain of Tanastra, who was listening, smiles howlingly. I was a little surprised because he was the only one with a difficult face until now.

If you look, the contents of the cup were empty. Did the tea work better than I expected?

"Dragons are also spirits, I hope. As a spiritual church, I think it's best to be free if you're a child who doesn't harm anyone."

The priest gave a happy look.

Now, before we went to the King's Capital, we had a big father-in-law to stop by.

If you need anything, I'll talk to the Knights of the Borders and the priests of the Spirit Church.

I glanced at Mr. Frey for a moment and he nodded small.

That's how we left the border, pretending to deliver Mr. Fire Dragon in a hurry.