"Everything, we're ready. No worries."

That's what Mitus told me, Maia was recalling.

Initially, Maia was bewildered when she was to go to Tanastra as a hostage replacement bride.

If you're going as a hostage from Arlendar, even though the name is marriage, your actions are considerably restricted. Because then I thought that I would be completely unable to go to Idrisia or call God.

But Maia has not been particularly handicapped since she arrived.

Although they were given a large room in the royal palace filled with calm toned furniture, followed by servants and maids, they were also told that they were free to come and go to the garden and, if they wished, to visit under the castle.

Apparently, Tanastra's royalty, who on the contrary is the marital partner, welcomed Maia knowing she was a witch.

On the first day of his visit to the Royal Palace in Tanastra, that's what he was told by the person he was married to.

Tanastra's third prince, one turn above Maia with scorched tea curly hair, looked very happy.

"I'm glad I was able to bond with you. With the power of witches, it is also possible to intimidate other countries. If we show strength, we can stop our father from promoting aggression, and we can avoid any more wars."

Maia glanced at his story.

This Prince of Tanastra seems to be trying to avoid war.

"I thought Tanastra was all about wanting more war."

The Prince of Tanastra laughs bitterly at the words spilled too surprisingly.

"Like my father, there are many people in the royal family of Tanastra today who want to spread the land. I can't help but think so for others.

I and my enthusiasts wanted to stop the fathers, but they were powerless, for the sake of a people who were exhausted by repeated battles. But the lack of power, thanks to you, can be dispelled. "

The prince of Tanastra shook Maia's hands.

"I think it would be all sorts of grinding to marry a man from a country that destroyed his mother's homeland. But I need your help not to repeat the same thing."

In the end, he walked away, not saying any sweet words or anything, but happily receiving Maia's word "cooperate".

Maia, on the other hand, was surprised that she made no mention of her appearance. Really, I feel like I only needed the power of a witch... making me a little happy.

Maia has only ever been praised for her appearance.

I know that because Maia's birth was complicated, she couldn't interact or socialize much with others, it was because few people knew anything else about her traits.

Even Lucien, who knew the circumstances, only praised Maia for her appearance.

Remembering him, Maia almost felt like she was hanging up...

"Dear Maia,"

Speaking to Mitus, who refrained as one of his squire, Maia's consciousness is drawn back to reality.

After the Prince of Tanastra left, he seemed to be sinking too much into his thoughts for a while.

Mitus is, at first glance, a magnificent skinny bald man who seems to be somewhere. Now he was dressed as a servant, but in the periphery he was always dressed like a wizard.

"Mitus. That one, is he hearing everything from you?

Mitus laughs more when he asks if he's the one who pulled into his people.

"It's not everything. The Royal Family of Tanastra is no stranger to being an enemy.

Especially when it comes to you, Idrisia has a presence originally called a witch who can live in a place of migration even in a cold and harsh environment supported by her Maia. "

I see. I lied about Maia's power being born.

"The achievement of our Idrisian grief requires the destruction of the King's capital of Tanastra. Until you're ready to do that, you have to use someone like that."

Maia nods to Mitus' words.

Tanastra's weakening is also necessary to bring Idrisia back safely. For that reason, the king's capital must be burned down. In the midst of rebuilding Idrisia, I have trouble being raided again.

Still, Mitus, how did you manipulate Tanastra's humans? Maia wonders.

If you're going to get into the royal family, you're going to need the help of a lot of insiders.

Mitus was a sacrificial magician in Idrisia. Even though it's not strange to have twice as much resentment towards Tanastra. Is it something that can push a strong grudge to kill and interact with the people of an enemy country?


In any case, Maia also agrees to use Tanastra humans.

That's three days later.

Maia was brought to the third prince to the western border.

It was in a strange iron structure placed on the hill that I was guided.

The bottom is a large circular iron plate. The symbols and letters are engraved. A gear-like structure was formed up to about the height of Maia's back length on top. I see as many glass cylinders in it as I can hold.

Countless spirits were trapped inside the glass cylinder, covered with large, thin red ore of the cube.

Ore is only slightly obliterated. Like breathing.

"This is..."

"With the help of my beloved son of the Spirit of Tanastra, I gathered the Spirit. We're trapped in that glass so the Spirit can't escape."

"Lock me up, what are you going to do?

"It's a device to convert and use the power of the Spirit as magic."

While the Third Prince is explaining, there will be one Spirit who was in the cylinder, so that the chavon balls will burst and disappear.

Instead, light was generated and sucked into thin red ore.

"From now on, we will attack the armies of our opponents, who are gathering west by this weapon. In order to create the magic for it, I am strengthening the surgical formula incorporated into this structure to speed up the extinction of the Spirit..."

"No, please don't!

Maia screams.

Maia, who draws the blood of Idrisia, has always grown up hearing the voice of the Spirit. For Maia, the Spirit was like a friend from an early age, also a comfort to her heart.

My hands start to shake that they are treated and consumed as a mass of magic.

"I thought you said that."

The third prince suggests to Maia, just waiting.

"So instead, could you put your magic into that stone? Enough more spirits will suffice. If you're a witch... can't you?


Maia responded instantly.

As soon as I touched the ore, the magic sucked out of my hand and went.

If the amount of magic is as much as 20,000, it is hard even for Maia if it is taken away at once. When I finished getting in, I was about to fall, supported by Mitus, who was following me.

"Are you all right, Master Maia?"

"You can still stand and walk"

The third prince, who heard Maia's reply, says, "Now let us see what we have achieved" and moves Maia.

That's how Maia saw the power of the weapon.

The wizards, who seemed to be the prince's men, cast some kind of spell. Gears and drawn letters and shapes emit light from time to time.

Eventually, from the light red ore, the scarlet light ran straight to heaven.

- Iaaaaaaaaaaa!


Unexpectedly Maia blocked her ears to a moaning voice that echoed at the same time as the light was emitted. Still, the aftermath of my voice runs through my head.

In the meantime, a thin red magic formation unfolded in the sky, and the flames poured out of it, wondering if it had spread wide enough to diffuse.

No, it's a rock with flames.

For every group of people who looked black in the distance, the earth was swept away with the explosion, and the vibrations rang as far as the place where Maia was.

The dust rose and the area smoked.

So after the dust cleared, a dozen kilometers away the plains were exposed to black ground, like traces of a lake where water had fallen out.

People are invisible.

But if I had been nearby, I would have seen the sight of people splattered apart. but the failure to see it left Maia with a stronger sense that the feud had not yet ended.

The third prince smiled and thanked Maia.

"As long as you have your powers, you don't need to use the Spirit anymore. Thank you, Miss Maia."

To the third prince, who holds his hand strongly, the anxiety in Maia's heart disappears.

Now the western country surrenders, and Tanastra turns over the negotiators, not the war of aggression. People don't die any more.

I thought so, and Maia smiled.

"I'm glad I could help you"