But four days later, the third prince came looking sorry.

They've decided to launch an attack on Arlendar.

"Even if your power is real, it's hard to get attacked by Arlendar from behind while you continue to negotiate with the West," says the Father King. So I'd like to make sure Tanastra feels threatened so Arlendar doesn't attack us. "

So just a little around the border. They want us to attack Arlendar with the power of the witch to do damage.

Maia thought.

No matter how cold it was to me and how much land I kept tying my actions to, Arlendar is my hometown. Attacking there is......

hesitated, Maia withheld her reply.

Mitus, who sees through how Maia feels like that, gently pushes her back after the prince walks away.

"Dear Maia. By doing this attack, Arlendar can also avoid a major war. Then isn't that a good thing?

Just a few of them could get hurt in the attack, and they could make a temporarily irrational pact on Tanastra. But soon Tanastra disappears from the map. We will burn down the king's capital of Tanastra. "

Yes, Maia's heart leans quickly.

Tanastra is gone.

Then I can recover immediately even if I find myself in a disadvantaged situation. You just have to be patient with Arlendar for a few sacrifices and a while.

So Maia went east.

The place to attack was not Sigur Knights territory.

Arriving around dawn, Maia relieved herself of the matter and once again focused her efforts on that thin red ore.

But this time there was not much magic prepended in the ore, or even if they took away the same amount of magic as last time, there was still a lack of filling rate.

"Rest assured. There's this one, Master Maia."

When Mitus says so, he spreads a piece of paper depicting the magic formations he had and casts a spell.

The contents of the spell do not sound clear. Maia felt a little nasty when the feeling of the air changed just to be tingly numb.

But soon the feeling blew away. Keep an eye out for the magnitude of the magic that spreads from the magic formation of pieces of paper.

Overwhelming magical strength.

Eventually, around that person who emerged from the magic formation, the magic creates a vortex of air, which subsides.

It was a tall young man with dark hair who showed up. But Maia found out.

He looks like a man, but he's a spirit.

It seemed like someone else. Yes, someone Maia knows...... for example, Lucien.

Face to face with him, Maia stares at him unexpectedly.

"Spirit King, go ahead and give the witch some magic"

Mitus finally kneels before him.


This is better, and Maia opens her eyes. While he was blurry, the brunette Spirit King reached out to Maia. Then he touches his cheeks, and as soon as he touches his lips with his fingertips, he goes filled with magic that was never enough in Maire.


At once the magic was filled, and Maia calmed down. But I haven't forgotten my role.

I touched that thin red ore and moved the magic that was now given to me by the Spirit King there.

Safely the ore lit a red glow, but Maia was exhausted because of the massive amount of magic she had moved over and over.

So off the glass cylinder, I sat in a prepared chair and took a rest while I saw the weapon activated.

- Iaaaaaaaaaaa!

Just like last time, I heard a moan.

Though Maia accidentally blocked her ears, her eyes remained open.

I wasn't blinded by the sound of the ground and the soot smoke that stood up.

Because I saw the spirits in the glass dyed black to be burned and carburized and melted apart.


Last time, I didn't notice because I was paying attention to the effects of demonic props. When I saw it after it was done, there was no spirits in the glass cylinder, and I believed Mitus' 'I let you go'.

Maybe even then... the Spirit was dead?

I added magic, so the spirits shouldn't have needed it anymore!?

That scream is the end of the spirits?

When I noticed, my whole body shook out fine. My teeth snarl.

Mitus, approaching such Maia, put in words of comfort.

"It's okay, Master Maia. With today's sacrifice, Tanastra will no longer invade outside of this weapon. As a result, we were able to protect Arlendar"

Looking back in horror at Mitus.

Even this Mitus is a spiritualist. You're supposed to love the Spirit, but consuming them to burn paper didn't show any upset on its face.

I don't know how to handle it. Anyway, I wanted time to think about it, and I was going to make him smile to match Mitus.

But Maia's gaze is drawn to the Spirit King who was beside Mitus.

Black eyes unlike him in the Spirit King similar to Lucien's. If you were a true Lucian, you would be blamed for doing this. That's why I wanted to distract you.

The Spirit King smiled small at Maia.

I just said there was nothing wrong with that grin...... somehow my anxiety went away and I felt like I was doing the right thing.

Seeing as Maia calms down, Mitus tells her, "But we have a problem".


"Master Left. Another witch is about to move to Idrisia."

"To Idrisia?

Another witch - Yura.

No way, is she trying to call God, too?

For what?

Maia frowned, but nodded to Mitus's words that she was heading to Idrisia to advance the plan.

We're doing good. I don't want to be prevented from doing so.