That day we were in the wilderness in the mountains one step ahead of Idrisia.

We can't just get off in the town of Tanastra, traveling on flying lizards and dragons.

So I'm in the wild.

Anyway, I left the border fort when it was past snack time.

No matter how fast the dragons and flying lizards fly, it will be night to reach Idrisia. I can't even cook dinner if I don't start Nojuku in front of it.

It's just that even though it's an enemy country, is it okay to take your time in the wilderness? And I got anxious though.

The captain said, "I have a big name, so I don't have a problem with it."

Even when Tanastra's soldiers and knights arrive, all you have to do is show them the King's writ and let them run to the King's capital and the border to contact you. How plain I said it.

Dear Commander, my liver is sitting...

Everyone seemed to recognize that except me, as the Freys would nod to the captain's words and get ready for camp just now.

I was preparing the wild boarding house, so I could collect firewood and light a fire, prepare meals and set up tents without any problems.

I was still in charge of meal support. I was relieved to be able to make something to eat there. Because I've only been making sweets and tea lately......

Besides, among the people who eat, there is a captain.

I'm so nervous about sifting handmade dishes to someone who's done something about proposing to me.

My hands seemed to tremble, considering eating other than the captain.

I said, 'Forgive me if I taste bad, I will be grounded!' And I said, 'I behaved the soup I made. Prepare your mouth-watering tea.

But guys, I'm relieved you said it was delicious. Even if I ate it myself, I was reassured from the bottom of my heart that it was becoming properly like the soup I had in mind.

The clean-up after the meal went in a hurry as the sun approached.

If you let Mr. Fire Dragon throw out a small flame, the slightly darkened river surface would also reflect light and be bright.

"I'm not a lantern replacement."

"Well, you said so. You're approaching Mr. Fire Dragon's home, and think of it as a reward for trying to make good on your promise."

"Well... I'll tolerate it because it's happening," Mr. Fire Dragon said. Mr. Fire Dragon has gone round, too.

Still worried, Mr. Frey was following me.

'Cause it's not like they're not coming again.

and Mr. Frey is on guard about the abductors.

I guess Mr. Frey was anxious that I saw them and got upset or had trouble breathing. It does seem to expose you like that, no matter how magical it is, you could get poked in the gap and killed.

That's why I was thankfully escorted by Mr. Frey.

Mr. Frey is standing a few steps away for perimeter vigilance. He was staring at me.

After all, it's uncomfortable to keep being watched over every move.

"Um, you're about to be in Idrisia"

So I tried to shake the story.

I'm sure you're curious, and since the captain and Mr. Eval, and I'm the only one who knows Mr. Frey's hometown is Idrisia, I thought it would be difficult to discuss it with someone.

"Right. I feel more afraid of getting closer somehow than I feel nostalgic."

Probably because it's a place with hard memories.

Because it is my home and a place where I lost people close to me......

Mr. Frey laughs small at me when he shuts up looking for words to speak.

"Never mind, Mr. Yura. I know that's where I'm going. Even if the honor of my precious homeland and people of the same country can't be hurt any more.... because not all Idrisians were in favor of a plan to build a witch and destroy Tanastra"

"I'm really glad Mr. Frey thought so"

I said from the bottom of my heart.

Frey, who is most recently of his own and trusts, agrees with Miss Maia and says, "I can't betray the people of my hometown!" What if I become an enemy while I say... I'm already on the fast track, you'll die.

Something you can't handle unintentionally.

Since Mr. Fire Dragon was on his side, I might have managed. But even Mr. Fire Dragon doesn't keep me on his side.

If you get busted when you don't have guests in a coffee shop, you're sure to go to the afterlife in an instant.

I'm really glad Mr. Frey is on my side......

I'm glad you said that.

Mr. Frey holds my hand in the basket by putting the dishes together. The temperature was too warm for my hand, which was getting cold using water, and I was surprised to be able to pull in.

But Mr. Frey grips me so I can't get away with it.

"Mr. Frey, your hand..."

Will someone please stop Mr. Frey? I thought so, but Mr. Fire Dragon, who was on the only side, flew far away.

Yeah, yeah! Mr. Fire Dragon abandoned me!

"I don't hate being gripped by the captain so much, can't I?

Stuck in words a long time.

It's not that I don't like Mr. Frey. But it is too dishonest for me... to accept to the hands of another, who did not hate the mouth of the captain.

Yeah, I already know that.

Maybe I can't pull my hand in if this is what was done to the captain. Even if they wore a real collar, they would have accepted.

If only he could look at himself.

... If I didn't have an undisturbed identity in the life of the captain or a backward background, I wouldn't have wanted to think about leaving the captain.

I thought I would obey no matter what I was ordered to do in the first place, so at that point I thought of the captain more than I could save.

You can't keep me connected to Mr. Frey like that.

I'm afraid they'll hate me, so I just can't say I can't accept it. It's my fault for being unwilling.

"Your feelings don't mean I want them all right now."

For words that are too passionate, my face is going to turn red. But Frey, with a serious look... feels like he's not talking about romance.

I realize that, I get so calm.

"If you get used to me being on your side... I want you to think so much that when you leave at all, you'll think you're lonely. That's all I want."

"When I left."

What the hell are you talking about?

You talk about liking it, but you're confused by that and Mr. Frey, who seems to be thinking about leaving on the set.

"People's hearts are shaky. Even if you chose me, while you were on my side, it might be harder for someone else to stay with me."

Mr. Frey seems to be already aware of his breakup.

No, don't you feel like being on your side from the start?

It was me who thought it was because I was separated from someone close to me in the war... but the story of Sora comes up from the bottom of my memory all the time.

- If that person takes on your magic, he'll die. If you're not a witch, all the more so.

I said there's a way I'm not a witch, Mr. Frey. But Sola, the king of spirits, taught me that was a way for someone to take on the witch's magic and free her by dying.

Mr. Frey, when this is over, I'm going to sneak out to a foreign country, and I don't know.

That's what he says' when he leaves', so there's only one example.

"... I asked the Spirit. Someone has to take on my magic in order for me to be no longer a witch. But if you do that, whoever took on the magic will die."

When I told him what I knew, Mr. Frey opened his eyes like a hack.