"The way Mr. Frey says to undo it from a witch, that's it, isn't it? But my current amount of magic is not the amount that normal people can have. I... don't want Mr. Frey to die."

So I smiled.

"I've already decided to think that being a witch is my personality. So you don't have to take on my magic.... Don't think I'm backwards because that's what people in my hometown did. 'Cause it wasn't all hard."

Mr. Frey is staring at me all the time.

"I know you guys, and I'm having so much fun talking to the spirits and chatting with Mr. Fire Dragon. That's why I can't, put me back together, and I don't like Mr. Frey dying. Besides, even if they say that at the end of the confession, what if I'm shocked after Mr. Frey's death and I follow him?

Mouth the last word to tuck it in a bit, Mr. Frey gets a troubled look.

"... what I was trying to do was certainly your way of saying it. Whispering that I like you, I think it's natural to make such a suggestion."

But you know what, Mr. Frey goes on.

"In order to get you back, I need you to have a little something on my mind. I can't use the technique of turning you back into a normal woman if you can't be enough of an opponent to keep your heart. I don't know how that happened... Probably because of a reason."

Mr. Frey stares into my eyes.

"Whether you think you're going to die for them. If I can't make that decision, I think it's because I'm gonna give up my skills along the way."


What a heavy word.

Until now, I feel that I was doing something very terrible that I thought Mr. Frey was just making fun of even when he showed that I liked him, and I reflect.

He kept telling me that he wanted me to like him because he wanted to give me freedom with his life.

"I wanted to free you from the name of witch because it was you. Maybe if I were someone else, I wouldn't be able to use the technique."

"I'm not a good person to be thought of like that, Mr. Frey."

Bite your lips off once and confess to Mr. Frey.

"I'm a very sloppy person. I don't want you to hate me, so I want you to stay close like a friend until it's time for you to leave me sooner or later, and that's why I can't get back to Mr. Frey after all he's told me..."

Even in the distance, I said the answer.

I can't answer you.

Had I not met with the captain of the regiment, I would have taken Mr. Frey's hand. And you can stay a witch, so you must have wanted us to live together.

I think that's how nice Mr. Frey is.

Then Mr. Frey laughs.

"Mr. Yura, I'm the one who's sloppy. At first, I hesitated to confess that I was an Idrisian person because I didn't want you to hate me. The truth is, I couldn't have told you about Maia sooner... and I've done something to your detriment."

"Disadvantaged, is it?

"Where the demons were gathered. I was the one who gave Maia the stone that was collecting the magic that she had left behind."

I almost took a breath.

I stopped it on the brink... because I thought I was shocked and thought Mr. Frey might blame himself more.

Meanwhile, I know why Mr. Frey did that.

I couldn't refuse Miss Maia's favor to protect my hometown. It was Miss Maia who saved us where we've all been running away from abandoning our country while we were dying.

Otherwise, the people of refugees from Idrisia may still have continued to wander in search of a place.

You can't be hostile to such a benefactor from the beginning.

"If I were in Mr. Frey's shoes and my dead grandmother asked me to do the same... I think I'd be bothered"

What if the group that took people's lives at will and your grandmother were acting together?

And if it wasn't me who was the one who was the victim, I would have been in terrible trouble.

That's how I only helped once, and I might not have helped in the future.

It's not just people who can cut it off and do everything right.

But this is how you confessed, because Mr. Frey tried to be honest with me.

"You're the one who says it that way... so I like it. But I always know who you're looking at. The truth is, I thought if I took it... Then I thought I'd live secretly with you as a witch and away from Idrisia and Arlendar."

"Mr. Frey......"

If I had responded, would Mr. Frey have been willing to throw everything away in his hometown? Same goes for the captain, but it doesn't mean he's just being temporarily emotional, does it?

For example, I'm used to throwing it away.

For a minute I have memories of my previous life, I'm less committed to living in another town, away from familiar places.

My grandmother is gone in my hometown, and all I have to do is put up with love and the fear of leaving the gentle people.

But unlike me, Mr. Frey and the captain, I'm sure you'll regret it.

Mr. Frey had to flee his hometown once, but it's not like he'll ever make it back. After being away from something closer or home than that, when there was a moment when you hated me at all for making that reason, it would get hard.

I don't want you to hate me. I don't want you to resent me, so I guess I would have just rejected that suggestion.

"Don't be afraid to say you're risking your life for me. I'm not dying because I'm a witch. I hope everyone keeps their mouths shut."

I'm the only one who disappears securely.

That's why Mr. Frey refused to go far.