It was the next morning that the problem arose.


I think I heard a scream and I jumped up.

Even with my ears clear, I can only hear the sound of the bugs and the burning trees that were constantly burning. Quiet.

"Dreams… I guess"

I thought that way, but I crawled out of my tent with a feeling that the air had changed all the time.

Around is just before dawn.

The sun hasn't risen, but the sky stains from blue to pale purple, becoming brighter and brighter.

But I feel nervous about the air. I can't stop feeling deliberate.

"What the hell..."

Looking around, the captain, who seemed already awake, was talking to the other knights on the lookout.

Eventually he notices me. The look on the head of the regiment was also somewhat harsh.

"Master, I felt something wrong... or I heard something screaming."

"I heard it, too. Probably a scream of the Spirit."

"Of the Spirit?

How can I do that? I find the Spirit on the shoulder of the captain. It's like a green bird, a spirit of the wind.

He was rubbing his face against the captain's clothes for tears full of eyes.

"Are you crying...?

"It's not this spiritual scream. I'm impressed by the screams of other spirits, and I guess I'm moaning. I'm asking the Spirit about the situation now."

Hearing that, I opened the status screen myself so that I could see the voice of the Spirit.

"Spirit of the Wind A: Why, why kill..."

Spirit killed!? Too much I open my eyes.

Who, why?

In front of me seeking answers, other spirits approach the captain.

Spirit of the Wind B: Another Witch Killed It

Wind Spirit C: The Witch Fellow Killed It

Spirit of the Wind B: Everybody gets their magic squeezed out

Spirit of the Wind C: Magic Kills Spirits and the Earth

"The witch......!?

Miss Maia's already on the move? What kind of quest would it have been if the witch had made an attack somewhere?

If you're on a quest to raid a western country, you can still tell. The letters alone wrote a story that had already been experimented with.

And the next attack on Arlendar?

If so, the quest begins for players to be driven into a dispute between Arlendar and Tanastra?

Yeah, but.

"Too soon......"

Miss Maia should have moved just a week ago. And yet you've already made your quest as a witch?

My crush, the captain seems to have interpreted it as' Miss Maia's activity begins too soon '.

"I guess the witches are already free to act in Tanastra. We moved in the name of hostages, so I thought we still couldn't move... If you detect this behavior, you may come to Idrisia soon. Let's hurry."

Nod to the decision of the head of the delegation.

That's how we left.

It was right up to Idrisia.

If you fly enough, they'll hear you've crossed the border.

But I can't tell by looking at it.

I couldn't tell where it was from in the woods, Idrisia.

Yes, Idrisia was a basin-like land, surrounded by mountains. Along the way, there are villages along mountain paths, and over the mountains, flat land spreads... mostly into lush woods.

From the sky, I saw pompous and traces of towns and villages in the woods.

but I don't see any smoke to boil or anything.

I was given a ride by the captain, Dragon Vilta, but to the shock that the witch had moved out and that the Spirit had been killed, and to the strange air of Idrisia, this with the captain of the regiment was plumped from his head, and he was able to calmly look over the sky.

About that, the condition of Idrisia was strange. The air feels nervous in the first place, and I'm restless.

"Doesn't anyone live in Idrisia?

It's from above, and I can't see people clearly, but it's odd that smoke hasn't even gone up from the chimney.

Even if it wasn't mealtime, there should always be a place to deal with fire, like a blacksmith shop.

"The people of Idrisia will hardly be in the country. Anyway, it seems half of them were killed by Tanastra, a quarter were caught by Tanastra, and the rest scattered in pieces. Quite a few of them fled to Arlendar. Thanks to this, Arlendar couldn't easily accept Idrisian exiles."

"… it's hard to accept large numbers of immigrants"

The population of the country is so large.

Of course, you can't compare it to Japan in a previous life. Although there is magic, science is underdeveloped, so we can't even fix all sorts of diseases, and the cure is a fairly pre-epochal one.

I also hear a lot about food production, not all of which can be harvested efficiently, so the occasional food distress and wheat prices have risen in countries everywhere.

Above all, the presence of demons is the neck.

Even with crusaders and knights patrolling, there are so many deaths. Even in the town where I originally lived, several people died each year and some were injured.

So even Arlendar as a whole, I guess the population is smaller than five million.

Because Idrisia, a small country, would have fewer digits...... Or maybe it's about tens of thousands of people because it's just the number of people who can live in the basin.

When I hear you've killed half of them, I'm relieved.

I just still have my doubts.

"Why does Tanastra leave Idrisia alone?

Normally, I think I would put people there if I made an invasion.

They will colonize their own people because they have garrisoned soldiers or expelled their people. In the first place, they're aimed at restoring the land long ago, and then I thought they were emigrating the people.

"As for Idrisia, I couldn't do it. From what I hear, when the king of Idrisia was raided the country, he used magic to eliminate none other than the Idrisian man. Because of this, Tanastra's people are no longer allowed in."

"What magic to eliminate... is it like a curse? Are we okay?

If that's magic, wouldn't a temporary stay be magically attacked?

No, but in the game, you should have normally put me in Idrisia.

To me twisting my neck, the captain says.

"The magic would be like a kingdom. Probably sorted by the Spirit. We're not Idrisian people, but you said you were called by the Spirit, right? He asked me to save the Idrisian Spirit. Then the road will be cleared."

"I see."

I'm also convinced that Miss Maia and the others can get in and out. They are also Idrisian people. No, Miss Maia is technically different, but I think it's the same thing because she's drawing blood.