"... Anyway, if a witch is coming here, it's easier to put on a piece than being in the Royal Palace in Tanastra. It will not develop into a dispute between nations. In connection with the earlier attacks, there should already be a perception in Tanastra that she is a witch. If you say you crusaded a witch, you can't argue."

You can't hide it because you attacked another country.

"But wouldn't Tanastra be bulky?

"You can move the Spirit Church. If the Spirit Church were to break down Maia Armadir and be banished as a witch, you can't ignore him with Tanastra"

Anyway, the Spirit Church has people on its side in the form of religion, in addition to dominating domestic registries, postal relations, and crusaders in various countries. The voice of the Spirit Church is stronger than that of ordinary religion.

"That. That means the Spirit was killed..."

"Don't be a project to enrage the Spirit Church. Perhaps during Tanastra, and the priests of the Spirit Church in the attacked country, would have figured out that the witch had killed the Spirit on Tanastra's side. Once the Spirit Church protests are received, Tanastra may try to pass the unknown. And in the name of hiding for a while... you might come to Idrisia."

Even in this way, Miss Maia is more likely to come to Idrisia.

But the sooner, the better.

Before Miss Maia and the others engage in witchy sabotage, I want to settle.

Nevertheless, I think the players have often been able to enter Tanastra.

If an attack on Arlendar had taken place this morning, the game would finally give Tanastra's request to crusade the witch.

The players then enter Tanastra to fight what appears to be witches and their subordinates everywhere.

But if you're Tanastra, you'll want to shelter the witch... I realize it.

To distract the spiritual church spearhead. You didn't stop the crusaders at the border to take the form of 'I'm irrelevant'.

Because the Spirit Church makes Tanastra more strictly run by the state.

Aside from doing so ostensibly, subtly assisting the witch, Tanastra prolonged the confusion. To invade Arlendar in full.

So other than the crusaders who belong to the Knights other than Sigur, they should have done the anti-war quest or something.

I didn't play that far, though, so I'm not in.

Well, at the end of the day, even if we succeed in stopping the war, we will all be destroyed by a witch's outburst. I would have been vain if I had played......

But now I feel smudged.

I wonder how the same game was made in this world.

Guess which comes first in the first place.

Game people? It's not strange to think so, because there are me and Sola who have the knowledge of this world flow and game. But I also feel strange that the world moves according to the knowledge of others...

My head is confused. Put me on board, and the captain's dragon began to descend.

It is Mr. Frey who leads the way.

Mr. Frey's flying lizard fluttered down and landed on a small meadow, but the flying lizard of the folks in Mr. Frey's squad that follows stops with his legs on in the air.

Then I walk around wondering. It was like walking on a transparent rubber balloon.

The same goes for Dragon Vilta, the captain, who lands on the scaffold in the air.

"Ah, the Spirit."

Aerial...... but from the foot where the flying lizard is landing, the figure of the Fluffy Spirit floats to my sight.

Spirit in little goblins, wearing fluffy white draped clothes.

"Welcome, Yura."


Why can you hear the spirits in this goblin?

The Spirit laughed at me as I rounded my eyes.

"The king is waiting. Come, come."

When the Spirit invited him, the captain's dragon suddenly winged out. Looks like the air floor at your feet is gone.

"Um, other people, please!

"Yes, no, no, no."

The Spirit responded as he twirled, so I hurried to tell the captain.

"We should all be able to get off now!


The captain instructed Mr. Eval and the others to come down by hand while descending Vilta.

That's how we finally got our feet on Idrisian soil.

Now it was a small meadow that we stepped down, but the surrounding area was a place where the trees stretched out and hid them with branches and we didn't know what was going on from above.

Honestly, if it's not even a machine with a glance of longitude, it looks the same everywhere.

"You know the place well, even though there are similar woods spread"

After landing, that's what I asked Mr. Frey, who made the flying lizard fly first, while the captain gave instructions to Vilta to let him go into the sky.

"Oh, because places with sanctuaries have a denser density of trees. This is one of the spiritual boundaries. It's to hide from the sky, but give the trees magic and play the intruder."

Where the Spirits have so far tightened their bonds...... that's the sanctuary.

Long ago, it is said that this is where God descended on the earth.

The people of Idrisia made their country here to protect the sanctuary from which God descended, Mr. Frey asked.

Because we do that, it seems that the people who can see and talk to the Spirit originally were the ancestors of Idrisia. Some of them were married to spirits, you think that made them a family of kings?

How do you marry that little spirit...

I can't believe I thought about it, but it would be possible if there were other spirits the size of Sola. But goblin face...... But Sora's a good guy, and I'll remember her later.

The spirits in goblins appear to have begun to appear suddenly recently.

So I guess once upon a time, a spirit the size of Sola and very similar to a person, fell in love with a person.

Even then the people of Idrisia continued to defend the sanctuary. And whenever the country was in crisis, they were summoning God to protect the country from being attacked.

... It's just that this invasion of Idrisia has been delayed in noticing.

You think the royal families of the royal palace were the first to be assassinated and the army of Tanastra attacked where they were confused?

Still, the king managed to reach the sanctuary.

"So I summoned God to keep no one from entering Idrisia."

Mr. Frey explained that to me.

While we were talking, Mr. Frey's squad of people came down.

To the knights of Mr. Frey's squad, Mr. Frey is leading the way because he draws the blood of the Idrisians and knows somewhat about geography.

So unless they don't gather here, I can't hear the details, so I'll talk to them.

"Is it to protect Idrisia?

"No. Probably to protect the sanctuary. God can only call in the sanctuary. But if I could call you, every wish would come true. He wanted to close the sanctuary because Tanastra wouldn't let him use it as a means of committing aggression against another country."

If I did do God a favor and it came true......

It would be dangerous if that were such a means of inflicting a heavy blow on the other country, rather than making the King of Tanastra feel like everyone is' merging '.

"But every wish, what kind of thing is possible? Can we bring people back to life or something?

"I hear you can't. But given the amount of magic needed and the number of people, I'm not sure the survivors will be able to make it."

A dozen spiritualists call God with death...

I can't bring one back to life at the expense of a dozen people, or a normal nerve.

"Speaking of which, did the king of Idrisia have so much magic power?

"Isn't it normal as a king? You were a spiritualist yourself. I just think some of the surviving spiritualists must have been with us. And then I might have used a lot of demonic stones that could aid in the amount of magic. If you use it, it's about 100,000."


More than my expected required MP. And Miss Maia doesn't seem to have that much magic power, but how are we going to try to call God?

Like Mr. Fire Dragon, you convert existential values into magic?

Wouldn't that be dead?

Well, I won't subpoena God this time... rather than the purpose of stopping him from calling, so he won't have to know more.

"Speaking of which, what do you do about calling the Spirit King?

"You need the ritual that you need, too. This is also a question of magic, but if you just call the Spirit King, you won't die."

If you just call the Spirit King...... But the amount of magic is still questioned here.

That's where I turn a blind eye from Mr. Frey.

You called the Spirit a king, you called him a cookie or pancake or something every time. Me.

I knew if he was' yes'...... do you think he was going to be surprised when he called? I have a feeling the captain is going to be pissed off 'why didn't you shut up'.

"Frey, Yura"

The captain who had instructed the knights came.

"We've all gathered. Frey, I need your help."