Mr. Frey leads the way, and we begin our journey towards the sanctuary behind him.


A firedragon caught on my shoulder trying to blow a fire when he was caught in the way and couldn't fly all at once.

"Hey, Mr. Fire Dragon, I'll burn!

I grab my mouth in a hurry.

"You could do something with defensive magic."

Though Mr. Fire Dragon says so, only elementary magic is supposed to be used. If I did that, the people in Mr. Frey's squad would find out a lot of anomalies!

And when he thought, the captain commanded the spirits to exclude the dandruff and branches.

"This is one of the Spirit's boundaries. It's best to let the Spirit untie you."

The bulk and branch leaves fell and were blown away by the wind, and the oxen moved away. That's the captain.

And when I have the Spirit King's sword, I really think the Spirit can make me listen to orders.

When it was removed, a narrow but stone-paved road continued ahead.

We go down that road.

"Ah, Mr. Yura. Don't look too down..."


Before Mr. Frey's attention reached his ear, something absurd blurred my vision of looking at his feet.

At the edge of the prosperity, I saw bones.

I immediately distracted myself, but between the trees ahead, I saw something like a wreck of clothes and something white, and I looked up again.

I tremble and my legs stop moving forward.

'Cause what's here is people's bones, no matter what you think. Based on how Idrisia was invaded or something, that's all that's possible. I don't know if it's Tanastra's side or Idrisian's.

Once I take a deep breath, I worship with my hands together.


"What kind of prayer is that?

The captain, who was walking ahead, looked back when he noticed me stopping.

"Uh, in the custom of where I lived... it seems like a prayer word that the soul of a dead man is at peace"

Even where I lived, it was from a previous life.

"That's the first line of words you hear. Was it land with emigrants from somewhere?

Mr. Eval seems strange, too, but it's an exotic, but otherworldly custom, so it's natural, even if you've never heard of it.

Further along, the cobblestone path that leads to the green tunnel ends.

We arrived at the fountain.

The very clear and clear water looks bright blue because the bottom of the water is bright white sand or, a little further away, reflecting the color of the sky.

Approaching, there is no aquatic grass, although you can see the sand on the bottom of the water, the bumps and the rolling stones.

... The sand is pounding up at the bottom, so I think it's spring water. However, since there are no aquatic plants or fish, it may be water where there are no creatures in the ingredients. You're afraid to drink.

But in the center of the spring, a single white tree was stretched out.

Rooted at the bottom of the fountain, the branches are wooded with purple leaves... a very fantastic sight in the wake of the blue colour of the fountain and the leaking days from the surrounding trees that are woody and woody.

Pompous and fluorescent light drifts through the universe as it springs up from the fountain.

It further added a sacred atmosphere and was convincing even when called a sanctuary.

"Is this the sanctuary?"

Ho, the firedragon that flew out of my back breathing seems impressed, too.

"Sanctuary? I knew there was, but this is the first time I've come. Even if I'm not in the volcano, I feel the magic will fill me up."

Is that because Mr. Fire Dragon is half spiritual?

I can see spirits everywhere I think. They all look very healthy, but I can't tell if they're full of power.

"I wish I could protect this place..."

The sight of the captain is pointed at the side of the fountain, on the right.

There was also a white boned body there.

You can see the costume buried in the dirt on the side with the gorgeous embroidery loosened on the thick fabric.

"Your Majesty..."

Mr. Frey's crush was as small as I could only hear. But so I assumed the body belonged to the last king of Idrisia.

Well, the king of Idrisia definitely came here. And if we didn't, we wouldn't have prevented the Tanastrians from breaking in.

So I wondered.

Tanastra likely had an Idrisian insider. Wouldn't this junction be in vain if the Idrisian people were to enter the Holy Land? I just need that person to represent me.

If so, wasn't the junction the king put up 'to hold back Tanastra's man' rather than 'to hold back other than Idrisian royalty'?

Then why don't you ask the Spirit King not to let only Miss Maia in?

"Um, Master Commander, Mr. Frey"

I asked the two of them what they thought of me.

"Maybe we should take the form of making sure that the Spirit King doesn't let the Idrisian in, either, except Mr. Frey. Then you won't have to fight for nothing, and I thought you might give up, even if you didn't have to do anything to defeat Miss Maia or the Idrisian people."

"Call the Spirit King...? Your magic will be fine."

The captain turned his gaze slightly to Mr. Frey's squad.

If you do that, you'll find out about my anomaly, won't you?

"That's okay, sir. Because it's quicker to ask for silence than to give priority to hiding and invite witch outbursts to sacrifice a lot of people."

"Sure it is..."

"Can't you handle it with tea?

Asked by Mr. Frey with a worried face, I shake my neck to the side.

Until now, the Spirit has never asked me for tea in consideration for calling Sola. You probably can't call it tea.... I have no idea how it works.

"I just use sweets. A treat that becomes an item called the Spirit Snack."

"Oh... the?

I get the look that I don't know why. To the captain. Mr. Eval, who was heard on the side, also had his eyes round.

But that's how it appears.

"Anyway, this is what the spirits call a king."

"Are you calling? Ever!?

That's the captain, too, was stunned.

Thanks to it, a little further away, the other knights who were wary of the way they came turned this way.

I nod because it is a fact.

"What a bullshit force..."

Mr. Eval looks up to the sky and Mr. Frey remains smiling bitterly.

I haven't changed Mr. Frey's look since just now, but maybe you've given up on thinking?

"What are you talking about now?"

Mr. Fire Dragon looked like him. No, don't be unscrupulous.

Maybe even me, if the captain said, "Summon the Spirit King with confectionery," I doubt his sanity.

"For once, please explain to the other knights not to be surprised. I'm a beloved of the Spirit, but I'd appreciate it if you could give me a reason to be closer to the Spirit because of the ban."

I want to decide I'm not a witch until I'm critical. Better give me another reason. My psychology, too.

Mr. Frey nodded at my request and was explaining to the five people in his squad.