"Summon the Spirit King!?

Above all, I was surprised there, and the people in Mr. Frey's squad looked back at me and were very busy looking at Mr. Frey again.

"Speaking of which, can the Commander do nothing with the Sword of the Spirit King?

I asked him if he could call with the sword of the captain, but the captain shook his head beside him.

"It is said that this has made the power of the Spirit King a sword or that there is a connection with the Spirit King, but I remember ever coming into contact with something like the Spirit King..."

Finally, the captain clouds his words. Oh, is something wrong?

"No, strange spirits have appeared only once, but after that, even if the power of this sword was filled, there was no particular change. I've complained about the Spirit King, but there was nothing there, and I hear the Spirits can't call me with this sword."


From the name, I thought something might happen. Is it not? It's a shame.

Mr. Frey seems to have finally convinced the crew.

"Good luck, Yura"

"I didn't expect confectionery to be a magic drug either, but I guess it's confectionery if you use it for spirits. Even in my hometown, on summer solstice nights for spirits, there's a custom of putting sweets by the window."

There was land where such customs existed, wasn't there?

I'm glad you seem to have accepted it so much thanks to me, but I hope you don't get donned for seeing this way of calling...

"Well, I'll give it a try."

I called the leaf spirits stuck to the nearby trees and the goblin spirits in green clothes.

"You know, I want you to call Sola, how many of these can you do?

The spirits here seem to all be able to have a normal conversation, and besides displaying the status screen, I heard a reply as a proper voice.

Is it because it's a place full of magic?

"Uh, maybe ten? It's the perfect one."

Ten picky cookies or something, you got a higher price than before, Mr. Sola. I'm starting to feel like I'm contributing to a host who's getting to the top.

No, it's magic that's contributing. So I can summon you, so it must be a legitimate consideration.

I'll go magically with every cookie first.

After spreading the handkerchief and placing it on the ground, ten cookies began to shine.

"What does that mean?

"Cookies, right? Yes, a little strange cookie......"

"Don't think about it. Trying to capture it with common sense makes this one crazy"

There was such a conversation between the captains behind the scenes.

I looked back for a moment and Mr. Eval's eyes were rolling. And Master Commander, isn't that terrible? That statement.

"Something's wrong with this guy. It's from the beginning."

It was Mr. Fire Dragon who breathed out his nose. Yeah...... I'm glad you gave up like that.

Anyway, I went magic on cookies.

"Today is full of special snacks"

"Nice snack"

"Best Snack"

"Full of magic, full of nutrition!

When the dancing spirits grab one cookie, they make sure that they look all the time and increase the number by two or three.

Eventually more than a dozen spirits turned to surround the remaining nine cookies on the handkerchief, then the buzzing cookies glowed.

"It's a fairy tale world..."

I heard Mr. Frey twinkle.

But I can't keep my eyes open because I have too many eyelids. Turning away, I finally turned back to the front with the light all the way out.

I was on my knees in front of a handkerchief, and I could see the white long coat hem first.

can hear you breathing all the time from behind.

"Did you take a picture of the sword owner?"

Mr. Fire Dragon snaps at that.

With that word, I was convinced.

I guess the Sword of the Spirit King was somehow a substitute for connecting with Sola.

And being the Spirit. So I guess the figure depends on the attribute, but instead of the Spirit King stopping by the attribute, will he be affected by the Spirit King's sword?

"Long time no see, Yura."

"Long time no see, Sola."

Sora smiles and hugs me.

of, but wait a minute. I'm not alone now...

Slowly look back at the captain. The look on the face of the captain is kind of harsh.

"Yura, get away from me first"

I was told and I took a step back and away from being held by Sola.

Though Sora looks a little hung up, this isn't a good idea if she looks the same as people, is it? I'd still be glad to see you in your little goblin.

Mr. Eval and the knights are taken lightly.

Mr. Frey's was blurry and stared at him before giving his regards to Sola.

"Spirit King......"

The captain asks Mr Frey.

"Are you sure?

"I've only seen it once. He wasn't what he used to be, but he's definitely a spiritual king sensibly."

Mr. Frey assured me.

"You are the Spirit King...... ok? Sola."

He's connected to the sword owner, but Sora herself appears to like it. That's why I'm not the one often found in swords.

If so, you should rather think of the sword as an intermediary and the Sora of the Commander and the Spirit King connected.

Sora smiled and nodded.

I could hardly get these kinds of questions answered before, but this time I was able to affirm whether some conditions were met and the secret was lifted.

"I'm sure of that perception."

"But something's wrong. I understand you have a connection with the captain, but between me and Sora?

Every time my magic increased, Sola and the spirits were influenced to change their size and costume. How could that be?

"Because you... are a witch, Yura"

Sola answered softly with the only voice I could hear. But I don't know.

"Am I a kind of spirit? But what influences Sola and other spirits because the Spirit has only gained power in one place? If I were more of a sola..."

If the Spirit King has gained strength, he has changed, then I am convinced.

Speaking of which, I stopped the words myself.

Witches must blend with spirits.

And he has the power to make immense magic his own, and also to destroy his country.

Besides, Sola doesn't have the power to stop anyone who's become a witch from not stopping Miss Maia herself directly while she knows that the witch will destroy her in the future?

I don't know what that is...

"Witches are equal to or more than Spirit Kings..."

Like the positioning of being?

"Kind of different kind, I guess. But when it comes to you, you're interacting with me."

"Influence each other...... ru?

Ask back, but Sora just laughed bitterly and didn't give me the obvious answer.

"More Yura than that. Those who are trying to harm you are approaching."


The captain gave a harsh look to Sora's words.