"Another witch."

Unlike Mr. Frey and Mr. Eval, who are pulling in front of the existence of the Spirit King, the captain looks straight at Sola.

Sora nodded.

"These are the ones you fear, Lucien."

That's how Sola whispers her hand to Lucien.

"You gave me a hard time, too. Still glad you didn't let go of your sword. Soon, you will be free..."


Though the captain inquires a lot, something soon comes to mind. But it seems the captain decided to give priority to 'fear' first.

"Anyway, if you're the Spirit King, can't you keep anyone but us out of this sanctuary?

Looks like you've decided to alter my suggestion slightly to eliminate anyone but the people on this scene.

"You could, but it might not make much sense."

"Doesn't make sense?

"Yes. The last king of Idrisia, who sealed this place off, wished me after knowing who had guided the enemy to Idrisia, the culprit of the country's demise... But for him, it was easy to cross the wall I had built."

"Easy... so how come you've left the sanctuary unattended?

I have no idea where it is. I was wondering if anyone who was inside Tanastra wouldn't have moved either because I was trying to keep no one but royalty in Idrisia.

"Simply because even if you could come in here, you didn't have enough magic to wish for God."

Sola closes her eyes as she remembers.

"But I got the magic I needed to invoke God. As a vessel in the form of a witch. That's why I'm coming here."

"Magic vessel......?

What, are you trying to use Miss Maia as a magic tank?

"Can't you stop that?

When asked, Sora shook her head to the side.

"It's hard on me alone. So, Yura, there's only one way to stop you from calling God."


What, am I calling?

Meanwhile, the captain who heard Sora asks.

"Doesn't calling it put your life in danger?

"Yura would be fine. I guarantee that. With her magic power, one can call God enough. Most importantly, because the spirits protect her."

The second half is a whisper unheard by Mr. Frey's squad a little further away.

Whatever, I guess I won't storm out because Sola recommends it. But.

"What do you ask? World peace? Decide there was no invasion of Idrisia? So that the other person's magic is gone? Like you decided not to use the ban in the first place? Like witch skills going extinct?

I've tried to line up as much as I can think of, but at the end of the day, it's my wish!

Once the witch's skills are extinguished, I can undo both Miss Maia and myself. I don't think we should have to pick up the end of destroying the country.

"If you wish to extinguish the witch's skills, the art of stopping them will be gone in the future. I told you. The witch has company. He thinks that even if the current witch is out of use, he should take the time to align the throwing stones and call God. Even if the witch rampage you are anxious about is stopped, Arlendar will be thoroughly crushed, even if he resents Arlendar. Above all, there is only one wish to be fulfilled."

"Just one..."

Mm, difficult.

If I make the wrong choice of favor, then what I'm waiting for is a different bad-end from the end of the game.

Moreover, it is not in the unexpected form of a witch's rampage, and the other person should always try to get God to fulfill his wishes in a successful manner. If I wasn't a witch then, I wouldn't even have the power to stop.

I can't do that.

"Think carefully about your wishes. You can choose."

Sora is smiling gently, but my head is white.

"Uh... well, does God have to call even if we strengthen Sola?

If Sola gets stronger, can she bounce back the enemy? Even if I'm here now, I'm still looking for a way not to fight.

"You'll be able to spend less time fighting. And for that, I want your tea."


I'm surprised. 'Cause Sola never had my tea. She always used sweets to call.

The sola says she wants tea.

I guess wanting a cup of tea means that Sola needs something to recover from or strengthen.

"I'd like the spirits here to behave, if possible. Yura would have made a lot of candied flowers, wouldn't she? If you add that to your tea, even spirits can drink it. If you have another cup of tea, you might think of something."

"Okay. If there's anything you can do about it."

I decided to prepare my tea.

Fortunately, I had a number of water bottles ready for when something happened. I boil water before I leave at the camp where I was until morning and pack it in a water bottle.

I boil it because it was a little cold.

When I burn firewood in the sand that Sola is good, the spirits of fire in lizards soon appear and dance out.

"Make it shiny."

"Make it a beautiful tea"

"Flowers are beautiful and sweet."

Nodding to the words of the Spirit urging me as I dance, I pour hot water into a pot filled with leaves and soften my magic there.

In the meantime, the captain put Mr. Frey's squad knights on perimeter alert a little further away.

"It seems Yura will do something about it by giving the Spirit King a cup of tea. Be alert to any enemies that may approach you so that you are not disturbed."

The ordered knights return to where the flying lizard is.

"Um, are you okay? We're losing our power..."

When I say worried, Mr. Frey undertakes to say, "I'm fine".

"It's someone the Spirit King can't stop. If you put them on your side poorly, they may not survive"

"I see..."

The captains gave such instructions worried about their lives. Of course there is no one weak in Mr. Frey's squad.

But it's the other guy.

I can't believe there are people who can manipulate witches and witches, and even Sola the Spirit King can't stop them... when they're relative, I don't know what the hell happens.

"Though the Spirit King will be on his side, I will have trouble in case you get hurt without doing all you can. Instead, they'd rather have their enemies swept away if they had a subordinate."

"Is it a role sharing?

That's what I'm talking about.

Mr. Frey explained it to me, and I was convinced.

It's really absurd to be attacked by an enemy's subordination when it does respond to the main force.

If you had it reduced and I was free to use magic to defend myself, that would be better.