The captain spoke to me there.


"Yes, Captain."

Respond as you twitch and pour magic into your tea.

"Have you decided what you wish for?

"... What can I do yet? If I had prepared tea, I'd be calmer than I was just now."

Your choice determines the end of the world.

If you accidentally ask for it, it will no longer be permanent. Whether you think about it or not, you don't know the right answer.

"If you can't decide, you can wipe out the witch's skills. Or there's a way to decide how much magic a person has up to 2,000."

I opened my eyes.

"If you do have a magic limit, witches don't have to occur, do they? But if we get a lot of people together against us, no one's going to be able to defeat that group."

"No problem. Even if there are twenty and thirty magicians, there are ways to deal with them. Neither spirits nor dragons are affected. Fire dragons won't want to take their place again and again, and they'll cooperate."

"... you want to use me? Well, it's the spray that gets chased over and over again."

Mr. Fire Dragon interrupts as he grows.

But I'm not saying I won't, so I'm sure Mr. Fire Dragon will stop me.

"Above all, I have the Sword of the Spirit King. Even if you manipulate the spirits, you can follow them and destroy them. I don't mind defending the sanctuary that way."

"Dear Commander..."

Because I became a witch, I thought I had no choice but to do something about it, and the chief took away the heavy stone, which he called responsibility, as a blubber...

Immediately after that, joy springs up and I don't know what to do.

I was so happy to hear you say that.

However, in a way that puts a limit on this amount of magic, the captain will carry everything.

"But wasn't there something wrong with the captain? Sora just..."

They should have told Sora, 'I made you feel hard', 'Soon,' cause you'll be free too '. I think the captain was invisible and there was a part of his life that was being held captive about the Spirit King's sword.

Though Sola said she would be released because of it, it would carry other problems.

But the captain smiled.

"You have nothing to worry about. None of this will be a problem for me. If that Spirit King says he's going to be freed, if I'm right, I'll get the freedom I want."

"What the hell do you want?

Because I don't know, I was wondering if the captain was being forced to.

"I'll tell you when this one's over. So tell me all about how you got involved with that Spirit King, too."


It was an exchange condition! But I don't like to talk about everything about Sola because it also involves previous life!?

I just thought, a fluttering particle of light rises from a pot of tea.

"Pikapika...... Hmm, that's about it"

In total, I poured about 10,000.

"Is this enough?

Asking anxiously, Sora nodded, watching over me a little further away.

"Enough is enough. Because between you and me, to make connections like Fire Dragon and you."


"If I drink it, I'll know."

I don't know what it will do, but I decide to serve tea anyway.

I'll put a sheet on the side of the pond and line up the tea utensils I had for when they told me I couldn't serve a cup of tea at the border fort.

When tea is brewed in five cups and candied smears are added to it, the golden light that was drifting from the tea changes like the light of the blue and white moon.

The intensity of the light also increased, so much so that cups made of tea appeared white and blurry.

And when I checked, it said the name of the tea.

"Spirit's Tea: Opening the Circuit of Magic. Skill Proficiency +100"

The spirits stopped by the four cups they had placed first.


"Sweet Tea"

It is the spirits in goblins who rejoice in saying so.

As they dance on the side of the cup, the amount of tea decreases slightly.

In proportion to that......


The figure of the Spirit bumps into two. Four more, eight more...

The Spirit rose as he increased, floating joyfully on the fountain.

I don't know, maybe this is it.


I offered Sola a cup of tea.

When Sola receives it, she quietly mouths the tea.

... Sola, who has only had sweets all along, is drinking tea.

I felt something kind of emotional about the sight.

And every time my tea went through Sora's throat one bite at a time, I felt the fluttering warmth dwell in me.

If you think of it all the time and look at the status screen, the flutter and my MP are increasing.

150,000, sixteen, seventeen... two hundred thousand.

At the same time it stopped there, Sora drank out of tea.

At that time, there was always a glowing channel at the edge of the status.

"Channel e......?

Channel E, which has not responded before, is lit.

"That's what you use when you call God."


I thought "E" was a god... I noticed it all the time.

Right. That's what I'm talking about.

Sora guesses what I understand and goes on to explain.

"But I can't use that channel right now. I have to replenish that tree with magic."

It was the white tree that stood in the fountain.

"Is that...?

"It's a tree, not a tree, Yura. It's a place that's connected to God."

"With God..."

"We need more magic in that tree to have a dialogue with God. So a man who calls God must call me."

"If you're not the Spirit King, you can't give that tree magic, can you?

That's what I'm talking about.

When Sola nodded - the air vibrated.

Cold wind blows in, skin bubbles.

The captain and Mr. Frey, Mr. Eval, stepped forward to shelter me and Sola as they gazed down the road to the sanctuary.

"Oh, it looks like we're here. another witch and that he"

"Miss Maia and him...... I hear you're manipulating Miss Maia. Who?

Mr. Frey looked back at this one.

"She's being manipulated," she said?

"Sola... I hear that's what the Spirit King judges. But I'm on Miss Maia's side, because only Idrisian people can manipulate me that way."

And that's where Mr. Frey tells him in a bitter voice, "... okay".

"Probably the one who pulled Tanastra's army into Idrisia. Otherwise, it was impossible to assassinate him from a royal family in the royal palace. But I didn't know who it was. Everyone who sees the killer is dead. And the Spirit was silenced."

"It's easy to stop talking to spirits, isn't it?

Asked me, Mr. Frey shook his head to the side.

"That can probably be done by a captain with the Spirit King's sword or a witch like Mr. Yura. You bet, Spirit King."

Sora nods.

"Right. He... created something comparable to me. So I could manipulate the spirits, and I could stop the spirits from telling me something. And me too... That's why I had to create a bug to act in secret."

"A bug is a spirit?

I thought about it before when I could see the spirits in goblins.... it's like a bug in the spirits, he said.

Did Sola do that on purpose?