Sola herself, staring at the end of the road, tells her to sing.

"I've been attacked by my opponent, which has reduced my power. Because of this, even the Spirit King's sword has been affected… For a long time, the Spirit King's sword has become a disastrous sword that gathers magic from around and kills even spirits. I felt sorry for Lucien because of that."


Sword of the Spirit King.

It's a sword with a very sacred name, but it was supposed to be like a cursed sword because it was influenced by Sora, the Spirit King!?

"But now, I'm recovering so much magic that I don't have to fake myself, either. Thanks to you, Yura."

Sora turned her smile to me.


A groaning word was uttered by the captain, who remained forward-facing.

"So there's no more like that curse, is there?

"Once this battle is over, it's all right now. I was able to restore my strength thanks to Yura, too."

"When the battle is over, huh? What about the blood contract?

"I want my blood family to tell me it's cotton. No one else will touch me anymore, just because I have it is the only sword the Spirit likes and can fight with the help of the Spirit"

"... I have no choice"

The captain took a long breath and looked up at the sky covered by the ceiling of the branch leaves.

Sora looked to heaven in the same way.

"Will you protect this place until I'm done giving the tree magic?

"Okay.... Yura, shield the Spirit."


I choose magic from the status screen. Press the button on the Spirit Shield and put it on everyone.

Spirit shields unfolding one after the other and spirits gathering together to activate at the same time as pushing a button.

And the green lid darkens the moment the shield of light flickers in front of the captain and the fire dragons.

A trace of a moment like being blocked from the sun, a black flame swings from the sky.

The flames licked the surface of the Spirit's shield and went.

To the shield of the Spirit scattered with bees and sparks, I accidentally crouched with my head sheltered.

The spirits gather near Sola to scream.



Sora wasn't upset about anything.

Raising his hand steadily, a domed, pale curtain of light appears to cover the pond, further above the shield of the Spirit.

To the flames that kept me away, the Spirit, Mr. Eval, and I breathe in relief.

Eventually the flames broke.

The canopy of the branches had disappeared. Around the pond spreads dark, charcoaled trees. The only thing that kept it intact was a pond filled with clear water and a white tree standing in it.

Overhead, there was a black dragon figure. The cause of the black flame would be this dragon.

And at the end of the road, where the trees have disappeared, there are some shadows approaching from where we arrived earlier.

Three men in black robes and a woman in a white dress... Miss Maia.

"The Spirit King..."

One of the men in the black robe twinkles so.

I cared beyond them, keeping an eye on you.

Were the knights on perimeter alert all right? Could it have been hit by a black flame......

I was worried about them, and my hand shook all the time.

People who were also helping me when I headed to the Goblin settlement, and who were regular visitors to the coffee shop.

It's all the more scary because no one close to me would ever die while telling me why in a game I've never been able to come back to life.

"When was it resurrected? You ruled it out."

A man at the head of the black robe, takes the hood.

He was a skinny bald man. From the crease on his face, he looks good old enough to say Grandpa.

The look on the face of the man staring at Sola looked like the person he kept resenting had come back to life.

I caught sight of the flying lizards at that time, much rearer than they were.

When you descend into the air, it looks like you're fighting something.

I've seen that move before. It's from when the knights are attacking with flying lizards.


Maybe the other knights are fighting right over there. I finally pulled my strength out of my gripping hand.

I'm not doomed.

That's what I said and Sora abruptly turned her arm around to hold me from behind.

"Eh, hey."

No, it's a relative scene to the Las Bosses now, isn't it?

My consciousness was other than that. Me, too. I was paying close attention to this one.

In the meantime, if we're frightened and supportive of the fear of death, what about being in this position?

Through embarrassment...... so awkward.

If you're just an old man with a bald head, you didn't seem to care much.

"Is that the other witch?"

Instead, I find out I'm a witch, and I find it tremendous. Hi-no!

"Yura... and the Spirit King, the two of you?

Miss Maia sees me with her eyes that say I don't believe... No, she's looking at Sola behind me. I mean, two spiritual kings, huh?

"The only real witch is Yura. And there's only one being called the Spirit King."

As the captains watched Miss Maia and shut their mouths without alarm, Sola pales back.

"Witches are supposed to be blessed by the Spirit. Born when the Spirit has given his own soul."

I looked back at Sola unexpectedly.

He's not lying, so he smiles at me.

You're saying that if you're not blessed by the Spirit, you won't be given witch skills? But I became a witch because I merged with the Spirit, didn't I?

... well. If you blend with the Spirit, you will be forced to receive the Spirit's soul. So the people who tried to create the witch continued to impose a ban.

But except for me and Miss Maia, they're all dead.

Is that because the Spirit didn't bless you?

"You are the only witch, Master Maia"


Miss Maia looks anxious, looking back at the bald old man.

He - probably the person that Sora is cheating on Miss Maia - seems to be named Mitus.

"I was serving Your Majesty, Mitus, who was one of the sacrifices?

Mr. Frey seemed to know his name. To his crush, Mitus does not respond.

"What kind of blessing is that?

I knew I was going to break my hip and I asked Sora unexpectedly. But the captains also feel comfortable with this story.

I guess it's because I want to know how I could have been a witch.

I want to know too.

How could a hikikomori who lived in a country town have become a witch?