"For from the beginning you were ordained to be so... I'm sorry, it's my fault. I wanted help, and you responded. [M] So you're my only witch."

"Sola chose it."

For some reason, the words fit right into my mind.

Sora showed up as soon as the witch's skills were expressed.

Only he could normally have had a conversation from the start. I wonder what that is because he chose me as his own witch at the same time that he is a special being in the Spirit King.

And I've been thinking about 'how I survived' and 'why I became a witch', but that question has somehow disappeared, too.

If I lifted my hand from myself when Sola called for help, I couldn't help it.

I feel calm when I find out that I came to this world hoping and decided to help Sola myself.

"Finally, they taught me. Thank you. And Sora couldn't tell me because she was losing her powers. There's another Spirit King involved, isn't there?

"You're right," Sora smiles.

"I was about to be replaced by the Spirit King of what Mitus had created. Here two wishes were halfway fulfilled by Mitus praying to God at the same time as the king of Idrisia."

The king's wish of Idrisia was fulfilled in a way that sealed this sanctuary by Sola, the Spirit King.

Mitus' wish is to replace the Spirit King to make his wishes come true.

Sora, who had already been cut off in power by Mitus' created false Spirit King, apparently couldn't stop that wish.

On the other hand, Mitus' wish was not entirely fulfilled because the two humans tried to fulfill it at the same time.

"I didn't disappear because I was halfway there. And I knew it would happen first. As it is, a wizard of deception will ramble his magic and destroy not only Tanastra, but even Idrisia and Arlendar"

"Wow, I can do it right! Aren't you a fool!?

Until then, Miss Maia, who had almost listened to Sola, shouted like she was excited.

"The Spirit King is nothing but a man's world if he is not wanted. There's got to be nothing to do with someone voluntarily!

"Of course. But, Master Maia. There's nothing you can't do about being a witch until you sacrifice yourself."

Mitus agreed with Miss Maia's words. Two other black-robed men who were with me also nod.

Sora stares at such Maia ladies with no expression.

"I'd say you just have to believe what you want to believe, but that's only if it's just about yourself. Mitus is a good man for broken nations, a crooked witch. What he wanted to do..."

"Let's have a chat, fake."

I put up a cane that Mitus had in his right hand.

"Come, Spirit King!

To the call, a black dragon who was in the sky responds.

That's the Spirit King!?

The ambition caused the air to shake, causing me to chill.

"What, samu..."

Not because I'm scared. But my breath wasn't whitening, but I got goosebumps.

"It's cold and natural. But this isn't because my soul is shaking, the temperature is falling"

Mr. Fire Dragon floats in the universe with his buckwheat wings.

"That's something close to the underworld. I don't know what you mixed it up with..."

"Underworld... Underworld art?

These people who abducted me, I think, used magic to kill and use people from the beginning. There was no way that the Spirit King made by the Undecent People's Parents was a normal Spirit like the Solas.

"Hey Spirit King"

The captain said looking back at Sola.

"Even if the sanctuary is under attack, can God call?

"There would be that white tree, wouldn't there? If that's protected, we'll be fine. 'Cause they know that too... Look, they're trying to attack this one"

Black dragons descend suddenly. To us.

Mr. Fire Dragon says as he swirls over my head with his little body.

"Anyway, get rid of them, or my place will be destroyed, witch."

"Yeah. Definitely. Idrisia will be all wasteland and the mountains will be broken."

The mountain collapsed and died. Yeah, probably the lava and possibly the bottom of the earth that feeds Mr. Fire Dragon. Either way, Mr. Fire Dragon can't go back to his residence for good.

"Then I'll help you out a little."

Mr. Fire Dragon rises to the sky. Its body rapidly becomes huge, becoming like the original Mr. Fire Dragon and spraying flames on the Black Dragon.

A blue and white flame headed straight for the black dragon.

Black dragons also threw up black flames in an attempt to end every Mr. Fire Dragon.

"Spirit Shield!

I cast defensive magic on Mr. Fire Dragon.

Sparks scatter and disappear on the surface of the Spirit's shield so as to inhibit its defensive magic though.


I panicked, but Mr. Fire Dragon descended to the extent that Sola was protecting me, and the black flame spreads right next to the tree.

I was relieved. Mitus and the others attacked me for a while.

The goal is me and Sola.

Two black robes make a magical attack on me.

Mr. Frey slipped forward and played me with his spiritual shield.

But the black robe had a dagger in his hand!

"Hey, ice spear! Ice Spear!"

My magic pressed the button froze one and bounced it off with shock, slamming it against the trunk of a dark tree.

The other shreds away as Mr. Frey cleaves with a sword that let the wind come together. I was pushed by the wind and flew.

But the man in the black robe was also playing defensive magic. The man in the black robe who tried to land, even as he dances through the universe in the wind, suffers a sudden assault by Mr. Eval, who was waiting there.

Still, the man in the black robe was in an impossible position.

The robe's arm is cut off.

Mr. Frey flashed after him there, cleaving from his shoulder.

"You've cleared up the first one."

Although I heard Mr. Eval's voice like that, before Mr. Frey stabbed him in the stomach, I didn't see the man in the black robe fall because the captain stood on his side repositioning him.

... Oh, he's making me invisible. Don't let me get upset again.

The captain waved his sword as he looked ahead to the remaining Mitus.

The blade stretches and glows blue and white.

Mitus followed many of the black spirits around him. Apparently it was summoned while I was looking around.

Mitus unleashed the Spirit.

A few come here, and the captain just wipes out his sword.

But the others fly toward the black robes that have been ice pickled with the people that Mr. Frey and Mr. Eval defeated earlier.


Get away from there in surprise, Mr. Frey and the others.

Thanks to you I also found out what happened to me.

A fallen black robe man had become a loose black object. The black color twitched, and eventually it split into two parts - two black robe men.

The two men in the black robe stand up.

At the same time, those who had ice pickled split into two black robes and attacked Mr. Frey and the others.

Mr. Frey is using some sort of magic trick to try to stop the four of them. To assist with that, Mr. Eval took the attack and sometimes pushed it away from us.

Although the captain was slashed by Mitus, Mitus builds a black wall and retreats.

A sharp light flickered there.