I'm the target!

Around me I felt dangerous and accidentally crouched, the spirits who were with the magic of the shield make a fuss and manage to block that light.

"Hang in there!"

"Don't lose something to the light!

"I want darkness, darkness."

"Soil hangs in there!

That's how the light went out and I got my gaze on Miss Maia staring at me hatefully.

"Neither of the witches should be there. You should sleep quietly now, Yura."

"Hey, are you treating me like I'm dead!?

I accidentally put in a scratch.

But Miss Maia gave the expression that she didn't know why.

"I heard you were killed once. To make the soul of the Spirit. But there's no way I can live normally as a person. Because, like me, you're not drawing the blood of the Spirit."

Or she puts down a beat and snaps her neck.

"Are you mistaken that the Spirit is a human being, driven by the memory of his body? I thought you were trying to be on Master Lucien's side, or that you miss Frey because you're a spirit, but you mistakenly thought you were in love?

Miss Maia's words caught my blood. She doesn't even think of me as a person?

"I heard it was the Spirit, so I thought I had no choice but to be at Master Lucien's side. A man with the Spirit King's sword. I thought Master Lucien intended to do the same. But if it was meant to be, it would be unpleasant."

Miss Maia is trying to activate some kind of magic on me when I'm struck. Many spirits like black spheres began to appear around her.

That's the Spirit of the Underworld.

The Spirit of the Underworld is neither bad nor good.

Only they belong to the underworld, death and beyond space. I have that knowledge.


You have underworld knowledge of witch skills because, no way, they almost killed you once?

Oh, I'm really dead......

At that time, the black sphere that was around Miss Maia was mutilated.

A sword is poked at Miss Maia as she is about to block her ear to the screams of the Spirit.

With the sceptred of Mitus, who was beside him, the sword was stopped, but a gust of wind broke out at that moment, and Miss Maia and I both managed to endure it with a curse.

But Miss Maia sees the owner of the sword and takes a step back.

Beautiful expression is distorted, as I say incredible.

"Master Lucien."

The sword with a straight tip is so elegant that I think it is for decorative purposes, a sword that is even fitted with jewels in a design that involves wax.

The man with it was a silver-haired man with a cold look on his face.

I breathe, too.

It was the captain who attacked Miss Maia.

"The Spirit is not afraid of death. Because extinction is not death to them"

The captain pays the wand of Mitus and raises his sword.

"Yura is a person. I understand that because I have been dealing with it for a long time. And if the standard of witchcraft is to be given the soul of the Spirit...... you are not a witch Maia Armadir. You didn't merge spirits, did you?

"No. Even I'm forbidden! Just because my soul is so close to the Spirit from the beginning, I didn't need death for a ban!

"If your soul is close to the Spirit, you should follow me. Don't be hostile to me. Those who are close to the Spirit will not be able to help themselves."

Miss Maia had her mouth half-opened and her eyes turned to the head of the regiment to see something incredible.

I was asking, "Is that it? I think."

I was so obedient to the captain. Then the captain, who perceived it, tells me.

"You've fundamentally never defied me."

Maybe so. Miss Maia's eyes swayed at how I was convinced.

"I... am..."

"If you can't, you're not a witch. I guess they only spread the vessel that receives magic. Still, it must have been dangerous enough. Like Yura, he wasn't stabbed in the chest with a sword?

"Don't get stabbed... I'm not..."

Miss Maia gets a bewildered look.

"You thought you had the same surgery, even though such a critical element was different?

To the words of the captain, I turned my eyes round.

"What, you didn't get the same ban as me?

Miss Maia just thought that the way she had undergone the procedure was a little different and that she had been relieved of the same procedure.

If it were, it would be even more rampant, right?

He told me to call God on someone who just increased his magic... that the magic vessel wouldn't spread as much as the witch. Miss Maia, who has little magic, will surely die if you call God.

"The man is the one who was given the sword of the false Spirit King, Master Maia. My Spirit King is the one who is right. And the Fire Dragon. You can't resist the Spirit King."

Mitus smiled and glanced overhead.

"Mr. Fire Dragon!?

Mr. Fire Dragon, who was in the sky, crashes under a black jar.

I fell somewhere in the woods and the sound also rocked the ground where I was.

The black dragon grows ambitious, and its appearance grows smaller all the time and descends loosely.

The way it approaches, it's like...

"Sola, the other one?

There's another brunette, Sola. Though I can tell it's not because I keep my black clothes together.

If I were to say more, I'd be scared to have three captains. The captain also looked uncomfortably at the fake Sola.

"Come on, Master Maia. To the fountain to call God!

Mitus calls and puts his spell on the captain.

The captain took his foot in the black trenches that gushed from the ground.

Mr. Frey and Mr. Eval were opponents of four black robes trying to attack such a regimental leader.

It looks like he hasn't been attacked thanks to the magic of the Spirit's Shield, but he can't even reach Mitus.

... That's right. Me! Me!

He said he could manipulate people. About the people who put my magic in their mouths in the form of tea.

"Manipulate, manipulate..."

I look at Miss Maia and hope she stops.

But Miss Maia stepped out.

Don't just wish. I don't want that leg to move any time soon...... Imagine how the magic in her stops.

Then she looked at me like Miss Maia had been started.

She doesn't want to take a step further.

"No way, Yura... you are"

Miss Maia seems to have realized that I did. There was confusion in that expression.

I said to Miss Maia, relieved of my success.

"Now I know. The truth is... you weren't a witch."

You can't do things like me to Miss Maia.

Proof of this is not to try.

Miss Maia, who knows the fairytale that witches can manipulate people, I think my manipulation of her created a shake in her heart. I took a small breath.

"I knew. That the witch will eventually show up and destroy the world. But I thought if I were a witch, there wouldn't be a problem, but one thing after another that would happen to a witch..."

As a relief, the captain confronting Mitus turned his gaze to me.

I turned right back, but maybe the captain has been wondering. My behavior.

That's right. I meant to be careful, because I've acted like I know something.