Miss Maia grinned at me.

"You say it like you've seen the future. Or was that how you were blown into the Spirit King of that deceptive thing?

"No. I saw what happened ahead"

In the form of video of the game.

"Both Idrisia and Tanastra become mostly wilderness to Arlendar. The region close to Idrisia is wiped out, so, Master Maia, the people who emigrated from Idrisia that you took it on will also be caught up and die."

"What are you talking about?

"The Sigur Knights have also been damaged, and only the Captain will survive"

I remember footage of the game, where he stands alone.

"You like the captain, don't you? Dear Maia. And yet you take away the people that that person cares about? Do you want to despair the captain?"

Miss Maia's lips are indifferent.

"What are you talking about, Yura? I knew I wasn't a person..."

No. In my words, it won't reach Miss Maia.

"That girl is a demon, Master Maia! Spirit King, finish this false witch and Spirit King's sword bearer quickly!

In response to the shouting Mitus, the descended Spirit King reaches up.

At that moment, my surroundings were drinkin 'by the darkness.


I can hear the captain.

I thought I could only hear my voice, but something fluttered wrapped me around.

"Yura, protect me."

"He's one of us."

A star-shaped spirit was stuck to my arm, hosting a soft light.

I'm relieved. That it's not total darkness.

Except for myself and these spirits, they were invisible.

"Let me go, quick!

Miss Maia is angry. Then it's still okay. She's not moving.

But neither can mine, tangled in darkness, take it.

"I don't know what to do with this..."

You can't ask for help, Mr. Frey or Mr. Eval are all over your hands.

Perhaps the captain, too, was only limited by calling the Spirit of Light for me.

"It's hard for a player spirit not to come out"

It's a different development than the game, so I can't help it, and if I ask for a game to unfold, I can't just make that choice because there will be more deaths.

"Somehow… I wonder if I can use some magic"

But if they attack quickly, they will hit the captain and Mr. Frey and the others.

Before troubled me, I could see a few black-robed men floating out of the darkness all the time.

Surround me and say it in a whispering voice.

"Why did this girl wake up?"

"Is it hard to do the trick?

"Then it's promising."

One of the black robes pulled an ancient sword out of his sheath.

The slender sword seemed white and clear by the time it was unnatural, reflecting the light of the candle in the dim room.

That's when I found out. This is my memory of when I was banned.

"O witch's soul, dwell!

When I was strangled with wings, I was about to be poked with a sword...

Take a breath.

I shrugged myself wondering if I had to experience dying again.

However, no matter what the shock, I hope the magic that stopped Miss Maia at least doesn't waver.


Someone embraced me then.

It's the voice of the captain, and the moment I think about it, I go filled with light so that the fog clears all around me.

The unblinding light spreads from the sword raised by the captain, who is finally visible.

No, something was piercing the tip of the sword.

Black shadow.

Sola with an angry look...... not. A spiritual king in black, a phony.


The captain calls.

In her vision of the darkness becoming clear and foreseeable, Mr. Frey was holding Mitus captive on the spot with some trick.

A red glowing line puts Mitus in a limbo and pulls him down to the ground.

"The sorcerer who serves the royal family is learning what the constraints are. Stay put and wait until it's all over."

"Damn, a man who draws royal blood should have killed him! Die, die, die!

Still Mitus rumbles.

In Idrisia, magicians serving kings seemed to be subjected to some constraint magic.

Even royalty must have missed it without killing, thinking that Mr. Frey, who is not of direct descent, wouldn't know. But Mr. Frey seemed to have been able to contain Mitus because he knew.

A black jaw rises from the wand Mitus grips and tries to take in Mr. Frey. But Mr. Frey doesn't move, either to keep the magic that binds Mitus from interrupting.


Mr. Eval was in a hurry.

"Spirit King, not yet!

The captain calls. I guess the art of retaining the false Spirit King doesn't hold so much.

The hair of the false Spirit King stretches out mixed with the blackness that began to gush out, trying to stretch ahead to me and the captain.

Intensifying the magic that could rush into the Spirit King's sword, the glow of the sword increased and kept it away.

Sora responds immediately.

"Yura, it's okay now. Let's call God."

Looking back, there was Sola in the fountain. Reach for me.

The white tree in that background had become translucent with the light together.

The moment I see it, I feel the tree filled.

"Come on, Yura"

The captain will let me go.

I didn't ask you any questions about what kind of wish I would make. It just sends me off believing I'll finish everything.

I ran towards Sola.

We have to hurry. Once the supply of magic has ceased, the power of the Spirit King's sword alone can no longer contain the false Sola, and the Commander is in danger.

Shoes enter the fountain.

The cold sensation runs from toe to head.

It feels like it will be purified.

Perhaps this spring itself has the effect of sharpening your mind to touch that tree.

And I stand in haste in front of Sola, touching his hand.

"Have you made up your mind yet?

I nodded.

This is the same world as the game named Elfiel Online.

Elves are about spirits.

Because the world name of the game is Elfiel, the Spirit is what shapes the world.

However, this channel seems to be something else because you don't have an E channel and you can have a conversation with Sola, the Spirit King.

So E is everything that shapes a wider range of worlds - the earth 'EARTH' which is the world itself.

If it's what I imagined it would be, I think it's probably fine with the content of this wish.

I moved to the side of the tree to be led by Sola and opened the status screen after touching the trunk of the tree with Sola.

Something looms from behind, and something like a shadow of a black hand wraps around the tree.

It's Sola the phony. But it's the only time.

I pressed channel E.