Once - the air, the sound of the wind, even the movement of the grass leaves and water surfaces in sight stood still.


You just pushed the channel, what the hell is going on?

Full of tranquility, there, you can hear something from among the trees your hands touched.

- A world that doesn't recognize me, etc...!

- Why did Master Lucien take me...

- Puffy, puffy.

- This tea is nice. Is that tea?

- Are you sure Mr. Yura's okay?

- Is this the power of the night... Damn, that evil witch can't fool you!

The first voice is Mitus? Next up was Miss Maia... after the voices of strangers and spirits, I heard Mr. Fire Dragon.

A lot of people's voices mix together and they come through.

Oh, this is it.

"What we hear now is the hearts and minds of the people on our side. But you can hear all the voices of the world."

The one who answered me was Sola, who was lying next to me.

"Yura, thank you for coming so far"

Sola, who grabbed my hand,

"I've always wanted to tell you everything. But while power prevailed over the other 'created Spirit King', talking about what they were wary of could have passed on to the other. I couldn't talk because I didn't think I could protect you yet."

Sora seemed incapable of speaking until now so that the phony wouldn't find out about herself or me.

I just thought so, a lower voice whispers than Sola.

"We sort everything from here."

The black handed owner, the fake Sola, was supposed to have been far away and now he was standing by my side.

Sola, the phony, accidentally grabbed my, untouched left hand trying to distance herself from him.

"Accept the world I have made, Lord of Magic"

At the same time as that word, something pressures my head and mind.

That's - that's the memory of the beginning of the problem.

Mitus is a man of the king's blood.

That's why the Mitus clan is so powerful, they've worked for generations to capture the sacrifice... they had possessions, and they seemed to think they were better than everyone else.

At first, too, he just wanted to protect the country.

But from the time Tanastra started invading neighbouring countries and Idrisia, that becomes distorted.

Tanastra invades the surrounding countries with spirit-based weapons.

Hearing the whining of the spirits pruned for it, Mitus thought Tanastra should be stopped somehow.

But Idrisia doesn't have that kind of national power.

Even with the power to defend the country, there is also a shortage of magicians and knights to invade the great powers.

The king of Idrisia did not nod to Mitus' proposal, even though he would at least call God and advise that the Spirit should be preserved.

- Mitus rebelled that his thoughts didn't go through.

Idrisia is a nation that protects the Spirit. And as it is, Idrisia will have to fight Tanastra as well.

Instead, Idrisia, who can call God, was the one who thought he should take hegemony of the world.

But if the king does not nod, the Spirit King cannot be called.

Anything else powerful enough to call the Spirit King was as good as a fairytale witch.

Mitus thought... and created his own Spirit King.

While failing over and over again, it was the art of degenerating the Spirit that knitted it out.

It was Sola the imposter who went to Tanastra many times to collect the dying Spirit and created it using underworld art.

The contents of the fake Sola are lying around, listening carefully to herself.

Naturally, I don't have a soul.

Mitus was relieved that now he had a trump card against Tanastra, but the king sealed it so that Mitus could not use magic because he had used a ban.

Mitus was stunned. I wondered why I would be denied trying to protect Idrisia.

Non-kings also criticized Mitus.

So Mitus... decided to destroy Idrisia, who doesn't recognize herself, once and for all.

After resetting the country once and letting it regenerate the rough world grasp the popularity and recreate Idrisia again...... trying to be king myself.

The royalty, who was in the way for it, almost succeeded in eliminating it.

Maia has outside blood in her, and knows little about her secret tricks as a royal. Then I thought I should use it and eliminate it later.

Frey stayed, but he was whispering that he would die involving such things as Frey, who was weaker than himself who could have created the Spirit King.

And the king made a gap in his attempt to seal the sanctuary of Idrisia from being abused - Mitus broke into the sanctuary and called God.

To swap the positions of my created Spirit King and Sola.

"If we destroy Tanastra, all strife will go away"

To the voice of the phony Sola, he returns to me.

Looks like Mitus' memories from the trees have been interrupted.

I hastily try to get away from the fake Sola, but at some point on my left hand that touched the tree, the black hand of the fake Sola overlaps and I can't leave.

In a moment of relief, now the real Sola whispered. He grabs me firmly by the right hand touching the tree.

"It's okay. He can't force you, Lord of Magic"


Sola nods to me when she asks.

"Last time, when I called God, my power was taken away. Because of the forbidden technique that Mitus himself has knitted, my power has shifted to a false man with a similarity of existence."

Sora was weak as her powers flowed to the impostors.

What's more, the fact that the phony was forced by the world to recognize him as another Spirit King made Sora even endanger her existence.

"But I used it."

Now Sora's memories flow.

Sola, who managed to remain present, learned of Mitus' purpose at that time.

Mitus was at his best just to make the position of a phony the same as Sola's in the first divine call. That's because I used the magic of the king of Idrisia to call God.

As the next vessel of magic, Mitus was going to make a 'witch' who listens, destroying the world and making it convenient for himself.

You just have to destroy the intrusive Tanastra and destroy Arlendar as well. Idrisia may have an extra record for herself, so all she has to do is let it regenerate after the destruction.

Above all, if you have a Spirit King who moves conveniently, you can generate spirits and revive the earth green.

And then he was going to plant new memories in people.

Idrisian spiritualist plays the world… the memory of the future to be chosen as king.

"But at the moment of God's call, it was because he used the similarity between me and the impostor... that this power came to the memory of a very similar world. Here."

Sola's call was accompanied by a feeling that the wind would pass all the time, while a new door was opened.

From there I hear nostalgic voices and sounds.

The game's BGM. The voice of enemy demons. The voice of NPC......

Thanks to my desire to replace something very similar, I was able to connect with another world for a moment.