"Well, the game is"

"Looks like you happened to have something similar. Though maybe it was made by humans who peeked into the memories of this world in another way"

Sora found out that witches destroy the world even in that world.

Then we glimpsed the memories of people playing in the game world and decided to draw them towards us.

Seeking a breakthrough to overturn this situation.

It could change the future of the world with a new idea, Sola hoped.

Somebody wants this world and me to help.

Then a soul with the memory of the game responded to Sola's call.

"I decided to hide my soul from the Spirit. Your world game had the concept of a 'bug'. I created a" Spirit and Not Spirit Being "in goblins, thinking that if I used it I wouldn't be perceived by a false Spirit King"

So only those with souls of the same world could understand the words of the Goblin Spirit.

"But some wanted to be like you. That's how I scattered them all over the ages."


"The soul transcends time and space. That's why you can travel through space with underworld art. The spirits can jump to another place in an instant because they are souls that have just amassed their magic. You are the soul that went to the past you wanted and dwelt in the life you were born into."


Underworld art is something adapted to a dead soul.

So if you try to travel long distances in underworld art for a moment, you have to kill people.

And I, who was a soul, came to this world... and became a man named Yura.

"It's a coincidence that you were turned into an experimental bench for the forbidden art of making witches. But the spirits soon found out that you were the one I invited. The spirits gave their souls instead to protect you."

So I survived the ban without losing people's minds.

So Sora apologized.

"I'm sorry. I really wish I could have used the ban, but I was weak enough to be erased by a phony, so I couldn't do anything."

Sora's voice is filled with strong remorse.

"Besides, I needed a presence that was both human and spiritual. Otherwise, God only knows the voice of men in His calling. Because if you listen to many who make up the world, including the Spirit, and connect with all the beings of the world, you will undoubtedly be more powerful than Mitus in making your wishes come true"

The channel is one of Tea Master's moves, but the Tea Master's skills were originally available because he had witch skills.

Witch's inferior skills in a way. I just made it myself.

The spirits were helping me make tea if I wanted to.

"So Yura. I want you to make a wish. [M] I did everything I could, but I and the Spirit are on the receiving side of the wish. I'll leave the wish to you."

To the out-of-the-box Sola, I... laughed bitterly.

Thanks to being connected to the world like this now, I know how Sola feels.

He regrets bringing me into this world or not being able to help, and he thinks he can't help but wreck what a world I am.

But it's not what I wanted to achieve.

"If the voice of the world stains your wishes, it becomes the rule of the world"

That's why I said spread the tea.

To the words of Sola I added, I nodded, and said to my voice:

"- Sola's impostor is to stop robbing him forever in the future"

The problem is that there is a fake Spirit King.

So Mitus thought about calling God. Miss Maia also believed that what we were doing was right because the Spirit King was on our side.

Some of the Idrisian people must have summoned the Spirit King to show him and let him trust him. If we can't do that, Mitus can't change the world anymore.

Because in the future, even if we call Sola as the Spirit King, Mitus' wishes will always be rejected.

- No!

Someone screams at my decision.

A fake Sola's black hand grabbed her nails in my hand.

- I don't want to disappear.

- Don't turn it off! I am the king of Idrisia, defending my country!

- I won't admit I believed in lies!

Transparent trees stain the blue of the night with rebellious voices.

Somehow I know who the Lord of Voices is.

And they and their magic was so great that as the blue spread, the voices of the world were extinguished by it that it became like distant noise.

I realized that the magnitude of magic is required for the call of God because of this.

If the magnitude of the magic suppressed the voices of the whole world, I guess the wish would have been accepted by the earth.

"No. That's what I decided."

I assure you, I can put my magic from hand to tree.

It spreads from where my magic touches my hand. The trunk of the tree began to stain white like the original.

But the other person has 10,000 units of magic in Mitus, who has the same amount of magic as Sola and the same amount of magic that makes Sola a phony as a spiritual magician.

No matter how many 200,000 MPs you have, they're going to push you back.

The white color doesn't spread very well.

So those who ever called God gave their lives. Because if you didn't turn your existence into magic, it would have been difficult for even a large number of people to pass their will on to the world.

"Two hundred thousand... enough..."

"It's okay, you can help me."

That's what Sora says, gives me magic.

More than that...... the voices of Mitus and the others fluttered away at once.

- The world just has to survive like this.

- I still want to sell my tea!

- Wouldn't Fire Dragon be unable to go home! How pathetic!

- How snoring a world ruled by only one person.

- I've had enough pity on people! I want to pull it off at the address soon, I...

Dear Commander, to Mr Jörn, Mr Eval, Mr Frey and Mr Fire Dragon.

I heard a lot of other people.

- Tea is delicious!

- Good luck today.

Along with the voices of all sorts, the magic of the same direction springs up as mine to change the colours of the world.

Cherry blossom color, red, blue and green interspersed with white.

Many colors spread to twitch and erode the blue like at night.

I looked up at Sola's face.

Tea - was it to involve a lot of people here that increased the number of people who received my magic?

More opinions will help you push your opponent back without needing magic. You don't have to suppress it with magic anymore.

And no one wants change. I hope it will at least be quiet ahead of me.

Everyone really wants to be happy in The World As It Is, because they want to be.

"I won't give up..."

A clear voice leaked out of the mouth of a phony.

But that voice is not like the fake Sola.

Of a shy old man... it's the voice of Mitus.

While watching, the fake Sola's face turned to Mitus'.

And he grabs my neck with a hand that hasn't touched the tree, and he tightens it up.

"Ugh... Gu..."

Rigid and organ crushed, I can't breathe.

But if you let go of the bitterness, you can change the world in a little while, but you can't do it on the way.

Sora tried to do something, but not even Sora. I won't let go of Sora's hand.

But it makes me unconscious.

At a time when the feeling of the hand touching the tree was also about to go far - from the belly of the impostor, the blade protruded.

Mitus' face distorts into pain.

The captain standing behind him snapped with no expression.

"Time to go back to the land of the dead."

The hand of Sola the imposter, walked away from the tree.

A drop of blue fell and spread, and disappeared as it was all over the various colors.

And the fake Sola dyed blue all over the place - falling asleep in the pond.