"... Ha"

I gave it back, I was looking at my feet.

I fell and turned into a black chunk, no more fake Sola. But at the next moment, I was embraced by the captain.

"Good for you, Yura. I almost lost you."

"What, Captain? Was that...?

Only the Spirit King and I were there.

Though I thought 'I guess that's what it is', even if it existed, because Sola's impostors were also once classified as Spirit Kings. How did the captain get in here?

"I managed to get in. Thanks to the Spirits and the Sword of the Spirit King.... thanked this sword for the first time"

There were spirits around the captain who laughed and laughed.

They are all spirits in goblins.

He who falls from his shoulders, flickering, and floats on the fountain. Who does not fly all the way around the air. Different with those who tread with glittering hind lights.

They are spiritual reincarnated people, from different worlds with me. You must have helped me in my hometown because I was one of them.


I stroked the Goblin Spirit on the captain's shoulder with my fingertips, then looked up at the captain and said:

"Thank you for your help"

When I remembered, I kind of burst into tears.

Because it was only fear that he would be strangled and about to be killed, that he couldn't let go of his hand and he couldn't resist.

Even if my wish came true, I was ready to die.

I couldn't have decided to be so prepared if I hadn't hoped that the captain and everyone would live happily ever after.

The captain strokes my head when I cry.

That alone calmed me down, and after a while, the tears stopped.

"Speaking of which, Mitus..."

Turn your gaze to where Mr. Frey was holding him.

There were black stained ground and confusing Mr. Frey and Mr. Eval.

"Looks like you disappeared. They must have vanished together because they were taking over the consciousness of the false Spirit King"

That's what happened, I was convinced.

Miss Maia had fallen on the spot.

Perhaps that fake Sola stole his magic and passed out.

And Sola is disappearing...

A tree stretching over a clear surface of water swayed the leaves gently into the wind as it had been.

... On this day, in Arlendar and Tanastra, daydreamers frequented. and asked later.

The story of having a weird dream spread, strange. Though they whispered it was strange, the impressions varied......

"I saw some beautiful guy. I had long hair."

"Yeah, there were plenty of little spirits. So peace is best."

"I had some scary dreams. Destroy your country and become king."

But eventually.

"Something... made me want to drink the tea I bought yesterday"

He said it felt like it.