I was packing up in the room.

Soon after that, we were back at the Sigur Knights' Castle.

The end of the story is over, as far as Miss Maia is concerned.

... The witch case is over and the world no longer needs to be destroyed.

After that, Miss Maia was returned to the Royal Palace in Tanastra. He was still fainting, so Mr. Frey flew with his men towards me with a flying lizard.

I looked it up before that - or I asked the Spirit, thanks to Sola, and Miss Maia seemed unable to use the magic.

Though incomplete, you probably thought you couldn't leave Miss Maia with witch skills and more magic than an ordinary person.

No one told me to bring Miss Maia back.

Anyway, in the form of handing it over to Tanastra already, he's the one who emigrated. If I don't give it back, there will be a quarrel between Tanastra and Arlendar.

Mr. Frey and the others said they were going to show Arlendar's King's writ while letting the bad guys (Mitus) know that he was being fooled.

Miss Maia woke up, but I don't know what she thinks.

The political marriage has continued, and the Tanastra side, expecting the witch to be on her side, may get cold to Lady Maia, who can't use magic.

But don't worry about it because it's what she carries, the captain tells me.

I'm curious to say...

So I asked the Spirit, and after I woke up, she realized about it, and she seemed calm. I was relieved.

She has sacrificed a lot of people. Spirits, too.

That's why I don't wish she would be unhappy to be the biggest. However, it will be difficult to live in a country with the same enemy. But I also think that would be a punishment for her.

On the other hand, I was exhausted when I used magic.

It wasn't enough to fall, but the worried captain took me right back to the Sigur Knights castle.

That's how I just took a break.

"The power of the witch, I couldn't turn it off..."

You didn't make your wish an extinction of witch skills, so naturally.

Besides, the fate of the world being extensively turned into a wasteland has been avoided, but it does not change that it is a world where witches are abhorred.

I even thought about getting Sora to seal my magic too, but the spirits quickly crippled me with "it murry".

They have too much magic, and they can't do it like Miss Maia.

So I thought I'd sneak away on my own.

Nothing, the attitude of the people in Mr. Frey's squad who accompanied him all the way to Idrisia has not changed.

They had defeated the Idrisian spiritualists that Mitus was bringing in, and they were safe, and they cared for me when I fell asleep.

But I have to report this to His Majesty the King from the captain of the regiment, and the report will be passed on to the other nobles.

Anyway, His Majesty the King has written a letter alleging that Miss Maia, who made Tanastra marry her, is a witch.

I'm stopping by the Knights of the Borders in Tanastra with the captain, and the Freys bringing Miss Maia back, they're taking those letters.

How do you intend to explain it then?

It is impossible to explain everything with the sword of the Spirit King of the Commander. Anyway, the captain has never called the Spirit King.

It would be suspicious if someone from the Spirit Church said it was the work of the Commander because there is no way he would not bring it up to the Commander, who should definitely be trying it.

That's why I wanted to run away at night and disappear.

"Ha. I wish Mr. Fire Dragon had stayed a little longer."

Then the night escape is complete with one flight.

But Mr. Fire Dragon, while I was nagging, traveled to his residence.

I wanted to get home early, so I guess so.

Carry your luggage.

I packed less than I did when I moved here. I have some money that comes together, so I can buy back most of the stuff, so that's fine.

"All right, letter complete"

I put the letter I wrote up on my desk.

Do it. When I gently open the door, trying to leave.


"... where are you going?

The captain stood in front of the door.

The faceless captain is scared and accidentally closes the door.

Then I felt like what I just saw was an illusion.

'Cause, you see, the captain has just returned, but he can't be looking out for me one way or another.

Yet tons and doors were knocked.

Yura, I need to talk to you.

"... Yes"

I had no choice not to respond. You're so annoying, but you're too rude.

I left my stuff and then opened the door.

It's going to be a long time, and I'm going to talk out loud in the hallway, and I'm not going to disturb Dr. Orvé in the nearby room, so I'm going to ask the captain to come into the room.

As soon as the captain walked into the room, he hit me with questions.

"I'm wearing a travel costume... because I was gonna get out of here?

To the quiet tone of the captain, I shrink in reverse.

Yes, answering directly from the front, I don't want to see the face of this grieving man. That's why I was going to sneak out.

The captain, who was looking at me without a nod, looks around the room.

On the bedside, the bedding is folded and placed.

The clothes I had to leave behind were packed in a bag in one piece, and small items and other items were packed in a different bag, where I was making paper. 'You can dispose of it,' he wrote.

On the desk, it was in even worse condition, but only the letter of generation had been placed.

The captain steps inside the room and takes the letter and reads it.

And I sighed.

"I have something to tell you when this one is over... you said. You were gonna leave without even asking, Yura."

"Ugh... yes"

"Yura, you asked me then what I wanted"


I remember.

It seems to me that the leader of the regiment, who was unhappy in his childhood and completely hitched it, was the hope he had in mind. So I guess I want to throw away the Spirit King's sword or something.

"If the Spirit King's sword is in the way, I will return it to Sola..."

"I can't do that."

"Oh, can't you?

"The Spirit King's sword is tied to my blood. It's all I could tell you from generation to generation."

Sure, it's like Sora wanted me to tell her blood family. It was about the Spirit King's sword.

The captain put the letter back on his desk and approached me one step closer.

"Until a while ago, I was going to be the only one with this sword. It's a substitute for killing the spirits around you if you hold it, sucking in the magic around you and turning it into a wasteland. Although it now fits in, it doesn't necessarily mean the same thing won't happen in the next generation. Because that's what I thought."

"That's what Sola said she was going to release, right?

The captain nods.

"I'm relieved. Because of the sword, I wasn't even willing to get married."

I didn't want to get married because I was worried about a child who would let me inherit the Spirit King's sword.

"But now that's no longer a problem either. Thanks to you, Yura."

On the face of the fluffy smiling captain, I lose my gaze.

It was such a heartfelt smile that I thought what a happy laugh.

"I can do what I wanted, and now I can"

The captain packs a further distance from me. Distracted by the smile, I was quickly approached and grabbed by my wrist.