But it's soft, and it's not like holding me captive.

So I was too cautious, and I rounded my eyes to the next word.

"Yura. I told you I wanted you to live with me, didn't I? I didn't think you could get a child if you wanted to, keeping the Spirit King's sword. But you don't have to worry about that already."


I didn't forget, but at this time they made another confession. He said it was a child to give!?

"Or can't you believe the promise to keep?

".................. Enough already, you have protected"

The problem as a witch has already been cleared up. In the meantime, the captain kept his word and didn't say anything about being a witch, and he hid it from me even on occasions when he was likely to suspect me of being a witch.

If you want any more, you're going to be punished.

Anyway, I was a civilian pulling daughter, and if I didn't even get caught up in the case, it was just me living almost all by myself in a small country town.

There's no way that a common man wouldn't be afraid to be so desirable to the nobleman for thinking about his previous life.

The captain overlapped his words to me as I silenced him.

"So I... you don't like it? Then tell me. If it's annoying, I won't get involved in excess anymore. There with the Knights Commander.

Maintain your relationship as a crusader. "

"I don't hate you!

That's what I say.

I know it would be better if I gave a reason not to like it, but the captain would be very convinced. But I don't want to say I don't like it.

Because I don't want you to hate me.

But would someone so amazing like me all the time? I have no confidence in that.

Later, if you are left bewildered that you are a boring person...... That's what I'm afraid of.

That's why I run away.

"Well, the captain is a benefactor and a guardian..."

"You're a guardian, so whatever you did, you wouldn't have accepted it too much, would you? You didn't get mad at me, can I assume there's another reason?


It's hard to answer this question.

In silence, the captain asked further.

"I wish I were, is that what you think?

The captain touches my cheek with his other hand.

"At the time I spoke, I hoped it was true that I didn't resist. Did you really hate that one, too?

I've been cornered, and the tears are already in my eyes.

"I don't like it, I don't..."

I distract myself, but I won't refuse the Captain's hand. I'm rather relieved to be touched.

'Cause I, like the captain.

"Then all you care about is being a witch? But you don't have to worry there. I'll make another role for you, not a witch, to report on one of Idrisia's cases."

"Create another role, is it?

Oh, what was such a convenient role?

"I see the knights at Frey's that you tried calling the Spirit King with sweets and made him drink tea. So far I'm thinking it's your substandard tea... but the others won't be convinced"


That's why I planned the night escape before they suspected me of being a witch.

"Keeping down would be a bad idea to be scrutinized for the contents of the report. Instead, I'll keep you with the Witch of the Spirit King."

"Mi, are you a witch!?

How could there be such a big role name!

"It's not strange that Yura can summon the Spirit King, not me, for this. I'll have the Spirit Church recognize that even tomorrow. At that time, I'm going to ask you to do a lot of talking, but I don't think you're a witch."

"Is it true!?

Would you really believe me? The captain nods at me half-heartedly.

"You can summon that Spirit King. I'll give you as much help as I can."

"It's... yes"

Sora won't cooperate, no way.

I'm relieved, but I'm just a little caught in the heart.

"I feel like I've shattered my worth and I'm backwards..."

I'm not that good. If you're praised, you're going to get away with it.

I don't know, if I let my mouth slip.

"I know exactly what you're worth, Yura. It's worth it to me just to be positive at all times, cannonless, too fond of tea and happy to see others drinking it"

The captain told me that, and I rounded my eyes.

"Oh, is that worth it?

"Even if there is. The only reason anyone doesn't change that is because you don't have a back table."

"I'm just not smart enough to make a back table..."

"Even the fool uses the back and the table separately."

My question was completely cut off by the captain.

"Though I'm surprised you have a few thoughtless, ironless things to think about, and to make a magic pact just to gain my credibility. For that matter, I know I can trust you."

Oh, and I understand.

The value to the captain is probably who makes you believe in yourself from the bottom of your heart. By that standard, maybe I felt worthy, too.

In front of me, convinced, the captain fell on his knees somehow.

Understand in a moment what the situation is now to the leader of the posture who looks up to me.

"Yura, I want you to marry me"

"Is that it before we hang out!?

I jump out of my mouth in the light. No, because I thought you'd say you liked me, and even though I'm not dating you, I'm proposing!

The captain tilted his neck wonderfully.

"If we're going out, we're going to have to assume marriage, right?

"Oh no, noble romance in this world feels like we have to get engaged anyway?

Because of the stories that kept forcing me to be so nervous, I was whispering that out loud.

I noticed it and it caught my blood.

- Shit. I've been hiding it all through without telling anyone about reincarnation!

"So what's the answer? Yura. If you won't reply now, I'd like to hear about that 'this world' statement first instead...... Of course you can forget about this if you answer me."

"Do you hunt him down like that!?

Hey, Chief, it's terrible.

Even in protest, the captain flatly hunted me down further.

"You keep asking me to marry you without giving you an answer, aren't you terrible? You can tell me you don't like it. I want to hear how you feel."


Guilt by the captain, who tends to lay his eyes down on the slender, I could no longer resist.

"Wow... are you sure it's okay with me?

But the risen captain said, locking me in his arms.

"I like you. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't need anyone else...... Yura"

I feel dizzy about the heat in that voice calling my name.

But I felt happier than I'd ever felt before...... I guess that's why.

"I want you to call me by name"

Asked, I did exactly that.

"... Dear Lucien"

As soon as I called my name, I was kissed a second time by the captain.

- Shortly afterwards, the captain received excessive magic and became ill because he completely forgot that I was in a state of uncontrollable magic spills.

In front of me in a panic, the captain pulled out his sword...

The room was filled with spirits who appeared out of their swords with pompons, and after a while it became a busy thing to do.

Anyway, Master Lucien and I promised to be a family.

Now that I've been heavenly lonely with my drawstrings, I've become a witch after I've regained my memories of my previous life, but let's not talk about it until I get a new family.

After that, of course, Master Lucien kept me as promised previously.

I have been making tea ever since because I was afraid that I would be able to manipulate people.

"Wouldn't it be nice not to manipulate it?

And so the captain told me...

Eventually, tea spread in every corner of Arlendar and in Tanastra as well.

Eventually, by allowing me to create tea other than mine, tea was set to settle into the tea of this world.