One night when Tete and I went to sleep together, Tete and I were again in the space of the dream.

I wonder what Lillie and the others are up to today.

"It's a tea party with the witch!"What will you create today, witch? "

Occasionally, Lilliel and the others call me to the space of my dreams and tell me about everyday events while having tea.

In it, there is no taste without drinks and food, so we eat together the food created by [creation magic] in our dreams.

At first, it was elegantly cake and tea, but gradually Lilliel and the others requested sweets and food from previous generations.

As a result, people sometimes eat family-less food from Japanese food, junk food, and sometimes cheap pastries and sweets.

The sight of a beautiful lady goddess wasting a coke on a junk hood seems to faint when a believer sees it.

Well, since I create and secretly eat the food of my previous life in such a dream, in the real world, it's impossible to create such things......

I see. Today... I want to eat Japanese sweets.

Dora-yaki, Daifuku, Bun, Castella, Lamb, Kalinto, Rice Bowl, etc.... they create things with [Creation Magic] that you can make if you want to.

Along with the Japanese sweets, I also prepared green tea, and a girl came with Lilliel floating fluffily.

"Lilliel, welcome."

"Welcome!" A lot of witches prepared it for me! "

”Yes, I'm sorry to call you today, and...”

Lillie pushes the girl she was with in front of her, moving through the air like a wooosh and coming in front of us.

The halo shone on the girl's head with her pure white hair aligned on her shoulder, and her wings were growing from her back. It seemed that she was the same god as Lillie.

I wonder if it's Hades God Loriel?

It's the last goddess!

Meet the five goddesses of this continent called the Ninth Continent, and the only one you haven't seen is Loriel, the Hades god who lived in perpetual slumber.

That said, recently, it was after the stampede in the western part of the continent, so it was more than a dozen years ago, but I heard that it was possible to wake up in a short time.

So I thought I'd see you someday.

"Nnh, it's nice to meet you..."

The pure white goddess, who was about twelve years old, opened her sleepily closed eyes and stared at us with purple eyes.

Recently, a pleasant prayer has arrived.That's why I like you. "

"Eh, praying is a bit..."

... I'm tired.

Fluffy and floating, Loriel suddenly falls to the ground and weakens.

To Tete's amazement, Lillie sighed in distress.

After all, it's still early to go out, isn't it?

"... no. Lili and her elder sisters are cheating on you to eat delicious food only. I'll eat it too."

Having said that, Loriel protested to Lilliel while weakened on the ground.

"Well, when you sleep there, it's you, so let's make a bed." - "Creation!"

Creative magic creates a soft bed, and Loriel gives a satisfied expression to the softness of the bed as she carries it over me and Tete.

”Hmm... it feels so good. Can I take this bed home?”

Loriel, keep your majesty as a goddess.

Loriel looked embarrassed, and Loriel, who was covered in bedside shamelessly, pounded her hands with a single burst of power or something.

... delicious

The sleepy expression remains, but the figure of Loriel, who eats happily with only a slight rise in the corner of his mouth, makes us gladly heal, and each of us reaches out to the Japanese sweets we are interested in and makes a green tea.

However, because it was on the bed, I couldn't wipe off the gesture.....

"Speaking of which, Lilliel. Just to show Loriel's face today?"

No, Loriel wants to ask you a favor.

A request from the goddess... I don't intend to refuse it because it has happened before, but the crisis and scale in the western part of the continent was huge in the case of Reliel a few decades ago.

Now, Loriel opens her mouth as she decides what kind of favor to ask.

”... while I slept, I was circling the circle of life and death on this continent”

"Yeah, I heard that."

It was hard!

"I didn't really feel it because I was actually asleep.However, if I had exercised my authority mechanically, it would have been 2,000 years since I noticed. "

Reincarnate the souls of the dead, and when the living are born, their magic will fill the world.

For this reason, it was mechanically reincarnated.

However, in the rampage of an ancient magical civilization 2,000 years ago, a large number of souls swallowed into time and space and detached from the circle remained.

When Stampede happened more than a decade ago, some souls came back by accident.

Loriel nods as I return my companionship.

The soul drifting through space and time came back a little.So I was able to stay awake for a while.But it took me more than 10 years to meet you because it's not really in order.And there are still a lot of souls drifting around the outside of this world.I want to raise it. "

Loriel, who had a serious expression, said so, but she held Castella's new hand in her right hand, and because she had food on the edge of her mouth, she couldn't hold it tight.

“So, what do we do?”

Ask us what we need to do to lift the souls of space and time, and we'll get an unexpected answer.

Please have a festival during the winter solstice...

Huh? Why is it a festival to raise your soul?

"Wandering souls wanted to return to their homeland.But I don't know how to get back to this world.That's why this star opens the festival on the darkest day.In the darkness, even the small light of the festival is clearly visible, and the soul returns. "

Somehow, it looks fun!

Tete is eager, but he doesn't know what to do at a festival with such an important role.

Loriel answers my question about what divine deities should be performed.

Become a lighthouse for the souls.- Drink, make noise, have fun.The more flashy the better. Then the souls will come to notice us.Purify the gathered souls.That's all I need. "

If you say that, you can be convinced, but I think that festivals are held around the world.

It's true that festivals are held everywhere, but the thin space-time walls of the rampage of ancient magical civilizations are only here.If it's a festival somewhere else, it's less effective. "

Loriel nodded as if she were right, taking Dafuku in her hand and eating.

"I was convinced, and it was a winter solstice festival."Isn't it just right? "

In the [Witch's Forest of Creation], the Hanami Festival is a classic feast of drinking and eating under planted cherry trees, but there are also harvest festivals that each village performs later.

It might be a good time to hold the Soul Festival for the Dead, the shortest day of the winter solstice.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. If you can, please do it every year. "

"Every year... that sounds harder than I thought..."

But I'm looking forward to it!

Well, the aim is to bring the wandering soul back to this world, but I also want to make it a festival for people who are still alive.

I felt like I had to do this with the help of the [Forest of Witches of Creation] residents.