I build a house in a lush forest and live there.

"Witch! Like you!"

"Tet, good morning"

"I'm having breakfast today, too!"

Tet waits for breakfast with Nico Nico, and heads to the dining room first and sits down for breakfast.

I also follow and follow the meal.

"It was delicious. Feast"

"It's a plain word. master"

I say that, Beretta, a service doll I found and repaired in archeological sites.

This large mansion is managed by service dolls that mimic her and provide us with food.

After a meal, I moved to the terrace and drank tea and watched the view from the house.

A scene where the golems I made are engaged in farming and provide us with seasonal food.

And I spend my day reading books from outside the forest, taking a nap, and living a self-depraving life.

You just have the right to live that much.

"If you think about it, the trees have grown so much here."

"Mumbling ... That's right. At first it was a wilderness with nothing to do."

Yes, it is a mansion in a forest made of carved trees, but in fact, the forest was created only after the residence was built.

At first it was really a wilderness.

I and Tet planted a blank space that was devastated by the reckless run of a magical civilization, and gradually improved the environment.

Also, the flow of magical powers around the stars was disturbed by the runaway of magical civilization, and the number of disasters increased. If you have.

"Speaking of which, your master. Today, envoys will come from a nation adjacent to the forest. ''

"What's the matter?"

"It will be a report that the king of the nation who has a contract with the master will be replaced."

"Oh, it's a change of the king, so you have to get an elixir."

In response to a report from the service doll Beretta, I drank the tea I had been drinking and got up.

The place to go is the gemstone that manages the terrain.

In the magic stone, the magic flow is arranged and the surplus magic power is stored.

Its maximum power storage is 10 million.

Using some of that magic, I exercise magic.

“―― Creation Elixir!”

When I reincarnated, a unique skill [creative magic] chosen by God.

The stored magical power could then be used as a shoulder to create three crimson all-purpose medicines-Elixir.

It takes one million magical powers to create one.

"Thank you, master. Then I will keep it here until I can deliver it. "

"Yeah, please. Well, let's give this and go home."

Today, groups come from outside the forest, but in this forest where I live, there are several small settlements besides this mansion.

There are hiding places for persecuted races, and habitats for phantom and sacred animals that are threatened with extinction due to human overfishing and environmental changes.

This place was once called [Void Wilderness] and is now called [Witch Forest of Creation].

This is the story from when I was reincarnated in another world, wandering around, and creating my place.

Or a long and long different world chronicle after creating your place.