I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 4 Experiences the power of writing the eyes

So fast!

There is an instant to the original Nairou, and the talents in the hand are waving, and the neck of the Shangyou is ruthless.

He is like killing hundreds of thousands of people, it looks very familiar.

"Thunder, Wan Lei Tianjun!"

Even if I didn't find the trail of Ukhi Boa, I didn't delay him, I would open the skills that Wan Leidian is in line with this ability to defend and attack!

Fortunately, the time they discussed before, it is enough to cool enough.

A group of thundering storms appeared over the original Naqi, a thunder and electric shot, forced Unexpectedo, can only use it for the body.

Countless lightning is coming back in the Thunder cloud storm, it seems that it may fall again!

After leaving the range of Wan Yitian, the eyebrows wrinkled: "This guy ... only has a print, you can release a strong thunder, and the intern in the organization is Is this monster? "

... ...

The mask is played by the mask. It exclaimed in the mouth: "Wow, wow, wow ... It's a super wonderful!


Shangyuan Nairi finally couldn't help but died, so exaggerated, it is really sincere!

Looking at the position of Uki, the four cards suddenly appeared in the hands of the original Na, shot in his direction!


The harsh gold iron friction sounded!

I saw that the talents in Unecheo hand blocked four cards, those cards were like steel, and they were extremely sharp.

"My card, is not ordinary people can play."

Shangqi Nai Lu laughed and said a sentence, the color is low, as his voice falls, a burst of explosion suddenly passed out!

One of the cards suddenly exploded!

Yuxi Pub fell to fly out, half squatting on the ground!

The wood, the body, there is some Wolf, and because of the act of acting, even if he responds in time, after all, after all, after all, after all, he is also affected by explosion.

"It's good ... I am terrible!"

The mask male is nervously legs, holding his own head, a kind of scaring can't be self-suited: "A card, actually bigger than the power of the explosion ... is terrible, ah!"

"There should be a lot of Chakra ..."

Yuxi Hoshen bowed his head pensive, half squatting on the ground, looking at the original navigation, the strength of this organization is too powerful?

Although he has not played all efforts, the two kinds of stylus of this intern, at least, should have a combat power of the level.

"Is it twelve years old?"

Yuxi Pubei closed his eyes, and then slowly opened, showing a fierce light, his eyes have become red, three black hooks in the surroundings.

call out!

Shangyuan can almost hear the sound of the wind!

He didn't look straight to the written eye of Yuxi, just looked at the moment of his foot disappeared, and once again opened the Wan Lei Tianzhan as a defense.

The so much explosion just came out, it should be able to lead to Xiaonan and Payne ...

Otherwise, he can only try to purchase some of the strange things that can be enough to win with gold coins.

Anyway, his main purpose is to get a skill reward, by the way, the organization will make the power, this organization is nothing to win, there is no drastic!

"Ah, this little ghost, I don't know how to deal with my eyes? It's really great!"

The mask men came again to explain the battle, and it was a little impatient.

If you still need to be alert to the raid of Yuxi, Shangyuan must find a way to give him a trick!

"Art fire escape ho fireball!"

A huge flameless fireball came toward the last navigation!

The signature of the Yishabo family, as the proud of the sky, is naturally taking the hand, the Zhangkou is a great fireball.

I have to say that the printer of Yuxi Porsche is very fast!

Junction of six handprints in a second, released the tactic surgery for a second, and the printer of Shangyuan Na will be faster.

Shangning Nabair collected his own hands, without hesitation of defense skills: "The wall of the wind!"

Flames fell on the wind wall, dissipated in invisible, leaving only the air burned by the flame.

Whether it is a mask male or aniso, their minds have a little dignified, because the original navigation is also a handset to release it.

But Uzhi Posh did not give up this opportunity!

Almost in an almost, this rebellious instant appeared behind the original Nairou, slamming his own troire!

"... is it?"

The palm of Shangyuan Nair has a magic dome, according to his guesses, Yuxi Pub is definitely launched with a hero, after all, that is, it has never been dead in anime!

"Directive · Shock Wave!"

The space around the original Needar is twisted!

A gravity attracted the shape of Udi to his body, and even the dilutive dizzy feeling also allowed Unexpected Hubiquky to fight!

Shangyuan Na is unlocking, one hand pinching the neck of Uzhi Budo, pressing him on the ground: "You lose!"

If he didn't use the palm, but directly cut off the neck of Udissa, it will definitely kill him.

However, this is not the purpose of the Shang Shang.

Yis Zhi Subico, although the core is a wooden spy, it is actually a model of tissue, and he is too wasteful here.

What's more, if he really uses a card, you can say that Uki is to resist!

Among the top of the upper, he knocked a sound. He saw that when he thought that the first branch mission was completed, he saw a branch mission that was closed in the corner.

The task is completed: the defeat is once in the goddess (11), reward gold coins +100.

What is joke, will there be a wishful wish?

Not right, the key is that he clearly occupies the advantage, why will the system think he has lost?

"It is you lost ..."

The eyes of Uzhi Pubie finally reflected in the eyes of Shangyuan Na, the three black hooks were moving, and they were not compromised in it.

Even if it is not too late to defense, it is still a chance to find counter-harvest in this case.

Although he doesn't know why he is in hand, it doesn't delay his decisive!

Only when you have enabled the enemy to get the final victory!

At the time of the original Na Run, in the illusion, in his sense, a huge copper nail embedded his body and made him not moving!

Illusion, golden boundary!

Only in the mind of the original Nair, the other is finally completed in the branch task that is throwing into the corner.

Task completion: Experience the power of the write-wheel eye (11).

Reward: Life Form Watting Radio.

Life Form Wattrack: Through its eyes release a strong ray, analyze the enemy's life characteristics, tattoo the enemy's body, lasting for 2.5 seconds, Chakra value and duration, minimum 100 Chakra, cooling time 120 seconds.

This skill is indeed very powerful, the problem is, Shangyuan should immediately relieve illusion!

This is really unprecedented, this kind of juncture is lost, not to say that the soul of the trace is strong, can you resist illusion?

What should I eliminate illusion now?

Just as Shangji Nai, I plan to directly use life, I have no different attack, some people took a slap in his head, using this way to play children, helping him to relieve illusion.

"What are you doing?"


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