I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 6 carries a young boy

Xiaomi's school uniforms are very handsome.

Perhaps because the active skills of the original Nairies are too powerful, they directly lead to Xiaonan unwilling to let him dress the darkness of the organization, and want him to have a bright future.

Shangyuan Needeling did not get new clothes, only to use a little envyed to look at the Hongyun black robes.

Xiaonan looked at the teenager who was full of envy, reached out to his hair: "Nair, your future will be bright."

"It is actually very good."

I used to judge, and I muttered.

However, when he saw Xiao Nan, two bottles of purple nail oil were passed, and his skin couldn't help.

Do you have to be so thick?

Do men want to apply nail polish?

Xiaonan looked quietly calmly touched the nail polish, suddenly said to him: "Yu Zhipu ... later left in the original, if you have seen who I want to hurt him, I will not leave."


Unechebia gave a look at Shangyuan Na, standing around Xiao Nan, and got his own head.

"The senior in Xiaonan, the reasonable battle can make the child grow faster!"

The mask male standing next to Uzhi Houli is looking for the original, opening: "I feel that this little ghost's card throw and the paper secrets of Xiaonan seniors are very similar. Which of the younger brother of Xiaonan ? "


The light blue hair is frowned, neither answering, nor denying, speaking to rush to them: "If you don't have anything, you can leave."

"Well! Go away, I am going to buy meat!"

Mask men hold their own head and blow the whistle.

As for Uzhi Hou, he just joined the organization, it would temporarily live in the secret base in the organization, waiting for Payne to assign him to which combat team.

Because the mask is male, Xiao Nang suddenly is interested in the ability of the original Na.

She also wants to know the power of the original current, and they can be able to make a flat hand in a revenue, and a well-trained wooden leaf.

When Xiaonan saw the card in the hand of the original na, reached out and looked down at the pattern on the card.

That is a red peach K.

"Is this a playing card used in the casino?"

Xiaonan's face was slightly cold, she looked at Shangyuan's eyes gradually dissatisfied, cold channel: "Are you ... Is it gambling?"

"... is not."

The teenager spreads the stall, explains the opening: "Because I can't afford to buy a sword when I am a child, I can only use the cheap carton to practice the sword. Now I have been used to it, and I have also developed a surgery that can borrow play cards. "

In addition to saying, it is not good to explain!

After all, the throwing technology of the card master is still very practical, and the side is not said, and the effect of single card explosion is equivalent to the power of explosion.

"What? Needel, you will be my disciple!"

The small South has opened his palms, a sheet of folded paper floated from her palm, turned a paper butterfly, surrounded by them.

Xiaonan manipulated a paper butterfly falling in her own fingertips, whispering: "My paper compirations are similar to your cards, just I can teach you a lot of ways to fight with paper."

Not only in order to teach him to grow, it is also the inheritance of the will.


Shangyuan Na is a bit embarrassed, is there any misunderstanding in the middle of this? What do you need for his strength?

Just if he wants to continue to stay in the Xiaomi, he seems uncomfortable to refuse Xiaonan.

"So, please take care of the small people!"

The Shangqi Nair's head jumped out of a strange branch mission has been completed, and these did not have a club.

The task is completed: becoming a disciple (11), gold coins +150.

Just this, do you want to meal?

In accordance with the understanding of the system branch task in accordance with the original navigation, he reluctantly understand the operating mechanism of the system, the more the tasks accepted by the public, the more rewards the completed reward.

Xiaosan squatted in front of Shangyuan Na, helping him to organize his clothes, and the voice gradually silled: "Nairou, later ... call my teacher."

"... Yes, Xiaonan teacher."

Shangyuan Nai is sliding his eyes, from good fortune.

In fact, there is nothing to do in Xiaonan, this woman wants to go, I don't know what to do the original teaching, decided to rely on her former teacher's teaching method, conduct a combat test.

Although Xiaonan's teacher is a wooden, but she has not experienced what to get the bell test, but with teammates to defeat the teacher's shadow.

Obviously, she is going to do this.

Xiaonan smashed the hair on the amount, whispered: "After a few days, I will test you, let my paper fight with you, decide which tolerance, and how you can Participate in our next task ... "



Xiao Southern nodded, palm on the shoulders of Shang Shang, whispered: "We know the previous member, for your father's revenge mission ... I don't want you to live in hatred, but these things I think or Need let you know, because some things should not be sealed in time. "


The original Nairitan bureau has nodded.

In fact, he all knows, even what he knows, more, deeper, farther than you see than Xiaonan and the long gates.

So, is it a test of acting?

Xiaoshan's face slowly sinks, and the look gradually became a little cold, a word a word: "Twelve years ago ... people who kill the other members, is the leader of Yuyin Village, half-Tibet and Woody Village High-rise Zhidun Group Tibetan. "


Shangyuan Na's face is just a surprise: "So ... we have to attack the leaves or go to the rain?"

Pene heard here, came over, standing around, Shen Sheng: "Small south, tell him the task directly! Shangyuan Nairou must participate in this mission, this is his life."

"No, Naidu's strength involved may be dangerous ..."

Xiaonan's first and Payne gave a positive conflict: "I have to test him first, guarantee that he can live in the mission."

"If he is dying in this task, it is because his power is too weak, not worth living in this world!"


Xiao Nan fiercely looked up, and he was not afraid to treat it for a while. After all, he was still low, whispered: "I still remember the teaching of the teacher, the young child is the future of the future ... and Nai Lu is also only one."

Since the death of the Kaiko, this is the will of her first violation of Payne, this kind of thing has not happened for a long time.

The appearance of this teenager is like a light and looks out their past.

Let Xiaonan know that her body is still carrying a responsibility. She wants the will that once wanted to illuminate the bobbin, inherited to Shangyuan Na.


The orange man was silent for a while, turned away, only left a sentence in the rain: "Just! For the war, we have been prepared for twelve years, there is no ghost's participation, and there is no effect on the results."