The lake is calm.

The ninja stepping on the lake, sweeping the road ripple.

The original Nairi stepped into the lake, followed by Xiaonan's footsteps, slowly stood in his position, and after another, today officially conducted his test.

I don't know how Wes think is thinking. He still somewhat in the first two days, and today I also came to watch the battle between this teacher.

Xiaonan closed his eyes, closed his palms, whispered: "Needel, don't think this is just test, my paper is weak ..."

Xiaonan's voice gradually low.

She floated with countless origami, these origami gathered in the aerial flies to become a human form, which formed a paper that was able to face with the body.

This paper is different from ordinary shadow.

Although the ordinary shadow is also an entity, it will be forced to disband after being attacked; the paper is very different, and when Xiaonan's paper is attacked, it can even differentiate into smaller sheets, fly to Reconnect from the distance.

In addition, paper is also able to release any of the tissue that Xiaonan can use, even if it is a usual sheet of paper, there is also a sharpness that does not belong to the sword under her depth of Chakra, let alone countless sheets. Mixing hidden in the sheet of paper.

"Unfortunately, if you can't even be defeated by a paper ..."

Shangyuan Nai raised his head, the juvenile's mouth tickled a smile, it is very confident: "Is there anything that I am not too use?"

He has worked hard for a month, and the Chakra, who is bonced to the goddess is full, which has the endurance of Chakra.

Before losing to Yisi, it was because he was too big, and the illusion of writing the eyes is over, and the battle is ended by Xiaonan.

Now, Shangyuan can be aware of Xiaonan's intelligence, whether it is her tolerance or her shortcomings, I have known a clear two, plus those special skills ...

If this is not to overcome the paper of Xiaonan, he will eat the card in his hand on the spot!

"Then you have to wait until the end of the test!"

Xiaonan's paper was stepping on the lake. She was rushed to the lake, and the mouth reminded: "Nairu, to formal start ... paper hand sword!"

Dozens of sheets of paper!

The sharpness of the paper hand in the sword, and there is almost no difference between iron system, even flight speed, throw angle can be more strange!

The original neighborhood has four cards, and quickly thrown towards the direction of the paper!

boom! boom!

Eight cards fid out, two of which automatically won Chakra commanding cards in an instant explosion, changed the direction of paper hands in the sword!

Other six cards flew in the direction of Xiaonan!

"Don't do it ..."

The water is once again swayed!

Xiaonan is very satisfied with the method of solving paper hands in the paper hand in the original Na, and her paper is folded behind, gathering into a pair of wings, driving her body to avoid card attack, and once again launched an attack!

Dance of the paper!

Paper rain!

A sheet of paper is densely equipped with a paper sheet, and it is inclined to the position of the original Na. It is not escaping at the ground!

"The wall of the wind!"

The original naval launched the palm of the palm, knotted a handprint, floating on the water, and blocked the attack on paper.

It's just that the crisis has not been released ...

Even if the barrier of the wind can block a few seconds, it is impossible to stand up, and Xiaonan's paper rain has recyclable, she is almost endlessly released in paper!

The wind wall has disappeared ...

The rain is again attacked to the top!

The original Nairou is awkward to avoid another wave of paper, but this is not to resolve the crisis!

"Can you only use that trick?"

Shangji was returned to his own double boxing, and Chakra fly quickly, his foot was on the water, flew out of the air, escaped over the intensive paper!

It is the flight skill dance!

"Need to fly ... can you fly?"

Xiaonan's brows wrinkled, and flying skills were not rare, just flew to the sky, it was very unexpected.

Next moment, Xiaonan saw the figure of Shangyuan rush!

"high speed!"

Xiaonan's paper fell quickly to the rain that was launched down, countless paper retained to form a paper spear, shot in the direction of the top!

However, the movement of the original Na Raised in the air is flexible, and even in the ground is unlimited, it is only ate the paper spear.

"Can the body can be so flexible in the air?"

The woman's brow is first locked, and then he is going to come: "Nai Luo, this little guy ... can't be smashed!"


The two finally got a face!

It's just that the Shang Shang's body is very bad, even if he can move freely in the air, it is impossible to defeat Xiaonan in the body!

This is also something wrong ...

His life energy is only more than 600, and life energy is linked to his physical strength, strength and speed. From the data from the data, it is almost a numerical value.

However, this is not much, just rushed to Xiaonan, the battle is over? Thunder cloud storm has begun to accumulate around him!

"Thunder, Wan Lei Tianjun!"

Thunder cloud storms continue to fall lightning, split the paper into a sheet of origami, and even some origami moved to move electric light, this scene is surprised.

Only the electric light will only be exposed on the flab paper with water! However, these wet paper has the effect of conductive, so it is almost impossible to be destroyed by lightning ...

"Xiaonan teacher, is it soaked in the paper in advance?"

"Not bad."

Xiao Southern nodded, nor deny: "If you don't do this, my paper is hard to resist."


Shangyuan Needo helplessly helped the head, Xiao Nany actually guided lightning through wetting origami ...

There are no number of origami fly to the other side to constitute a small body in Xiaonan. The dangerous task cannot allow you to participate. "

"I understand, it can only use another secret!"

I nodded, I looked at Xiaonan seriously. He has been chaotic. He has always been Shang Shang, symbolic printing.

Xiaonan looked at this scene, but he attached great importance to it.

However, she did not stop the practice of Shanghao, and the disciples between the teachers should let the disciples play his own real strength?

And Xiaonan also wants to see, this handsome disciple, suddenly this is so printed, and will release any powerful sickness.

"Life Form Wattra"! "

After the original na, after the mess, I finally closed my own palm, and I looked at Xiaonan's paper!

A purple energy is in the moment!

After the attack of purple energy, Xiaonan's paper is not too late to split again, and it turns out to disappear in an instant to disperse.

At the same time, in the brain of Shangyuan Na, there was a rang, another quirky branch mission was completed ...

The task is completed: defeat the angel of Xiaoxiao (11), reward the angel skills, Saying.


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