I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 8 cares member's Payne

The trimming of the Holy tribute, an angel coming skill.

Upogenic Nairou pays that after the Qustue effect of the Holy Stealing, the heart is finally rest assured, and he doesn't have to worry about death.

Trice of the Holy Tan: Increase the invincible shield for yourself or others, for 3 seconds;

Chakra consumption is related to the duration, and the skill minimizes Chakra 100 points, cooling time is 160 seconds.


Xiaonan's body rushed to the Shangyuan Nai, and waited until he landed. "

The power of life and energy rays, beyond her imagination!

When the purple energy just started to come into contact with paper, it didn't feel very bad; however, there was no longer a second, a burning pain was drilled out in the body!

Just like hard and ethogically erase the body!

"Oh, I don't know."

Shang Nai was shot and shook his head. Zhang port shocked out: "I am not sure that I am a sick or blood, if my father is still alive, you can ask him, do we have any more strange blood "


Xiao Nan shake his head and did not continue to ask.

Perhaps because I woven the inside of the neighborhood, there are too many strange sickness, such as the role of the grievances, what is the eternal people in the eternal people.

Payne came up, cold voice open: "His body is too bad, it is not as good as you, Xiaoshan, in battle this will become deadly shortcomings ..."

Xiaonan: "..."

Petion screwed two people in a word.

Moreover, Penne is still saying that, regardless of the strength of the original navigation, you must participate in the task of the war of revenge, how now he picks three picked four ...

It is only reasonable to Pethen, and the original Naiqi body has some mistakes. Even her ninja, which is not good at body, can be seen.

Shangyuan Needo is a little deprived.

His body is indeed a bit of poor, but as long as you wait until the future life energy value is superimposed, it will naturally change.

"All right."

Payne glanced at the original navigation, turned to the Xiaonan: "Now you have tested it, his strength is enough to participate in that task!"

Shangji fell to the beginning, smartly looked at the light blue hair: "Xiaonan teacher, we are going to participate, what is the task?"

"Attack the rain, forced the mountain pepper, half-collected, the heart, and finally die all!"

When Xiaonan mentioned the name of the person, the face became a cold cold: "Twelve years ago, the mountain pepper was half-hooded, and it violated his promise, hooks the village group of the wooden leaf, killing The leader and most of the members ... "

Everything happened to that day, she is in my heart on the night!

Originally thought that the tissue that is about to go, once the night is destroyed once, in addition to her and the long door, everyone is killed!

Among them, the leader of the knowledge is Naiko.

That is the companion who grew up from a child, led her and the long gates survived in a bad war, leading those who trust him chasing the peace ...

He didn't die on the way to stop the war, but died in the plot, leaving a huge shadow in the psychology of the two friends.

In addition, the long-door legs were also smashed by the explosion, from that, lost its action, and even the two evil guys reached an agreement, leading to the way of horing a horror.

In order to revenge, it is also to commemorate, the long door chooses to keep the bodies of the banan, and make the strongest heaven in the six Petion, let the heavens Been as the leader forever.

Twelfth year.

Xiaonan and the long gates were in turn for twelve years. Wait until Wesin's complete production, two of them had a confidence and decided to go to Yuyin Village.

Since it is a revenge, it will not be intercepted by another person.

Just can think of it, they want to miss someone before attacking Yu Yin Village, just touched another teenager who should join their revenge.

Shangqi Needressed down-minded, their attacked rain hidden village should have any problems, according to the strength of the six Petion, I want to take the mountain pepper half-hidden, that is, this is a pure soy sauce. trip.

The main purpose is to complete a few tasks.

For example, a series of tasks that have been ignored by the original navigation.

Advanced Task 1: Kill Ten Watches (1010), reward 100 points of life energy, 100 points Chekla can, the task has been completed.

Advanced Tasks 2: Killing Ten officials (310), reward unknown.

According to the contest, the future task should be a series of endure, endure and endure, saying that there will be a movie character.

Ok, it is estimated that there will be it.

According to his current strength, the strong perspective facing the shadow is really helpless, and the task personality issued by the system, those shadowers are certainly the shadow of the ninja five countries, not the rebellion like the corner. endure.

Nowadays, the only expectation of the original navigation is that the future advanced tasks are best to endure, rather than, for example, Mitko and Kakasi's Bug, then it is a bit of people.

Just want to improve your strength, advanced tasks must be done, and the original navigation is estimated that these tasks are the gift energy and Chakra energy.

The reward should not be low.

At the beginning of the last, I have encountered some kind of strength, I have encountered a few skills, relying on his skills and kill them more than enough.

However, there is a formal endure with his own rivy, or the activities of the group team, even when Shangji Na, in that wandering day, he only encountered a rock hidden team in the rain of rain.

If you want to complete the number of advanced tasks, you must find a ninja gathering, no longer more suitable than Naruto.

Ability to complete a lot of advanced tasks in one time, thereby greatly strengthening your strength, this opportunity, can be uncomfortable.

The next preparation time, the case of the original Needle is very strange.

In accordance with the fire-shadow world intelligence he knows, the long door will store them when you usually use Payne to save his Chakra.

Who can think of it, in the time of the war, Pethen is not returned to the place to stay, but frequently appeared in his and Xiaonan's practice, the end of the last Nair Returning of the trained body, proposed A bunch of problems.

"The arm is too soft, not enough to kill the enemy ..."

"If the speed of the leg is too slow, it will let the enemy caught your flaws ..."

"It's too much, the little ghost, is your fist to stretch it?"

Orange men standing on the edge of the practice farm, when opening a few words from time to time, there is a loss of the Tiandao Penne image with the background music.

Shangyuan Needs are not good to refute.

Xiaoshan has some unbearable, and there is a demonstration: "Payne, Nairou is 12 years old, he is still very young, there is still a long growth time ..."

"I am just a member of concern."

Orange men's vibrating the word, and some are some of course.