I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 10 is a teacher to teach


Kamakura looked at his last companion war, under the surprise, a punch was splashing on the ground, muddy mixed rain water to his body: "It is an idiot who wants to challenge half-hidden people ..."

Decadrend, the mountain pepper is half-pointed as a ninja, which is the ninja that is the closest to the ninja, so he has also encountered many assassination and challenges.

Ninja in Yuyin Village is used to it.

Damakura has also seen a lot of furhead, thinking that he has mastered a few of the invincible, entering Yuyin Village, I want to pick a semi-tibia, but they will be half-hide, the left and right hands of the left and right hands. dead.

When Damarm suddenly thought that this bamboo umbrella in front of him was also an idiot who did not know the sky and wanted to defeat half-hidden adults.

Shangyuan Needan, but did not denial, but went to Kamakura, laughing in the mouth: "You only guess half, I want to take the half-Tibet's head, and I want to take his head to pay homage to those who killed them. People ... that old guy, live longer? "

"Betting! Dare to insult half hidden people!"

Kakura bite his teeth, as a rainy, it is absolutely unbearable to insult the ninja that is considered proud.

When I arrived at this guy, the Kamako flew out of the hand, and the printing: "Yu Yin is!"

A group of smog rises from the rain ...

The Kamakura is a ninja born in Yuyin Village. It is very familiar with how to fight and escape in heavy rain!

This guy wants to escape!

In the face of a strong enemy who killed the rain, Naruto is in the strong enemy, Kamakura knows his strength.

That little ghost, it is easy to solve six endure and one in the process of endure, even the battle, even the bamboo umbrella in his hands is not let go!

"You must send your information back to the village ..."

The figure of the Kamakura rushed, with the smoke slit to block the upper line of sight, he flew into a rock clamp, he had already optimized this position.

As an ordinary ninja, once the enemy that cannot be solved, it is necessary to send enemies to the upper layer of the village as much as possible.

This is the rule of ordinary ninja.

There is a bigger rain.

I didn't dare to go out in the rain, just cautiously hiding in the stagnation of the rock, listening to the rain of rain on the bamboo umbrella gradually becoming smaller.

That juvenile, did you leave?

Kakura was slowly angry, he waited for a while, only after thoroughly determining that the teenager left, carefully explored his head and observed the surrounding environment.

In addition to the water flowers in the rain, there is no trace on the ground.

The rule of the troops in Yuyin Village finally put down the heart, and slowly walked out of the rock clamp, and he was observed that the rain seems to be a little.

Rain is playing in the bamboo umbrella again in the ear ...

People have not yet!

That boy is still here!

Kamaku looked up and looked at the air!

I saw a dark movie in the air. The figure was floated with bamboo umbrellas, so that the eyeball of Kamakuo unconsciously smashed ...

Can that little ghost, can you fly in the air?

Shangqi Lu Lu Lu Lu has dropped, so that he can look at the eyes of Kamako. He smashed his head. He asked: "Hey, even if you want to escape, you have to ask my opinion. "


Kamaku warten can't be a bamboo umbrella, it is very popular in front of the bamboo umbrella, just to open the mouth: "You ... I have been in my position early ...


Shang Nai nodded, pinched a card in his hand, inserted into the rain hidden care of Kamakura's forehead.

That card was clearly thin, but he was unusually sharply cut the iron ninja care, slowly inserted.

Kamako looked at his movements, in the face of an enemy that was simply inferred, he didn't dare to move.

Kamakura can clearly induce a slight wound that has been drawn, and the blood flows from the gap of the balance.

Just when Kamaku said that he had to be killed, he stopped and said softly: "Okay, go back to tell the mountain pepper half-hidden, twelve years ago, he fled a robbery, this time, he can't escape "

Kamakura muttered: "... Why ... Why didn't kill me ... Your guy, what is it ..."


Shangyuan Needressed for a while, erected a finger, explained his face: "May ... I am a kind person?"

If you have just arrived in the end of the end of the month ago, he may be a kind person; but the life of the rain, the kind people can't live in the endurance, then he can only do it. An alternative point guy.

When a person knows the world's world, the flow of evil will begin to bloom, hidden in human nature, will drive him into a human and unscrupulous human.

"... good ... kind?"

Kamura can't help but lower, look at the rains that are lying around the place, which is the kindness!

Shangyuan Nai Lu waved on the ground, step by step to the rain, when he came to half, he suddenly stopped his footsteps, turned his head and smiled: "It's better to kill yours. Leave you one, go to the mountain pepper half-Tibetan spread from our fear, the effect is better? "


Kamura was lacking.

Shangqi Naqiang did not put a hormope: "Go, go back to tell the mountain pepper half-collected, from the revengers from 12 years ago, come back to him!"

After that, the bamboo umbrella slowly disappeared within the sight of Kamakura, left a wolf.

"12 years ago?"

The Kamakura is in the rain, I remembered the old things in Yuyin Village.

Twelve years ago, the mountain pepper semi-Tibet has led many close-up rain hidden people to perform tasks, and the specific tasks are unknown.

However, in addition to half hidden, the other rainy hidden people didn't come back; from that, half-Tibet also released a command to chase the organization; but the rainy ninja never found any traces of the organization, this event Still can't be.

Now, is it a member of the organization to revenge?

Rainstorm, getting bigger and bigger ...

Shang Na Ruo just completed his mission, I saw a paper that was wetted by the rain and wet, gathered into a shallow blue woman, and the woman's horns were wet by rain, tightly posted in her face. on.

It is his teacher.

Xiaoshan reached out of the bamboo umbrella in the hands of the original naval, took him to his side, let the two have a lot of bamboo umbrellas.

"I saw it just now."

Xiaonan looked at the original navigation, took his shoulders, and praised the teenager around: "Nair, did it."

"Where, it is Xiao Nan teacher to teach."


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