I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 15, is confiscated by Xiaonan

The Department Pingchuan is still thinking.

Because Shangji is only given him a chance, but also a little tip is that this twelve-year-old teenager wants to listen to some men's romantic stories.

However, there are many categories of romantic stories of men.

As a ninja birth to death, the favorite story of Pingchuan, of course, is the story inside "hot heaven"!

It is the story inside, some children are not suitable.

The partner Pingchuan is dead by his own brows, maybe in this little ghost, he probably doesn't understand the beauty of "intimate heaven"?

Do you want to ask questions?

After the stabbing of Yuyin, after a long time, he looked at the teenager that appeared to gradually, and asked first: "Hey, have you heard that" the intimate heaven "?"


Shangyuan Needs Intuly the expression suddenly scattered, slowly raised his head, and it was full of curiosity, intake and desire.

Even if it is separated from the gas mask, the part of the department will see the curiosity in his eyes, don't know why, he actually felt that he would be able to live with two.

"The book gives me, people hanging."

The original neckstretch has extended his palm.

In fact, he is really not particularly curious about what is written inside, mainly because there are several branch tasks and "intimate heaven" series.

Book class branch task is a lot.

Just these branch mission rewards unknown.

When I arrived at the last time, I bought the "strong perseverance tolerance", after reading, I got 100 chart.

Perhaps this also proves that people who like to study in secondary yuan are actually quite a lot, so the system will have such a branch task.

The department Pingchuan bites his teeth, and took a orange book from his own endurance package, handed over the original Nairi: "The" intimate heaven "is very popular in Yuyin Village, I am also a long-awaited team. I bought this book. "


The original Needle and reached the hand.

When I took the "intimate heaven" in the original hand, the system in the brain was rang, I really didn't expect it, just get a book, have already completed a branch mission?

Branch mission: Get a "intimate heaven", reward 100 gold coins.

There is still such a simple task. This also shows that there is really a simple wish, this book ... is this so interesting?

Upogenic Nair's consciously opened the title page of the book, after a sucking a few eyes, whispered: "Hey, this book is a bit mean ..."

The department Pingchuan slammed his chest and slowly stood up: "So, can we leave now?"


Shangji stopped the books in his hand, looked at the clothes, Pingchuan took two, and suddenly called him, smiled and said: "Wait, after you go back to Yuyin Village, don't forget Tell the pepper half-hidden, today we kill the mountain pepper, soon it will turn to him! "


I heard the little ghost insulted the leader, the service department Pingchuan just biting his teeth, no longer turned back, just led two parts.

There is no communication between the three lucky and escaping, and some messy words are coming, and it is also attached to the ear.

"The service department is long, the age of guys look very small, actually there is already a strong strength ..."

"Well, you are only twelve or three years old!"

"But so small age, I started watching" Intimate Heaven ". After this little ghost will definitely abolish it?"


At the end of the original Needle, he left the two of these two and served the peacefulness, just in his own mood, anyway, they did not dare to disturb the battle of Xiaonan and mountain pepper.

After sending the rain, I'm going to review this harvest, and the advanced task 2 has been completed, and the advanced task 3 will only have two intern to endure.

In addition, there is a precious "intimate heaven".

In the principle that cannot waste resources, the original navigation began to search on the system panel and the task associated with "intimate heaven", and found a few simple things quickly.

Branch task: Collect two volumes "Anti-Heat Heaven" and reward unknown.

Branch mission: Read "Anti-Height Heaven" full text, reward unknown.

Branch task: Have an emotionally read the "intimate heaven" and reward unknown.

When I saw the second branch task, I couldn't help but convulsive in my eyes: "How is it ashamed of such a high task?"

However, this simple task is not doing, just to pick a suitable location, be sure to be in a place where there is no one.

A light blows blow.

The original Needle is in the hands of the hand.

When the teenager looked up, only a sheet of origami overlapped, formed a small appearance of Xiaonan, killing a mountain pepper tolerance without the owner, is still very relaxed to Xiaonan.

Xiaonan's hands are holding the "intimate heaven", frown is tightly wrinkled, and the face is very ugly.

Shangyuan Needo, I want to explain: "Xiaonan teacher ..."

"Don't explain it."

When Xiaonan came back, the first look saw the cover of "Anti-Height Heaven", let her feel some eyes, it seems that I have seen it in a bookstore, it is a very popular book, as a lottery The disciple, she naturally heard the teacher's masterpiece.

For curiosity, Xiaonan has also sneaked into the queue to buy a copy, naturally disappointing the content of the content, and even thought that some people went to borrow their name.

After all, it has been a single dog, how can he write a normal love story? The result was confirmed, it was really written, and the things inside were still stimulated by love stories.

Because she knows that this is not a positive book, I just took it from Shangyuan Na.

"This book is not your age."

The light blue hair covers the side face of the woman. She lowered his head and looked at the original navigation, she seriously continued: "No, you can never look at this book."


Shang Nai is looking at the "intimate heaven" in the hands of the small south. There are countless scattered paper floats, as if they see countless gold coins from their own.

Xiaoshan stretched out the palm and took off the Upogenic gas mask, looking at the teenage of the tenderness, and asked softly: "Nairou, where did you get a book?"

This teacher is a bit too strict!

Shang Qiqi left a deep breath, speaking, speaking: "I just gave me a few people, they gave me this book, I originally wanted to give it to you, Xiaonan teachers should want their teachers. Work, listen to them, not very good to buy ... "

"I know."

Xiaonan sighed a sigh of breath, and his palm smashed his hair: "If someone gives you this book later, then he kill him ... Remember?"


Shangnai, a tender face agreed to it.

It is so gentle to say that it is bloody.

And I thought it was a "intimate heaven" series of branch tasks, all very simple tasks, now I want to come, this task is really not so easy.

The "intimate heaven" series series has always been very hot, it is estimated that the publisher finds a lot, wait until he agrees to the "intimate heaven" large-scale printed, he maybe it is possible?

"All right."

Xiaonan is satisfied with this matter, filed their tasks: "Now there is a revenge of the mountain pepper, we will already know our revenge, let's go back to the base to hide for a while, avoid him to set the trap ... and organize it. A few things, I need me to deal with it. "