After the meeting, everyone left the base.

Xiao Nan looks looked at the original navigation, and she won himself: "Needel, I said, what you should participate in."

"Xiaonan teacher ..."

Shang Nai is a little lonely on his face, it is going down.

Pene shakes his head and loudly dissuaded: "Xiaonan, we must be fair, Shanghao is a member of the organization, and we can't have an exception."

"But he is still a child ..."

Xiaonan low-end head looked at the original navigation, opening: "When we were this age, he was only with the teacher of the teacher, and he didn't learn anything, although the power of Naida is not weak, but he is going to go It has been closed on the country where the outside is closed, and the ten hidden is dead, and if the neighborhood has an accident ... "

"No, teacher."

Shangyuan Nai fell out of her emotions and avoiding what she did not say anything.

"Okay, there is no need to worry."

A small black bar appeared in the palm of Payne, he gently broke the black stick and went to the front of the original Naid: "Upo, have you learned Tongling?"

"Hey, there is no ..."

The teenager's look is slightly awkward, and the authenticity of the ribbon has not learned, but his own spiritual skills can only be completed.

At present, he only has a spiritual contract, just the loyalty of Gario, but Gario's psychic needs three thousand points Chakra, his value is far from enough.

"I now teach you a psychic surgery."

After Pethen said, began to demonstrate the print gesture of Psychics. On the side of the printing: "Tongling is the most simple time and space, before the printing, you need to use your blood as a contract, summon out Contract. "

After Pethen was originally renovated to the print gesture of the spiritual arthropo, after seeing him nodded, he handed a small black stick in his hand: "If you encounter danger in the fog hunger, use The Craler is inserted into his own body, then use the spiritual technique directly, understand? "


The original nodded is nodded, because at this moment, his brain '' has sounded.

Branch mission completed: Society of Psychic (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the Tongling contract: deep sea Titanolus.

Tongling Contract: Summoned deep sea Titanolus, consume Chakra 2000.

The spiritual contract of Shangqi Nairi feels is completely a big pit. Whether it is just the loyalty or deep sea Tetan, his Chakra is not enough, you can only find ways to complete the advanced task, or make a money to buy some of the Equipment of Chakra.

Fortunately, he can go out something else.

Shangyuan Nai has taken the Chakra sensor in Payne, which exists on everyone of the six Pedene, and the long door behind Payne is through these sensors. Kara and manipulate their actions.

In addition to these effects, there is a way to use.

And the Xiaonan around them is an example, because the small southern lacks are also Chakra sensors, so she can be benessed by the beast Paragon or her own psychedelic.

Because there is the existence of Chakra sensors, the six Petion is actually a spiritual spirit that is equivalent to the beast.

Shangnai has always had this kind of guess, and now Wesin has given him a black stick, it all understands, this Chakra sensor can help him go out Petion, no matter which one, can save him Life.

Payne is not like Xiaonan, and has always been not very good to him. Who can think of this guy is still a proud?

Shangyuan Needan to sigh, looking at the two people present, and asked: "Xiaonan teacher, Niki people, have you feel that the predecessors of the intern wearing mask have just been wearing a mask ..."

In order to maintain the people who have a heaven, the original Nairou can only continue to call Payne for the Nai; the opposite is that Xiaonan is generally called Payne as a long door.

Pethen nodded and looked at the small south. He explained: "His identity is a bit different from others. I have just won't be unfavorable to you ... so wait for you to go to Water When the country, I will warn him and will not let him do excessive things. "


Shangyuan Needs to fall.

It has been in the past twelve years away from the death of Mikai, why are you still so true? You are twenty-seven years old this year!

If the mysterious mask wants to make it unfavorable to him, don't need to do it yourself, just manipulate the four generations of water shadows and mortar ghosts in the foggy village, you can reach his purpose.

This is never thought about Xiaonan and Payne.

This is also the lack of intelligence.

Shangyuan Na is not very afraid of the mask male tactics. Now he has a short-term invincible skill, and there is a flying skill like the dance air. It is natural to escape and want to go.

If the mysterious mask is still thinking about a wave of things behind, Shangyuan Na will not mind to give a mask male translation. What is surprise!

However, Xiaonan immediately gave the original navigation, she took out several psychic reels from her own, handed it to the hands of the Shang.

Just as the teenager looked at the reel, when the look was sobatic, Xiao Nan took his hair and whispered: "It is 100 million detonatics ..."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

Even if he understands Xiaonan's surgery, it is scared by the concept of 100 million detonators. When is this digital detonation? What time is it going?

And the system in the brain '' sound is also a non-stop, it seems to be a little dead.

When I was a big brain system panel, I only saw a bunch of display completed tasks, let him see the tongue.

Branch Task: Collect a tolerance detonation (11), the task has been completed, reward skills: mutual explosion.

Branch mission: Collect a hundred tolerance detonation (100100), the task has been completed, reward 100 gold coins.

Branch mission: Collect 10,000 tolerance detonation (1000010000), the task has been completed, reward 150 gold coins.

Branch task: Collect 100,000 tolerance detonation (100000100000), the task has been completed, reward 200 gold coins.

Branch mission: Collect a million tolerance detonation (10000001000000), the task has been completed, reward 250 gold coins.

Branch mission: collect 10 million detonation (1000000010000000), the task has been completed, reward 300 gold coins.

Branch task: Collect 100 million detonation (10000000000000000), the task has been completed, reward 350 gold coins.

In addition to the above rewards, Shangyuan Nairies also observed, followed by four or five subsequent detonation tasks, and final task is closed for collecting six hundreds of billion.

Shangyuan Nai fell to the small south, his teacher shot really too big, sent him several reels, let him complete a bunch of tasks ...

Xiaonan thought that he was scared by the number of explosions, reached out to help him put the seal reel into the endurance package, whispered: "I can make a detonate, 100 million is not a special number, everything is safe It is heavy. "

"…is teacher."

Shangji nodded, but I remembered that the system rewards his mutual explosions. Unfortunately, this is a systematic skill, there is no way to teach to Xiaonan.

But this skill comes from the endurance.

Shangyuan couldn't help but started a small nine-nine, there was a chance, be sure to go to a wooden bloating room, helping Xiaoman to take the practice of explosive explosions ...

If this endured woman has the most explosive woman, he got the explosion of the explosion, and did not know when the mysterious mask was unfavorable to Xiaonan.