White is the truth, the dog can't change it ...

More than ten years ago, when the guy came into contact with Yuxi Bo, they are so curious. After more than ten years, they still have no improvements.

One sentence is inexplicably revealed in front of the top.

In the case of a white fake girl, I also let Shang Na will completely affirm one thing, the mask man has been monitoring his trace.

After leaving the town, Shangyuan immediately found a hidden corner, and used the

After the mysterious mask lost the traces of Shangyuan Na, it was not anxious, because he knew that the place where the original Nairou, as long as the martial artifacts were held around the rabbit, they will be able to wait until people.

"It's trouble, that little ghost."

The mysterious mask men helped the mask on his face, thinking about the next step: "The lock of the lock is always a woman who is a waste of Kakasi, I heard that the spy is cultivated from the small country, it can borrow Come with one ... Hey! "

That woman is called a bell.

The reason why the woman knows that is still because of the flag wooden carti.

In the junior period, Kakasi had a task to return to the wood, and it took a word, he saved a little girl on the road.

At the time, when the mysterious mask was in the endurance to dig secret, the spy women who found the locked country were not bad, because they have not been allowed to return to their hometown, as long as she is taught by her, she can send it later. Under the field.

However, after a few days later, the mysterious mask found that the small girl saved by Kakasi's boy, and he lost his interest.

No, this woman is not good, it will not look at people.

In his opinion, the bump like the flag-like Kaki is a unrelated waste, so he gave up the bell.

Now the mask male needs a qualified spy candidate. The first thought is a pharmacist, but the pharmacist is a man, but also lurking around the big snake pill, and the red sand is slightly involved. Some are not appropriate.

The woman called the Bell, I have a long to enter the eye, and some women's means should you let go of the original navigation?

Masters quickly developed a perfect plan.

When he is even sure to plan it, it is still excited: "Hey ... I am the genius!"

The mysterious mask male voice faded, and the words were repeatedly turned into a funny clown: "When the ghosts are educated, when they live and die, let the woman named the Bell will be saved. he!"

He has a little admiring yourself. If this strategy is not herself, he can't see true!

A spatial vortex appeared behind his, leaving him throughout the income, leaving only his neurotic sound: "Let's find the woman named the Bell, and the country takes the lock as a bargain!"

The country of fire, a jungle.

Shangyuan Nair's head drilled out of the tree, and talked about the surrounding environment. When no one, he quietly came out.

In the bottom of the bottom grass, the speed is very fast, it is a little waste of Chakra. In order to walk to the fire of the fire, the original Needle will upgrade your equipment.

Equipment: The fever of the blazing angel.

Chakra energy increased by 1400 points, the skill cooling reduction increased by 20%, and Chakra consumes 25%.

It was originally completed a series of branch tasks through the out-of-the-order task and Xiaonan, accumulated more than 3,000 gold coins, and now only more than a thousand ...

Shangyuan Needle, there was some heartache. It took so much money and only added 400 challenges, just will let him break through 2000 points. If his Chakra remained on full value, it is possible to pass a deep sea Tetan. .

However, the original is not in the intention of the equipment stacking checks, because the advanced tasks will reward a lot of life energy and Chakra energy, and what he is now more careful about Chakra recovery and life energy recovery, skill cooling reduction and many more.

Life energy: 12011201

Chakra energy: 1332250

Life recovery: 2 seconds

Chakra recovery: 1.5 seconds

Remaining gold coins: 1070

Because of a long time to walk, Chakra on his body is almost exhausted, and you need to take more than 20 minutes here, restore your own Chakra.

Twenty minutes, it is not short.

Shangyuan Na Rui thought that he found a secluded place. He forgot this is the fastest shortcut to the western part of the fire, so there will be many people.

For example, two wooden leaves that have been rushed back from Sichuan Province, a white hair ninja wearing a mask walks on the road, holding an orange little man in his hand, looking at the side, some indulge in it.

Walking next to him is a pet-haired female ninja wearing a mask, the dark uniforms are worn on her, looks that her posture is high.

"Let's take a break near this."

The sound of the purple haired ninja is like a yellow dragonfly. It is an overwhelming forest: "Seniors, after returning to the village, have you to withdraw from the dark part?"

"Ah? It's true that this is true."

White hair ninja is low, whispered: "The three generations hope that I will be guided to endure, guide the graduation class in the village ..."

"It's a pity!"

The female ninja lowered his head. The purple hair was scattered on her chest. She sighed and continued: "I hope there will be a chance to perform the task with my predecessors."

"Hey, don't need this kind of depression, if I haven't guess, your next partner is actually a very gentle guy ..."

The voice of the White Milky Ninja suddenly stopped, his footsteps also stopped, slowly turned to look at the depths of the forest, saw a pattern of floral mask sitting under the big tree.

Zifa female Ninja also can't help but stop, after seeing his eyes, after the mask man under the tree, the woman consciously pulled out their tips.

This is the instinct response of the secret of the secret.

This is a bit evacuated, which is due to the close to Sandy Village and Yu Yin Village, the pain caused by several endurance battles is too big, and most of the civilians nearby have been migrated into the area near the wooden leaves.

What's more, this mask man is strange, inexplicably appeared in some dangerous forests, definitely a dangerous person!


At this moment, I have used the natural illusion to become a mysterious mask male Shangyuan Na, which is also stable with his own mood. This is his first grand performance in the fire.

When I heard them talking, Shangyuan Nairi secretly observed them for a while, just in the mask, I recognized the identity of White Mei Ninja and the Zifei Pen.

Flagkarcasi, Xiqiang.

Therefore, after the original Na returned to his own Chakra, it did not have a wonderful idea.

This time, he wants to give a mask male a big hassle.