I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 21 is right, I am Yuxi Bo Tong!

, is the most complex relationship between the endurance.

Shangyuan Nae and Mystery Masters don't know each other. They are intended to be prepared by the other party. In fact, the nature is exactly the same, all of which use people's emotions to achieve their own goals.

Mysterious mask men want to use the wrapping bell as a spy and the original navigation, and then break the embarrassment, let the original fall into the dark.

Shangyuan Nair believes that it is better to recruit a big happening with his mysterious mask man.

People, sooner or later, they have to face their own past.

And the original Naida and mysterious mask men are very full of self-cognition, very tribute to their IQ, both believe that their plan is impeccable.

Now the entire persistence knows that the mysterious mask is native, and the number will never be more than a palm.

The mysterious mask is absolutely will never think that the Shangyuan can pass the border through ; Second, as long as the Shangyuan has not exposed his true face, mysterious mask can not find it.

Flagkarta went forward and looked at the mystery mask under the tree, asked: "Who are you? What is the purpose of sneaking the fire?"

"Here is my motherland."

The mask of the original Naji, the male, made his hand, whispered: "The dark part of the wooden leaves, can I go back to my hometown?"

Shangyuan feels a bit perfect, an emotion of the commemorative thinking from home, was interpreted by him.

Unfortunately, he only had two unknown audiences, and the dark ninja in the wood did not eat this set. The thrown of the moon, the knife was shed, and the sound said: "Hey, pick your mask first! "

"This is afraid that it is not very fair."

Shangyuan Nai touched the pattern mask on his face, looked up to the white ninja, whisper: "If it is a little friend meet, we should take off each other's mask, you think, flag wood Carti ? "


White Mei Ninja pulled out his own tie knife, the bow had his own waist, put a pair of fighting gestures, but there was still a little in the mouth: "Hey, I know that I am in the dark, and I can recognize me. Come, it seems to be a familiar person! "

The brain of the flag woodkasi is thinking!

Masters in front of you hide your identity, indicating that his identity is not smooth, most likely the rebellion of wood or the root ninja.

However, after the long long, the Yischo family of leaflets was destroyed, Zhun Group was inexplicably closed by the three generations of fire, and the entire root was completely scattered.

So, it can only be the rebellion of wood leaves.

Just, Kasi does know a suitable candidate.

The family who has covered his own, becomes a man who is scratch with wooden leaves, is the former teammate in Kakasi in the dark, Yisiza.

However, in Kakasi's cognition, the family education of Uzhi Poso has always been very good, whether it is facing the enemy or facing the companion in the village, has always been very polite.

The mysterious mask man is doing this, and Yisiza should not do this, but the Yishabo family is neuropathy. Who knows what he will become?

In addition to Uzhi Hou, he really can't think of anyone.

The flag-like Kakasi clenched his tutor, the scarlet's writer gaze the mask male, and he took a breath, and I asked: "Are you Uku Hose?"


After the air seems quietly, the mask men have been shook his head: "You guess it ... Carti!"

After listening to his words, the flagmark was silent for a while, and suddenly held the tutor in his hand. He was cold and indifferent: "Since you are still in the ghost, let me help you pick up the mask. ! "


The mysterious mask man seems to be scared. After a hurry, it is ridiculous to avoid Kasi's attack. When you jump to the tree, the sound is gradually getting gloomy: "You are you, Kasi ... kill teammates It's still not in love! "

The body of the flag wood Cassi is stiff!

At this moment, once again, he remembered the Lin, who would dream every night, and died in his Lei Shi in his stay, his bloody girl.

Daniel, the throne, I looked at the body shape. Kakasi, loudly argued: "Betting! You are talking nonsense, the seniors are not that kind of person ..."

"Hey ... isn't it?"

The mysterious mask men looks down on the two people, slowly picks up the masks on their faces, showing half a half of the scar.

This is the true touch of Urcho.

The natural illusion used by Shangqi Nairou can imitate the disguise into any one, and naturally also imitate the appearance of Yuxi Bo.

Shangji is holding the mask in his hand, and the mouth is revealing a scratch: "Carti, still recognize me?"


Flagkarta's palm of the palm of the brute, holding your own tips, like a fragment of the knife!

He can't believe his eyes.

Even so many years, the appearance of Uneclevoba has greatly changed, but Kasi still recognizes his outline, but the person he buryed more, how can it be resurrected?

The flag-like Kaki smashed the mask on his face, and he did not dare to confuse his eyes: "Are you ... with soil?"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…"

Shang Zhiso, who was originally ranted, was laughed, and whispered: "I didn't expect to write round eyes Carti, I can remember my crane, it is really rare!"

"With soil ..."

The sound of the flag-likekkasi is somewhat dry. He does not know how to face the ridicule of his old friend, but many words can't be said in the throat.

Tribunal Ports standing around Kakasi, looks ingredient: "Seniors, is he the hero who killed the war? He now ... is a rebellion?"

In the case of the thrilling, the two people pulled back to the reality.

Time for nearly more than ten years has passed, Since Yisi Bo is still alive, why didn't he return to the wooden leaves, is it because Lin's battle?

"With the soil, why don't you return to the village? If the teacher they know that you are still alive ..." The flagmark of Kasi is once again, and their teacher's wave of Waffles is eight years ago. During the chaos.

"Watermen teacher and Ni Ni Master, is me killed!"

Shang Zhiso, who was camouflaged in Shangyuan, lowered his head, watching the flag wooden Carti-stiff face, smiling and said: "I can't think about it? The seal of nine tail is I opened, I use written eye to control it ... You also noticed it, I gave you a good gift that day, hidden very amazing power, right? "


A chaotic in the brain of the flag-wood Cardi.

Because the words said in the earth are too amazing, let him have become disordered, even if the soil is now talking about it, as if it is a magic.

"Okay, Kasi, cherish that only write the eyes, it has the power exceeds you imagined, I have to go to Lin Revenge, goodbye!"

Shangyuan Nai was unhappy, leaping a few up and fell towards the distance, and there is no need to react to Kaji and the thrill of the holiday, his figure has disappeared.

Shangyuan Na Rod into the jungle, with the help of the sorrow, and looked at the Carti who came to find a madness, quietly sinking into the bottom.

Today, he did a good thing.