"Don't worry, white will not discret."

Shangyuan Nai went to wave, looked at it and was scared to shake, rushing and smiled again: "No, your observation is also very bad! White long is so cute, definitely a boy what!"

Even if you say it, it is a man.

The peach is no longer greeted, Shen Sheng: "Hey, you can rest assured, this little guy is the ice, the future will not be any ordinary person, he will become a ninja sooner or later!"

"Do you know white?"

"Although the blood fog can't take the existence of the endurance, for our ninja, the bloody is a precious tool, even if there is only ice blood in the body, no exception."

The peach is no longer in the heart, and I walked a few my own spots. "When the little flying ice broke out, many people were killed, after being found in the village, I was responsible for dealing with him, nature Have all your intelligence.

The water shadows are still in the fog hidden village. He cannot be ascended in the village. "

"Hahaha ..."

Shangyuan Nair lost a few times, watching the clear teenagers around you: "Hey, if you look like this, my luck is not bad."

"Hey, I hope your luck can continue."

The peach is not going to leave here. I don't know what he thinks, and I have added a sentence: "Finally remind you, don't look at the guy you are looking for, the master of the last When it is, it is no longer again. "

"This is not worried about you."

Shang Nai is looking forward to the figure that does not leave, he is rushing at him: "Hey, no longer, if you don't have success, you can go to me, at least you can keep your life."

"Hey, idiot!"

The peach is not loud, and it is the original.

In accordance with the peach, he is no longer aware of Shangyuan Nair, he believes that this teenager must have an intersection with the mortal ghost, saying that it may be killed.

The task of this mortal ghost troops is to arrest the invasive wooden ninja flag wood Carti, in order to ensure that there is no loss, the moblose ghosts take away a few strengths in the village.

From a period of time after tomorrow, the defensive defense in the fog hidden village is unprecedented, and the peach is no longer a courage to implement him to assassinate the four generations of water.

Northern Water Country.

In order to find the traces of Unecho, the flag-like Kakasi walks on the country of Water, and he judges that the soil is in this closed country in order to revenge.

However, Kakasi has not found the soil, but I was first checked by the misty village ninja in the country of Water, and I faced a copy of the writer cardiki with copy ninja. I don't dare to pay attention to the advanced request for support.

This is really unfavorable.

When the flag wood Carti still took the headache, when he cache him, the mysterious mask got Kasi's news, his brain hurts.

Mysterious mask men want to take the original navigation, and specially in Kakasi's bait, the spy bumps cultivated in the lock, not, now his purpose is not reached, but the bait has jumped out.

Fortunately, the mysterious mask male prisoner is forbidden, and this female spy Nincher does not know the news of Kakasi. As long as the operation is proper, there should be no trouble.

It is just a perfect closed loop.

Shangyuan Na will find a martial arti to find a ghost and bring him to the organization; macmon ghosts want to find the flag-like Kaki and bring him back to the fog hidden village torture the information of the wooden leaves; Wave belt soil and brought him back to the village. The truth is to be used to find the original navigation and let him fall into the dark.

Most of these people are just a chess.

Yuxi Bo belt believes that everyone is the chess pieces him, including the original navigation; Shangyuan Nairies also believes that everyone is the chess pieces him guided, and even Yuxio belt.

The battle between them is to see who the number of layers is higher.

the next day.

After the Shangyuan Na, after the movement of the martial arts, I wanted to rush to the fog of the water of the water.

Shangyuan did not take a white action, but he left the famous government of the water, but waited until the peach, no smashing the water, the fog hidden, let Bai Shun will never take the peach. take away.

The fog hidden village north whistle is destined to have a little lively.

The four-year-ended four ninja teams were stationed in the post, a total of 16 people, in accordance with the combination of 1 endure leader +3 nectarity and 1 neutral captain +3.

Only one endure is only, I want to catch the flag woodcassi. It is really a powerful force, because this fog is hidden to the captain of the captain. I have seen the power of the flag wood Cardi, and won't go Take the initiative to send people.

However, just let Carti escape, it is not in line with the temperament, this fog is very serious, and it is very seriously implemented, lends his part to entangle the circumference of Cardi, waiting until the reinforcements sent by the village. .

This is written in Cardi.

Flagkarcasi is the most hot ninja in the past few years. If he caught him, it will be able to collect a massive wooden intelligence, which is beneficial to their dreams of foggy villages want to defeat the wooden leaves.

"Thirteen classes, responsible for the left!"


"Five-Year Plan, responsible for the right side!"


"Twenty class, responsible after checking out!"


"Eleven class, all attacked me, encounter Kakasi to entangle with the sword with hands, remember, can never look directly at his writing Eye!"

"Yes, the captain!"

The four squads in the misty village were also entangled in this area, and their actions delayed the minds of Kakasi, and forced Kasi, they must find ways to counterattack, solve this group. Mist.

When the flagmicahi hidden in the plan, Shangyuan Nairou has already arrived in this area, using the dance air soon quickly discovered their traces.

The young ninja floats in front of the many misty, and in the eyes of many mist but fortunately and vigilance, Shangyuan put a pure smile, asked: "A few, is interested to play a game with me? ? "


After the fog hidden, he hesitated his face. After a second, he cleared the tackle in his hands, and the loudly told the scene: "In accordance with the original plan, don't let the little ghost hinder our things, kill him!"

Killing decisions are fog to bear!

With the commander of the argument, the fog is never hesitant, and it is simply throwing a ten-handed hand sword shot to the original navigation!

"Wind, the wall of the wind!"

A wind wall blocked all the hands of the sword!

The smile on the face was not reduced, and slowly closed his palm, whispered to say: "Although you are very unreasonable to me, I still choose to forgive you ... because, the deceased is big!"