The deceased is big.

After the end of the original Nairi, the foggy face is very exciting. The little guys in front of the eyes are indefinite to the sword, but he is only one person, but also confident that they can kill them four squad?

"... good and arrogant little ghost!"

Whether it is hidden in the dark, the flag, Kaki, still fog, their first thought is that the attitude of the original Nairies is too arrogant!

Even the famous Ninja, Kakasi, and did not dare to enter the built-in fog troops. The little ghost that spoke was provocation in all face. Do he look for death?

The flag-like Kakasi slightly detects, quietly looks at Shangyuan Na, who is in handing, and his heart is attracted.

Shangyuan Na is slowly printed, you can see his movements without having to use the write-wheel eye, but the print order is even Caassi who has never seen it. He has never heard of the little ghost. Sherjack?

Flagkarcasi immediately finished the whole god, carefully using the write-wheel eye to the printed order of Shangyuan Nae, and wanted to secretly copy the endurance of the original Na.

Shangyuan Na Rou didn't know all this, but he didn't care, after it fell on a pile of chaos, his palm stretched out the sky, looked at a group of mist and smiling: "Goodbye, if you can Live, ... Thunder · Wan Leizhen is increasing! "

A thunder cloud storm floats around the Shangyuan, a lightning suddenly slammed out from the thunderous cloud storm, dispelting on the head of this group of foggy!

Several mist and instantly have been smashed into coke, and the other fog fingers have escaped after the first lightning, the second lightning, the third lightning ...

Lightning is constantly falling!

One of the fog didn't endured and defibrated. He was in the body in the body, and he didn't have the opportunity to stand up again!

The attack frequency and speed of lightning are not what they can easily deal with. The fog is finally realized that they are difficult to escape, and even the time for printing defense is not enough.

Under the crisis, human nature is abrupt.

The end of the armed head jumped to a part, grabbing his body, lost him to half an air, stopped two lightning, and his part was a coke; other corneades saw After this scene, I have grown my body and my companions, as the shield of my own escape!

If it is not a lightning attack frequency, the ninjas of the fog tolerance may even start a self-defeating civil war!

The original Nai fell as the fog in the thunder cloud storm, the smile of the mouth, in front of the threat of life, the expression of the mist is really bad, than the Ninja of Yuyin Village is far away. .

The fog hidden village has not banned the blood mist policy of self-conflicting, and even encouraged, and finally showed evil, no one dared to believe in their companions!

Shang Nai was launched a most comfortable battle. He didn't use the second powerful skill, just lost the card, completed a unilateral massacre.

Peeking all the flag-like Kakasi to see the sweat!

That teenager only used a strike, killing four mist tolerance, including an endless team!

However, the flag-like cardi is a little stolen. He not only escapes the entanglement of the mist, but also copies a powerful thunder, just the flag-like Kakasi's own most good at it is also thunder.

Advanced Task 3: Kill Ten Officials (1010), reward 1000 live energy, reward 1000 challenge energy, reward 1000 gold coins, rewarding life energy recovery increased by 100%, reward Chakra energy recovery increase 100% .

Advanced Task 4: Killing Ten official endurance (110), reward unknown.

Shangyuan Nai is still observed with the reward of the advanced task 3, except for the routine life energy, Chakra energy reward and gold coin rewards, additional energy recovery and Chakra energy recovery.

Life energy: 2201 (standard endurance 1000 ~ 3000)

Chakra energy: 3250 (standard shadow level 3000 ~ 10000)

Life recovery: 4 or second

Chakra Recovery: 3dm

Surplus gold coins: 2070

Equipment: The festival of the blazing angel, adding 1400 challess Clant, the skill cooling reduction increased by 20%, Chakra consumption reduced by 20%.

After observing your properties, I got a breath, in addition to the strength of the body, the physical strength has increased a lot, Chakra energy broke through three thousand points, and it was finally possible to have a place in this endurance.

In addition to these routine rewards, there is also a return of life energy recovery and Chakra energy recovery, especially the increase in Chakra energy recovery, allowing the original navigation and .

The rest is to wait for the arrival of the mortal ghost.

Shang Nai, I thought of a few ways to trickle the ghosts, just worried that the mysteri ghosts were loyal to the mysterious mask, and the Shangyuan did not want to expose it easily.

In the end, the original navigation is still decided to put the go of persimmon to be seriously injured, and then forced the ghost to bring back the rain, this is also completed the task?

Mountain forest.

A shark face youth led a fog hidden forces that exceeded 20 people appeared at the foot of the mountain. Except for these people, a brown-haired woman also took the three ninja teams, including a powerful investigation ninja. .


The Qing is the only white blood of the non-Japanese family, because the war in the war is a white eye, which has become the strongest Ninja in the misty village.

The high-end fog's high-end combat power appears here, and you can know that they can know their raging and fog villages for the hidden village of the flag.

Cartry ghost sweeping this mountain, soft: "Qing Dynasty, start! Our group will only use the knife, search the enemy is still in trouble!"

"Understand ... White eyes!"

Green places you my own double finger, open the white eyes, carefully search the traces in the mountain forest, and look for the portions.

After a while, Qing has been searched, the face suddenly became ugly, Shen Sheng said: "All Ninja in the northern whistle is killed! There are two living people on this mountain, one of which is a small ghost that is not high. The other is the flagmark, he is in the east forest! "

"Ha, it seems that our luck is good!"

The macaroni squeezed the sterling knife on the back, looking at the beauty of the United States: "So, then we will arrest the flag-like Kaki, and assist us under the beauty, do you arrange it?"


According to the beauty, I didn't see it, and I went to the lips: "Our purpose is just to grab the copy of Ninja, who is responsible for attack, who is responsible for circumference, does not matter."

"That's going!"

Cartry is not doing, dragging the muscle knife in his hand jumped into the forest, and the forces tightly followed it.

Looking at the location of the mountains in the mountains in the mountains in the mountains, they moved the lock to the position of Kakasi, and moved to the direction of the snout.

As for Shangyuan Na, the Shanglan, they didn't care.

Really in the meaning of the original navigation, there is only one.