I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 31 A Fei Premiend, your name ...

Shangyuan Nair's body appeared from the smoke, his body wrapped a golden mask blocked the attack of the muscles, and it was the way of the ultimate skills of the Holy etch.

A handle of the golden Chakra radian is suspended by his side, and the invincible gesture of the teenager ninja.

I suddenly extend my palm, grabbed the stabbling of the muscles to flip the body, kicking the neck of the ghost, kicking him, and the golden Chakra screaming followed, Spooky to the ground!

"How can this be…"

The mortal ghost fell to the ground, can't move, looked up and looked at the teenager who had no wound after being hit, and his face was surprised and could not hide.

"Nothing is impossible."

Shangqi Nairiki kicked the muscle on the road, overlooking the shark face on the ground, pinching a card with a card on his fog hidden: "From now, you are a clichemotic tissue Ghost, have there any opinion? "

Just at this time, the system has already identified the ability of the mortal ghost and no resistance and issued a skill reward.

Branch task: Defeat the seven people (27), reward unknown.

Branch mission: Defeat the chanvet ghost (11), the task has been completed, reward skills: giant shark strikes.

The giant shark strikes: the remote summoned a void giant shark attacks the target area from the ground, and the shark will jump out from the ground, the soul of all enemies in the devour, Chakra consumes 100 points, cooling time 80 seconds.

The original Naidou took the system reward, and the mouth was still forcing the mystery ghosts and surrendered. It has been observing that the mysterious mask of this battle is a bit unique.

How does the guy of the mortar ghost? How is it to lose?

Bells stand around the mysterious mask, after a horror, I have finished the fight against the ghost and Shangyuan Na, and she has never thought that the ninja can be so powerful!

The flower bell will open a small mouth, and I asked whispered: "The teenager seems to win ... What do we do now?"


The mysterious mask is in silence. Since it is the original navigation, his plan is naturally bankrupt, and now the most tight is to save the martial martial artifact from the hands of the Shang!

If the mortal ghost is hard to surrender, the original na will never take a mist to kill a foggy.

That will lose a minimum of choice!

The mysterious mask is not hesitant here. The whole man is changing the spatial vortex, appearing on the original naval and canmon ghosts, suddenly appearing to grab the upper arms, laughing and opening: "Hey, it seems like you The battle is over! "

Suddenly, the mysterious mask men made the original navigation!

Sure enough, this guy has been secretly tracking him?

"A Fei predecessor."

Shangqi Nai Run hurried opened his arm, Shen Sheng: "I have not remembering the wrong, your task should be the partner of the elder generation, shouldn't you appear here?"

"This is ..."

The mysterious mask is unlikely, and the thickness is shameless. What happened ... "


The god of Shangyuan Nai is suddenly subtle.

When I met my opponent, this guy was very thick when I was separated by the mask!

If the martial artifacts are not from the mysterious mask, they are not from the mysterious mask. They will make this muscles to the mortar ghosts on the spot.

The mysterious mask is not to know the idea of ​​the original Nairi. After he rushed up, he kneel his body to explore the injury of snorkeling.

After confirming that the body of the mortar ghost, the mysterious mask male smiled and said: "His hoe, ghosts, Shangyuan and I am a member of the organization, are you willing to join our organization now?"

"Hey, have there any other choice?"

The mortar ghosts heard the name of the organization and was surprised for a second. After a smile, he nodded with the mask male, and it was officially promised to join the organization.

"No, you can choose to die!"

Shangyuan Needle and smiled, rushing his head, rushing his head, a sentence, a shark face without saying, or even the mask men in the side.

Mysterious mask men say a few words more than him?

This is too never given him a face!

Looking at the mysterious mask, he continued to say: "Seniors, this is my mission ... I think it should be killed here, invite another person to join the organization, and then go back to Xiaonan teacher, and I Your own business! "

"Hey, this is not good, the little ghost!"

The mysterious mask male genus Of course, the opening opposes: "Inviting people to join the tissue, we secretly observed the decision of him for a long time! The whole misty village is not more suitable than the ghosts!"

"There is no suitable person in the fog hidden village, does not mean that there is no country in the water!"

Shangyuan Na Ruo looked at the mysterious mask, refers to the depths of this mountain, whisper: "The copy of the wooden leaves, the flag wood Cassi sneaked into the country, and he has been surrounded by a group of foggy. We can save Kakasi and attract him to join the organization ... "

This kind of words are purely laughing.

If you don't look at it, the reputation of the flagmartah is mostly a lot of people, if the original Na Ruo really invites Carti to join the organization in the way, the organization must only harvest one from the wood. Leaf's spy.

The mysterious mask did not speak the Shang Shangyuan as a laugh. His attitude was extremely resolute, and the loudly opposed: "The flag-like Catsuki guy is not as good as the waste. We can organize guys who can't kill the companions!"

"By getting it!"

Shangqi Lu Lu is innocently stabricted: "A Fei predecessor, you forgot our predecessors in our organization, each time you leave the base is a two-person task, come back, he will carry a box of money ..."

"I think Kassi and the corner are different."

Mysterious mask man feels the original navigation of this little ghost, he has a little regret that he has ranked about the implementation of the implementation. If this goes go, maybe this little ghost will give up the sneaky persimmon, and pull the Kakasi's bauble. !

"Nothing is not the same?"

Shangyuan Na was squatted, whispering said: "I heard that the flag wood Cardi has written eyes, just allowed him to take together!"

This is really reasonable, and Shangyuan Na will not help the idea of ​​this devil. He actually has a trick to trick Carti, let him and the idea!

Unfortunately, if I really have to know the flag-like Kaki, who has already known my mysterious mask, and Xiwoven big probability may explode directly to the place.

"With soil!"

Just at this time, a voice that made people dare not confused into the ear, it was the flag-like Kaki, who has been discussing in their mouth.

The copy of the wooden leaves is tired, but he doesn't care about his injury, but the look is excited to rush to the direction of the original Needs and the mask!

The flag-likekkasi is a few steps. He fell around the mysterious mask, whispered in groggy: "With the soil ... I finally ... I found you."


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