I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 32 Who is the shadow of Xiao?

Flagkarta dusk passed.

There is also a trace of burns on the man's arm, and clothes are also corroded, and should be an attack of boiling and dissolving.

The whole water is exactly a woman with these two blood.

When the flagmic Carti was evading, he found his traces, and he had encountered ambush of the beauty. When it took a huge disadvantage, Kakasi returned to a city, and even formed a single.

Unfortunately, in addition to the beauty, there are many fog.

Under the helpless, the flagmarks thought that he had just secretly copied copying, Wan Leizhen, I want to use this trick to defeat all the fog!

However, when Kakasi finished the handset, I felt a bit uncomfortable. Fortunately, he launched the machine, or chose his own Thunder, this kills a way of life ...

Just escaped from birth, Kakasi met the target character of his country, encountered a group of fog to bear to die, encountered his old team friend Zhike belt soil, perhaps the hope of surviving.

Kakasi tensioned mood finally reluctantly relaxed.

The mysterious mask is not very good, full of shocking, looking at the flag of the foot!

Ah, ah!

Who told him that how did Kasi guys know his identity?

And since his name shouted out, it is definitely not Kakasi to guess!

Which borna is leaking his identity!

Yuxi Bo is simply crazy!

Next to the last navigation showed a surprise, there was a little confused in the eyes: "A Fei pre-generation? This name is just now ..."


The mysterious mask has recovered clearly, and turned to look at the eyes of the original Nairo, he suddenly revealed a fierce light, but he still restred himself: "I don't know what he is talking about ..."

"He is talking about it."

Shangqi Naqi is full of innocently, I repeated it, and even he added a sentence: "A Fei predecessor, is you and the wooden kaaxi?"

After that, the Shangyuan Nai's eyes were bright and bright: "Yes! You and the relationship is very good, the original A Fei predecessor is also the ninja of the leaves ..."


The mysterious mask is a little crash, and the Shangyuan is so seriously analyzed his identity!

Don't he don't know, a person knows too many secrets, but also pokes the privacy of others, life will become short-lived?

Now my mysterious mask is clear, his identity can't disclose to others, especially the long gates and Xiaonan.

They will recognize Unexpected Boss and may not recognize a general Utiliary.

Since it seems that this secret, the mysterious mask is the first thought, it is a blockade message!

A palm of the glove suddenly explored, grabbed the neck of Shangyuan Neck, my mysterious mask is young and calm, said: "Little ghost, I am still very optimistic, but in order to do not affect the judgment of Changmen and Xiaonan, Can only kill you here! "


Shangqi Naqi exhausted gasping, tightly grabbing the mysterious mask men's wrist, trying to earn his constraint, whispered: "Seniors, I won't disclose this secret!"

"is it?"

The mysterious mask men's eyes gradually became a scarlet, and there was a madness of a scent of bloodthirsty: "But I want to kill you now!"

"no, do not want!"

Shangyuan Nairo scared a picture of the monketement, taking advantage of the mysterious mask male, his look is extremely strong: "Seniors, if you don't agree, then you will go all right!"

At this moment, the original Needle will plan to give your own acting.

The mysterious mask did not know differently, perhaps strong strength, but they were originally attached to his body.

Is this guy not enough?

Still a bit too expanded?

The mysterious mask has no difference, rushing to the last navigation: "Hey, you will be equated with me with me."


The pain on the face of the original navigation suddenly suddenly faded, actually showed a strange smile: "Why do you think you don't match me? You just have an intern in the organization!"

After that, the Shangyuan Na Rio will break away from the shackles of the belt to fly to the air. The young people look at the mystery mask on the ground. "Since you don't want to pay attention to the same, then you will die!"

"It's a real little ghost!"

My mysterious mask is not angry, just when he wants to continue to say, the sound of explosion of explosions interrupted his words!


An sudden explosion of the explosion!

The stunned flag of the ground is flying out by the detonation of the mask man.

The mysterious mask is still calm, and she is bombarded by the explosion, but she can't hurt him. It is only his right eye, but the windmill is written, there is one Sique space.

Through the ability of the kaleidoscope, the mysterious mask is able to make every time, hid into the space, and avoid attack damage by the outside world, which is why he can proudly face most of the Ninth Ninja.

The Shenwei is within the space.

The mysterious mask male body has hide into this space, and I plan to avoid the bombing of the explosion, and let go of the reality of the realistic gap.

Unexpectedly, when his body has just entered the Shenwei space, a picture of the explosion is constantly following his body!


The entire Shenwei space seems to be in the New Year, the explosion of the explosion is endless!

And regardless of the mysterious mask to hide or hide into the Shenwei space, there will always be a detonation to follow his side, blowing him with his attraction ...

"This is ... what is going on! What is this forbearance!"

The mysterious mask is looking at the Shangyuan Na, and the eyes revealed anger. He is actually between the applause!

Shangqi Nairou raped a finger, whisper: "Hey ... Seniors, don't worry, I only used 100 million to detonate, this fireworks feast will end."

"Fast Eggs!"

The mysterious mask spurted a blood, his clothes have been destroyed, the masks on the face also become broken, the body also became broken, but the bombing of the explosion is still continuing ...

His mightteed space, there is no half a way to take off the tracking of those detonators!

Shang Nai is so good to look at the fire of a group of monks, the explosion of the explosion is actually one of the time-space styles, but the principle of the invention is the easiest way.

As long as there is a detonator's body on the target, the single detonator can pass the tall-to-mega-made detonation to the target, until the target's body is fry into pieces!

Even the mysterious mask can hide in the mysterious space, and the detonation will follow him to enter the Qiwei space to continue the summary of the out-of-market, which makes him uncomfortable ...

If he can use the Shenwei to avoid it, 100 million aesthetics is just a fireworks feast; now, even if he can use the Qiqi, but also flee the explosion of the explosion.

Then I can only use that trick!

Shangji Nai Lu looked at the mysterious mask male was shaken by the explosion, whispered: "Okay, if the predecessors die here, then blame the senior luck!"

If the seniors are lucky to live in my endurance, they will return to the organization as soon as possible, and frank your identity to Xiaonan Teacher and Nas. "