I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 34, the reward brought by the mortar ghost

"Okay, I don't want to waste time."

Shangyuan Nairo sat up to the martial arts, sitting straight, looking at him: "The peach is no longer going to assassinate the four generations, but he absolutely can't think of it, the four generations of the fog hidden village have been Controlled with illusion, right? "

Shangyuan Na Rou refused to continue the discolification, directly poked the biggest secret in the heart of the martial arts, and then sold the peach and no longer, anyway, there is also someone else, no one knows that the peach is not going to do.

Under the whole fog hidden village, only the macmon ghosts know the truth of the four generations of sauce is used by human illusion, and even he also works for those who control the water.

Shangqi Nairiwei looked with a martillant ghost, whisper continued: "The guy claims to be Yuxi Boufang ... right?"


The martillamon ghost is bumps, and I hardly looked at the original navigation almost, he didn't imagine that the original Nairou actually known so many things. The person who controlled the four-generation water shadow did indeed claiming the martial artifact.

Since Shanghao said the name of the spot, basically it has already been determined, he is actually the matter of the fog's hidden village.

Cartry ghosts converges their own look, quietly open: "Since you already know so much, then what else you can get here? Sound, you know the person's identity?"


Shangji was picking up the eyebrows, whispered: "He has been lie to you, you have heard it, his real name is Yuxi Bo belt soil, before he is only a wooden leaf!

After awakening the kaleidoscope, reluctantly self-proclaimed Yu Zhibo spheres, in the role of being cheated everywhere, preaching his evil thinking ... What is the merit me? "


The heart of the martial artifacts hops, and the spin is still a little bit.

Since the real identity of mysterious mask is poked, the so-called month-eye plan is also hidden in the eyes of others.

The ghost's heart is faintly frightened.

At the beginning, he saw Unexhoba 'exacepted' appearance, showing that when he has been secretly controlling the four generations of water, he knows that he is the biggest black hand in the foggy village.

However, the Shangyuan Nairies in front of him even knows the details!

This seems to be a 12-year-old boy, which seems to be more like a real behind-the ... compared to the fake ''.

Hawn ghosts have some feelings in the world are not very worthy, and this world is always deceiving him.

Whenever he believes that he knows a part of the truth, it will unveil, let him clearly understand his ignorance and weak.

But now, there is another chance to uncover the truth!

Although Shanghao's so-called truth, there will be countless things!

Cartry ghosts have been contemplated for a while, and looked up and firmly looked at the original navigation. Zhang opened his full mouth shark: "So you can tell me, what is the truth of the merits of the month?"

"Do you really want to know?"

Shangyuan Na was laughing, after reading him, she bought a dark spear equipment from her brain's system store, lost on the ground: "If you really want to know, you will pick up this dark spear. , Sign me a soul contract! "

The Dark Spear: Sign a cooperation agreement to others through the Dark spear. If they accept the agreement, the dark spear will enter their body, bind their soul, if they betray the contract, the soul of the betray It will be incorporated in the dark spear to strengthen its strength. (You can only bind one person, you can actively release)

"If you can let me see the true face of this world, death is just the cost of negligible."

When the mortal ghost, smiled, did not hesitate, when leaked over the dark spear of the ground, a quiet green energy was wrapped around his body, and the other of the green energy connected to the original Na.

When they were wrapped in the energy of the two people, a proud female voice passed into their ears, like a god, sigh: "The vows have signed."

When this soul contract is completed, Shangyuan Na will automatically appear on its system panel and a skill.

Dark Spear (Contract):

Both live energy + 10% (activated)

Both sides Chakra energy + 10% (activated)

Directone Call: If the contract is near your own, the contractor can pull the contract, the contractor is invincible and cannot be selected, lasting for 4 seconds, the duration is associated with Chakra consumption, and the contractor can be thiled after the skill is over. Any direction, the skill minimum consumption is 100 Chakra, cooling time is 120 seconds.

Whether it is life energy and the increase in Chakra energy or the summoning of fate, I will make this wave earn more this wave!

The summon of the original Nairi fate is more like to protect the sneaky persimmon, and he is now a bit of the ghosts of the ghosts, etc., waiting until the daily contracts of the day to bind Dark spears.

Ghosts nature is naturally do not know all this. If he knows the idea of ​​the original Needle, I am afraid that I want to tear the contract on the spot ...

In addition, there are several branch tasks.

Branch mission: Have the first one (11), the task has been completed, reward 100 gold coins.

Branch Task: Have a portion of the shadow Chakra power (11), the task has been completed, reward 1000 gold coins.

After the reward of the mission, I wanted to boast the system a little bit, but let him directly know one thing.

Cartry ghost should be firmly selected to become his department, will be determined by the system to be his subordinates. In this way, as long as he relys on the system's task panel, you can judge who is his real person.

After all, I thought I gathered in the top of Shangyuan, I certainly didn't take him as a boss in my heart, and I would like to take him as a small partner who is going on!

This feeling is a bit wonderful ...

Shangyuan Na was rushing to his own gold coin balance. According to the ecstasy of his heart, quickly bought a long-awaited equipment: the mad armor worth 2850 gold coins.

Armor armor:

Life energy +800

Basic life reply + 200%

Skill cooling reduction + 10%

Passive skill: When the energy energy reaches 3000 points, the effect of automatically activates the heart of the madness, if there is no damage within 6 seconds, 50% maximum of life energy is replied per second. (activated)

After you get this equipment, the heart of Shangyuan Na will be loose, although he has an invincible skill of the Tanjan, but this skill has a cooling time, and the existence of mad armor still makes him feel more safe.

Shangyuan Na is rushing to his own properties, and inexplicably feels that he has reached the peak of life.

Life Energy: 3301 (Standard Shadow 3000 ~ 10000)

Chakra energy: 3575 (standard shadow 3000 ~ 10000)

Life energy reply: 6 cent

Chakra Energy Reply: 3dm

Surplus gold coins: 320

After watching your properties, the original Nairi is very good, and the attitude towards the ghosts of the mortar is also friendly. Look at the first to take the first recruitment: "Okay, what problem you want to know? I Can answer you! "


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