I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 40 I want to explode the detonation in the foam!

The scene was stalemate again.

The death of the streak does not change their opposition.

In addition to the peach, the people outside the bureau, Shangyuan Needs and Ghost Lights will want to keep their respective secrets.

Shangyuan Nairou does not want Unecheyo to have any channels to know the ghosts of the mortar, he needs to let the chanmon ghost to make a spy.

The ghost light is not wanting to know that someone knows that he tries to kill the sauce, because he is born, you want to inherit the position of the water.

Cartry ghosts broke out behind the muscles, laughing and said: "Shang Shang people, if you need to kill them, should I do it?"

"Not in a hurry."

Shangji fell to the wind, he must first look at the reward of killing the streak.

Hidden Tasks: Take the conspiracy control (11) of Yuxi Wave to the four-generation water and shadow, the task has been completed, and the reward skill is purified.

Purification: Remove all of your own negative effects, cooling time 210 seconds, consumes no.

Shangyou saw a doubt that he never noticed that there were also hidden tasks, and it was aware of some inexplicable. Is it a way to lift the control?

However, purifying this skill reward is really weighing!

Since then, he doesn't have to worry about the illusion control of the write-eyed eye, and will not appear like a big snake pill and Kakari.

In addition, there are two ordinary branch tasks.

Branch mission: Defeat San Tail (11), the task has been completed, reward the skill spike defense.

Spanning defense: Itself entering the defensive posture, double life, during this period, the body of the enemy attacks to the body, will rebound to half of the damage to the enemy, the defensive posture last for 6 seconds, consumption Chakra 40 points, duration Cool 4 seconds with the consumption Chakra.

Because of the defeating of a turtle, I gave a turtle skill?

Why don't you give him a spiritual contract? However, the existence of spaghettial defense has greatly strengthened his body skills!

The last task is given, it is a skill that is the most waste, because the mortar ghosts around the original navy will also be similar to the stem skills.

Branch mission: defeat the four generations of water and shadow (11), the task has been completed, and the reward skills are roering.

Rule of Tao: Summon a waves from the foot, all the enemies, skill scope and Chakra consumption in front of all the enemies, the minimum consumption of 100 minutes, cooling time is 100 seconds.

Isn't this a rush?

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of relief, standing on the mortar ghosts next to him, I could spit out the water to destroy the dam, this skill can only be said to be a chat.

"Hey, ghost lights full moon, what do you want?"

The peach is not going to put the big knife on the ground, whispered: "Only dead people can keep secrets, but these two guys in front of them are not good!"

"We must leave them."

The ghost light is full of rolls in the full moon, and the mouth is open: "The water is still in the village, I don't want my brother to be rebellious.

"The little ghost of the month ..."

When the peach does not lift the ghost light, his face is not very good, because the little ghost always quarses to take the big knife.

Is this not directly challenging to kill him?

If you have a ghost light, you have a brother, the mouthless, the ghost light, and I don't know how many times killed!

Cartry ghosts recognize the spools in the hands of the ghost lights, and sigh: "Sure enough, is it a goddess who loves to be loved by the knife? Even if it is the muscle in my hand, I also recognize you, ghost light!

"That is, can I pass the reel of the talents?"

Shang Nai returned to the reel of the ghost light in the full moon, curiously opened: "Can he use a few tattoors now?"

"If you come to see, it should be four."

The martial artifacts have a good guideline, and replied: "The muscles in my hands, the big chief in my hand, the thunderous knife is still in the back of the blacklit, the remaining four All can be used. "


I have an interest: "I heard that there is a knife called the knife, the foam, can pass the countless detonation ... This handle is also inside?"

Although the Shangyuan does not know this mechanism of the tattoo, there may be a curse of the explosion of the explosion, but only its ability is attractive.

This handle can be used with each other!

Shangyuan Na Rong has a struggle to explode skills, and no matter how much the number of explosions is, it is not much enough.

If you can't do it, you can also take it to the small south as a decoration?

Cartry I didn't know the mind of the original Needle, I nodded: "Yes, the explosion of the burst · foam is very trouble ..."

Shang Nai's face immediately became serious, holding his arms, looking at the ghost lights that are unlocking the reel, cold tang: "Let him pay the burst · foam! Hold the knife, I like very much!"


The face of the martial martial arts, seems to be a fear that is dominated by the original Nairo's detonator, but now he is in the upward camp, but a little bit of a little bit: "The handle is, Suitable for the top of the top. "

"Unfortunately, he doesn't want to make it directly to me!"

Shangji, I put it down my wrist, step by step to the position of the ghost light, whisper told the ghost: "I went to the ghost light full moon, the ghosts won the guy, no problem?"

"of course."

The martial arts smile and smiled confidently, and smiled away from the bandage on the sneak knife. He smiled and continued: "Shangyuan adults will be able to deal with the ghost lights, but it is better ... After all, I have no more to grasp the village. Genius ninja! "

The three hidden knives in the village in the misty village, although never arguing the real strength, but their hearts are more or less clear, if it is in front of the fight, the strength should be the worst.

As for the moon and ghosts and ghost lights, they have fewer contact between them, and the 13-year-old ghost light is full of moon, so far, there has never been any failures.

Because the ghost lamp Full Moon has never really seriously opposed the enemy, but he can easily take it.

Therefore, the ghost light is also known as the most mysterious genius in the misty village, and it will never know the strength of its strength!

As for the opponents of the ghost light full moon, it is also very interesting.

How much strength has been hidden from the top of the top of the Upper, Because Yisi Bo is still so confident that Yizhi Bo is still in the four-generation water shadow, it is always so confident.

The martial martial arts and hilarious and laughing, looking at the opponent I assigned: "There are two ninja who have never been tried to be truly powerful, who is your support, no more?"

"Hey, the people I support, I have always only myself!"

The peach will not swear, and the big knife rushed to the martial artifact, and a civil war between the troops seven people began!