I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 41, is a teenager that is strong

The peach is no longer smashed with martial arts, far less than the fierce battle of the original navigation and ghost lights, at all, is not like a teenager of the 12th year old.

A knife in the hands of the ghost lights, murderous, leaving a deep trench on the earth, but the blade is hitting a yellow circular defense online!

It is the upper own defense posture, which is tightly wrapped in the upper orientation of the upper body, and the integrated integration of the grid even bounces a root thorn!

"Is there only this level?"

The upper corner of the upper mouth hooks a smile, just defeating the three-tailed reward skill spikes defense's defensive gesture, enough to make him hard to resist the enemy's knife in this battle.

As long as I don't encounter Mitkkai, the Mc. of the Village, his body can do it and now most of the ninja five five.

The ghost lights look at the smile on the face of the original navigation, twisted his wrist, and the eyes of the knife exudes a gas shrouded the whole handle!

"Flat · liberation!"

The ghost light is full of cold voice, and it is shot to the top!

With his voice, a Chakra light suddenly went out from the knife, hit the body of Shangyuan Na, and immediately took the top!

Single only this type of knife is not enough!

The ghost lights quickly recovered the palm of the palm, pulled the psychic reel around, and raised their own fingers: "Tongling's surgery, blunt knife!"

The blunt knife is very strange, and the one is long, and the other is a hammer!

The ghost light is full of moon, and I grabbed the talents in the original Needle; his other hand picked up the hammer, slammed on the back!

The blunt knife is called to break all defenses, because it will have two power to superimpose when it falls on the enemy.


The blunt knife is cut off again and again on the yellow circular defense mesh!

Just this time the original Nairi's body is borrowed to fly out, the superposition of the double power makes him no power!

The body of the ghost light is also hurt, and the blood pressure is in his mouth, slowly flowing out from the corner of the mouth ...

"This is the knife ... too quarrel?"

Shangqi Nairou stood up and took the soil of shooting himself. He left his own life energy consumption.


The ghost light is surprised to look at the original, and he didn't pay attention to his madness. He was still shocked to the defensive surgery just used.

What is the yellow sphere grid?

Is it impossible to destroy his defense?

The ghost light is scattered in the full moon. His palm is flying quickly open the reel, and the other handle is talented!

Long knife and needle.

"I don't want this!"

The voice of Shangyuan Nair was incorporated into the ghost light, he actually slammed into the enemy, and he was to kick him the tackle in his hands.

The long knife in the hands of the ghost light suddenly raised, after flashing, the long knife and the steel wire behind the sewing needed the ankle of the Shang Shang!

"Hey, this time, you can't escape!"

The ghost light is full of long-moon, throwing the long knife and sewing needles, and the sharp and slender tie deeply penetrates a big tree, the steel wire on the handle is surrounded by the bunch of the upper, tightly Tied on the tree!

It is a genius ninja that is proficient in seven tangle.

Every lack of strange tackle, the ghost light is almost always played, and the most suitable time is used.

The ghost light is full of uphysquered Shangyuan Na, extended his left hand, whispered: "Shui Hui · Harade!"

I saw the ghost light full moon's arm naked eye.

This is the secret surgery of the ghost light, and it is possible to concentrate the water in the arm, thereby enhancing the strength of the wrist.

The ghost lights look at the battlefield of the other side, and the peach will never lurking in the fog, and there is no need to use the knife in the fog.

"No longer, the big knife borrowed me!"

After the ghost light is full of money, it has spread his palm: "Wongli's technique ... broken knife · Dagger!"

"Blending bout, take it first!"

The peach hidden in the fog is no longer, and if you don't have any objection, he also secretly observed the battlefield of Shanghao and Ghost Lights.

Although these two 12-year-old governor did not use the powerful sterilization, the body's body confrontation made people feel very fierce!

Every time the peach does not think that the original navigation is going to finish, however, after each Shang Shang uses the defensive type hard resistance, it is lightly written to pat the butt to stand up ...

It is a full moon that is actively attacking, has been subject to a lot of internal injuries, the little ghost called Shang Na, his defense is simply exciting!

What is this little ghost?

The attack of the attack is to pick a few powerful powerful, and the defending of the defense is very skilled!

In the eyes of the ghost light, since the full moon once again caught the opportunity to win, the peach is not necessarily to support him, let alone, just borrow him with a big knife.

Only the big knife can you cut everything!


The peach is no longer able to think of the strange surgery of the original navigation, whisper: "Be careful, this guy seems to be able to use a completely unscrupulous defense, stronger than the yellow defense is stronger than just ...

However, no reminders have no time!

After the ghost light, the full moon used the spiritual surgery, I didn't want to miss the rare opportunity. I was holding the head of the big knife and went up!

A dazzling golden shield has floated from the Shang.

That Jin Taicheng entered the sight of the full moon, and also reflected to the ghost and no longer the sight of the two people through sharp and smooth dagger.

As a ninja, the ninja, the mortar ghost and no longer doing two, knowing this golden shield, how powerful ...

The two people are not coming out of their minds, and the ghosts are as bad as the ghosts full moon. Is the seven people to lose to the top?

Shangyuan Nairou bathed in Jinguang, fortunately, greeted the head of the big knife.

Upogenic in the invincible mask of the Janarian, the yellow spike defense is put down, so that we will welcome the blade of the big knife.


Countless blades!

The ghost light is full of daggers, and the first floor of the first floor, the first floor of the first floor, and it has encountered a huge rebound, the whole knife is completely destroyed!

The sharp dagger is still in this, the body of the ghost light is even more unjust, the whole person is hurt by the power of anti-earthquake, the genius ninja in the fog hidden village, the blood sprayed out, the bones on the body did not know how much ...

Shangqi, I opened my eyes, overlooking the ghost lights lying on the ground, I was seriously injured, and I was smashed: "Ha, I haven't shot, how do you fall?"


The ghost light is full of moon twisted, and his head in his hand has only a knife holder, so that he can see a little doubt that he is orthodontic.

It is only that the situation should not be hesitant.

"Water, water, cure!"


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